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Betting for boxing: Winning matches has never been easier

Betting for boxing is one of the most loved forms of online entertainment, however to become a successful boxing bettor, you need to understand how to play and apply the right experience. To help you achieve this goal, will rank the Top 5 boxing betting sites in 2023 that make it easier for players to place winning bets. Please consult and make your choice right away.

Boxing at a glance
Boxing at a glance

About online betting for boxing

Leading up to major boxing events like the Olympic Games or the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), millions of fans turn their attention to fighters from all around the world. However, boxing, a martial art sport, has been present for over a thousand years, dating back to the 16th century, making it the oldest sport with a long-standing history.

When you browse through a sports betting website, there are always numerous sporting events to bet on. So, you might wonder why choose boxing and why is it so popular? A boxing match takes place between two fighters in a squared ring surrounded by ropes, with dimensions ranging from 4.9 meters to 7.3 meters. In a boxing match, rounds usually last for 3 minutes, and there are typically 9 to 12 rounds in a match to determine the winner. Fighters are equipped with leather gloves to launch offensive punches at their opponents and gradually accumulate points to secure victory.

If a fighter is knocked down and unable to continue after the referee counts to 8 or 10, the opposing fighter wins by “knockout” (KO). In other cases, if a fighter is injured and gets up after being knocked down but is deemed unable to continue by the referee or doctor, the victory is declared for the remaining fighter, known as a “technical knockout” (TKO). The fighter with the highest score or who successfully knocks out their opponent by the end of the match wins. However, only hits to areas above the waist are considered valid for scoring points, any hits below the waist are considered fouls.

Types of bets in betting for boxing

Boxing betting is an increasingly popular form of online betting. To succeed in boxing betting, you need to grasp the following basic types of bets:

Win Bet

This is the simplest and most common type of bet in boxing betting. You just need to place a bet on the boxer you believe will win, and if correct, you’ll receive a payout based on the odds.

Spread Betting

This type of bet is prevalent in boxing matches. In spread betting, a higher-rated boxer will have to give a specific handicap, as determined by the bookmakers before the match starts, to the other boxer.

Over/Under Betting

This involves predicting the outcome of a boxing match, including both the score and the time it ends.

Single Bet

This is the most straightforward type of boxing betting, where you place a bet on a specific event, such as who will score the first goal or who will win the match.

Single bets in betting for boxing
Single bets in betting for boxing

Parlay Betting

This is a type of bet where you place bets on multiple events at once. If all the events are correct, you win the bet.

Mastering these types of bets will help you develop an effective boxing betting strategy and maximize your chances of success.

How to bet on sport betting boxing


Every boxing match offers numerous betting opportunities for gamblers. All bets are in straight Moneyline format, making it quite straightforward for gamblers to understand.

While there are many betting opportunities, the two most popular types of bets are who will win the boxer and how many rounds the match will last.

For those who gamble on over/under rounds, seeing a 0.5 after a whole number might cause confusion about how it works. For example, if you see the over/under set at 7.5 rounds, it means the match must conclude before the 1:30 mark of the eighth round for the underdog to win, or go beyond the 1:30 mark of the eighth round to win.

Total Rounds

With the over/under set at seven, the underdog needs the match to end before the seventh round ends, while the favorite needs the match to go into the eighth round to win.

When betting on who will win the match, all bets pertain to the outright winner, whether by decision or KO/TKO. The favorite will have negative odds, and the underdog will have positive odds in the match.

While some matches have evenly matched outcomes, others can feature completely mismatched fighters. When considering significantly different boxing odds, there might be something for gamblers to take advantage of.

Each fighter possesses a unique fighting style and stance. This is something that the Las Vegas boxing odds might overlook, which, if a gambling enthusiast studies, can aid in placing winning bets.

Boxing Odds

There are six common defensive movements and three common punching stances. These play a crucial role in a fighter self-defense and vulnerabilities that each fighter can exploit.

Defensive movements like slipping and bobbing require fighters to master the art of executing these moves. Otherwise, they might leave themselves open to knockout punches. Defensive movements like swaying and fading, parrying and blocking, as well as covering up, can shield against any knockout punches but might make them susceptible to body shots or other types of punches, affecting the scorecards if the fight goes the distance.

How to bet odds for boxing
How to bet odds for boxing

Looking into these defensive movements and which fighters employ them can help provide an advantage for gamblers against the Las Vegas boxing odds. While it’s only part of the puzzle, the next step is understanding the attacking style each fighter uses.

Knowing their fighting style can give you insights into whether they are strong or weak against the opponent defensive style.

Other Prop Bets

Other prop bets with Las Vegas boxing odds include betting on:

  • If the match ends in KO, TKO or DQ and which fighter wins that way
  • If the match will end in a decision or a technical decision and which boxer will win that way
  • If the match will be a draw or a technical draw
  • The exact round in which a match will end
  • If a war will go far
    Which boxer will win the scoreboard for certain rounds
  • Exactly the round ends and which boxer will win

These prop bets with Las Vegas boxing odds can be very intriguing, but they also require researching both opponents and their history for the best chance of winning. Gamblers will need to know whether fighters have a history of going the distance and lasting through matches or if they tend to finish early.

They’ll also need to consider fights that go to the scorecards and how fighters perform in each round on the scorecards. Examining every aspect can help gamblers find the boxing odds they can leverage for a good payout.

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The Best Boxing Betting Sites

1. W88

W88 is one of the most reputable and popular online betting websites in the realm of boxing. Certified as legitimate by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), W88 provides players with a safe and reliable environment to engage in thrilling sports events. With a wide range of top-notch boxing events and tournaments from around the world, W88 is the ideal destination for sports enthusiasts, especially those fond of boxing.

W88 operates prestigiously, openly and transparently
W88 operates prestigiously, openly and transparently

W88 offers a unique boxing betting experience with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Players can easily find ongoing boxing matches and conveniently place their bets. The well-organized list of boxing events allows players to quickly identify the matches they are interested in. Backed by strong financial capabilities, W88 consistently provides attractive promotional programs to enhance player value.

At W88, players have a variety of different boxing betting options to choose from, including main bets, prop bets, and various other unique betting types. Moreover, W88 offers dedicated and friendly customer support services. From account registration, deposits, and withdrawals to placing bets and addressing inquiries, W88 support team is available anytime, anywhere.

2. 12BET

12BET stands as one of the leading online betting platforms in the realm of boxing, offering players a distinct and diverse experience. With certification and operational licensing from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) in the Philippines, 12BET is committed to providing a safe and secure betting environment. The platform offers a variety of boxing tournaments and events from around the world, catering to players’ diverse needs.

12BET attracts many bettors to participate in boxing betting
12BET attracts many bettors to participate in boxing betting

12BET takes pride in its user-friendly interface, making it easy for players to find and engage in their preferred boxing matches. From top-tier boxing championships to smaller events, 12BET provides an array of rich betting options. Additionally, 12BET regularly updates attractive promotional programs, from signup bonuses to ongoing offers, creating favorable conditions for players to enjoy excitement and seize winning opportunities.


BETWAY is a premier online platform for boxing betting, offering players a unique and engaging experience in the world of boxing. Established in 2006, BETWAY boasts a long history in sports betting and has made a significant mark in the boxing enthusiast community. With operational licensing from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), BETWAY ensures safety and fairness in providing betting services.

Play extreme boxing betting at BETWAY bookmaker
Play extreme boxing betting at BETWAY bookmaker

BETWAY takes pride in its intuitive interface, making it easy for players to find and engage in their preferred boxing matches. From the most prestigious championships to smaller boxing events, BETWAY offers a range of diverse betting options to suit every player preferences. The user-friendly and convenient system allows you to quickly place bets and track results.

4. FB88

FB88 is one of the top online betting platforms, offering players an exciting and diverse arena for boxing betting. With a mission to provide the best entertainment experience, FB88 is proud of its reputation in the boxing enthusiast community.

FB88 stands out with its user-friendly interface, making it easy for players to search for and engage in their favorite boxing matches. The platform offers a range of boxing events and tournaments from around the world, from renowned matches to smaller showdowns. Placing bets and tracking results become enjoyable and convenient.

FB88 is the bookmaker with the most boxing bets
FB88 is the bookmaker with the most boxing bets

FB88 offers attractive promotional programs, especially tailored for boxing enthusiasts, including signup bonuses and ongoing offers. The dedicated and professional customer support team at FB88 is ready to address any inquiries and resolve issues promptly.

5. BET365

BET365 is one of the leading and most trusted online betting platforms in the market, providing players with a perfect environment to engage in unique and exciting boxing matches. With a solid reputation and years of experience, BET365 is an unmissable destination for sports enthusiasts, especially those passionate about boxing.

BET365 takes pride in being one of the platforms offering the most diverse range of boxing events and tournaments. You can find bets on matches ranging from top-tier boxing events like UFC to local competitions, making it easy for you to indulge in your passion.

BET365 is the most popular boxer name on the market
BET365 is the most popular boxer name on the market

BET365 is renowned not only for its professional and friendly customer service but also for delivering the best mobile betting experience for boxing. You can track and place bets from anywhere and anytime, ensuring you never miss any important matches.

Experience in boxing betting offers a high win rate

To help you get a high win rate when betting on boxing, then here are the playing experiences that you should not ignore.

  • Know the punter and the match thoroughly: Before placing a bet, you should read the relevant information, watch the fighter previous matches, consider the current form and other factors that may affect the match.
  • Bet according to plan: Plan before placing a bet, determine the level of risk and the right bet amount for your account. Never bet too much money or get carried away emotionally.
  • Search for reputable bookmakers: Choose reputable bookmakers to ensure the safety of your money. It is recommended to choose a bookmaker with an operating license and long-term seniority.
  • Betting in major tournaments: will give you the opportunity to find more information about the puncher and the match, as well as bet with a higher odds of winning.
  • Pay attention to external factors: Not only focus on the puncher and the match, you also need to pay attention to factors such as the weather, the health of the fighter, the opponent mentality,..


Betting for boxing is not only a form of entertainment, but also a way for fans of this sport to express their passion and love. Hopefully, with our above experience and knowledge, you will be able to enjoy the fun and thrill of betting on boxing and achieve a high win rate in your favorite matches. I wish you every success!

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