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Top 5 best sports betting sites Panama in 2024

In the growing wave of online betting worldwide, finding a reliable and reputable sports betting site is no easy task. Panama, with its unique geographical location and flexible legal regulation, has become one of the popular destinations for online betting lovers. In this article, Bestsoccertips will explore one of the best sports betting sites Panama, where players can enjoy the best online betting experience.

Learn about best sports betting sites Panama
Learn about best sports betting sites Panama

Is online gambling legal in Panama?

In Panama, all forms of gambling are legal and regulated by the Junta de Control de Juegos y Casinos. Two laws on gambling are enforced: one from 1997 for land-based gambling and one from 2002 for online betting. Since 2002, Panama has become a licensing authority for casinos worldwide. Casinos and betting shops can be found in most major cities.

However, casinos must operate within hotels. This is mainly because gambling has a close association with tourism nationwide. No online casinos are locally licensed except for Codere Panama, which owns multiple betting shops and operates online. Even Betcris Panama, a popular domestic choice, is licensed by the MGA.

Any company seeking a local license must pay a fee of $40,000 for the first seven years, with an annual renewal fee of $20,000. Measures are also implemented to combat money laundering, as Panama has been accused of loose supervision in this area. Regarding taxes, casino operators must pay a tax of 12-18% per table or slot machine. Conversely, operators providing sports betting in Panama must pay a small tax ranging from 0.25-1% on their GGR. Additionally, there is a 2% tax on winnings paid to players.

Top 5 best sports betting sites Panama

1. Bet365

Bet365 is one of the leading sports betting websites in Panama, offering a wide range of options and comprehensive coverage of matches worldwide. With a user-friendly interface and modern live betting features, players can easily place bets while matches are in progress, providing an immersive and exciting betting experience. This feature not only enhances player engagement but also offers flexibility and convenience, allowing them to participate in their favorite sports events anytime, anywhere. The combination of advanced technology and user-friendly features has made Bet365 the top choice for sports betting enthusiasts in Panama.

Bet365 - Best sports betting sites Panama
Bet365 – Best sports betting sites Panama

In addition to sports betting services, Bet365 expands its scope by offering online casinos and other betting games, creating a diverse and comprehensive destination for betting enthusiasts. Bet365’s online casino services include a variety of games from slot machines to classic table games, all designed to provide a premium entertainment experience. This not only appeals to sports bettors but also attracts those who enjoy traditional and modern casino games. The diversity and richness of Bet365’s services have created a comprehensive betting platform, catering to the needs of all players, from sports enthusiasts to casino lovers.

2. 22bet

22bet is one of the top sports betting websites in Panama, known for its superior features and quality services. Established in 2017, 22bet quickly gained attention from players due to its diverse betting options along with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. One of 22bet’s strengths lies in the variety of sports they offer for betting. Players can find various events, from popular sports like football, basketball, and tennis to more specialized sports like beach volleyball, 3×3 basketball, weightlifting, and even esports. This diversity creates a rich betting environment, attracting players with different interests and providing a diverse betting experience.

22bet - Betting site Panama

22bet – Betting site Panama

Additionally, 22bet offers various betting features, including pre-match betting, live betting, and special betting options. This allows players to participate in live matches and place bets while the game is in progress, creating an exciting and engaging betting experience. Furthermore, 22bet provides convenient and secure payment methods, making it easy for players to deposit and withdraw funds safely. The combination of modern features and quality services has made 22bet the top choice for sports betting enthusiasts in Panama.

3. Megapari

Megapari is a popular and diverse online betting website, offering various entertainment services such as sports betting, online casinos, poker, bingo, and many other games. With rapid growth since its launch, Megapari has attracted players worldwide thanks to its high-quality services, diverse entertainment options, and convenience. Players can find everything from major sports events to a variety of casino games, all designed to provide the best experience.

Megapari - Betting sites Panama
Megapari – Betting sites Panama

Megapari’s website is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to easily browse through different types of games and betting events. Smart search features help players quickly find their favorite games without wasting time. Moreover, Megapari focuses on providing a user-friendly experience on mobile devices, offering mobile apps for both iOS and Android operating systems. This app allows players to access and participate in games anytime, anywhere, maximizing flexibility and convenience for users, ensuring they never miss out on betting opportunities or their favorite games wherever they are.

4. 20Bet

20Bet is one of the leading sports betting websites in Panama, known for its diversity and quality of services. Established with the goal of providing players with the best betting experience, 20Bet offers a range of sports betting options from popular sports like football, basketball, and tennis to less popular sports like billiards and esports. The website’s interface is user-friendly, allowing players to easily search and place bets on their favorite events quickly and conveniently.


Beyond sports betting, 20Bet also offers modern features and attractive promotions. The website supports live betting, allowing players to participate in ongoing matches, adding excitement and thrill to the betting experience. Furthermore, 20Bet regularly releases promotions and special offers for both new and existing players, from welcome bonuses to cashback rewards and loyalty points. With a combination of quality service, diverse features, and attractive promotions, 20Bet is the ideal choice for sports betting enthusiasts in Panama.

5. CashWin

CashWin is a top sports betting website in Panama, renowned for its diversity and quality of services. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, CashWin offers a range of sports events from around the world, including football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, and more. Users can participate in pre-match and live betting, with features such as live statistics and match analysis to help players make informed betting decisions.

CashWin - Top sports betting sites Panama
CashWin – Top sports betting sites Panama

Additionally, CashWin offers various promotions and bonuses for both new and existing players. They are committed to ensuring fairness and safety for players by utilizing advanced security technology and holding operating licenses from reputable regulatory authorities. With a combination of excellent betting experience and professional customer service, CashWin is the ideal choice for sports enthusiasts looking to try their luck in online betting.


Finding the best sports betting sites Panama is not simply about finding attractive betting opportunities but also about ensuring safety and reliability. With its diversity of options and a favorable regulatory environment, Panama has become the top destination for punters worldwide. However, before deciding to participate in any website, careful research and evaluation is extremely important to ensure the best and safest sports betting experience. Above are reputable bookmakers you can refer to when participating in sports betting. I wish you every success!

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