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Guide how to bet boxing: From the Beginnings to Victory

In the fascinating world of sports, participating in boxing bets has become an exciting way to feel the tension and emotions of exciting matches. However, in order to be not only a viewer, but also a savvy player, you need to master the basics of how to bet in this sport. How to bet boxing is more than just picking winners, but also involves having a good understanding of the different bet options. Here share how to bet on boxing matches beginners need to refer to!

Boxing bets are loved by many
Boxing bets are loved by many

Can You Bet On Boxing?

Yes, you can bet on boxing. Online sportsbooks allow gamblers to wager on baseball, football, soccer, horse racing, cricket, snooker and esports, and you can be sure those books are happy to take your wagering money on combat sports.

You can even bet on some of the least significant undercard fights on the smallest of fight cards. Just because Canelo Alvarez, Terence Crawford, Tyson Fury or anybody else on boxing’s pound-for-pound list isn’t in action that weekend, that doesn’t matter. About every week, plenty of bets can be made in boxing.

But remember that unless a meaningful boxer participates, the sportsbooks will wait until the last minute to post odds. Boxing events on Saturday sometimes don’t show up on the betting boards until the Monday before, and occasionally, you still can’t get odds until a day or two before the first-round bell rings.

Even for some of the biggest fights, you can only wager on the moneylines until the week of the fight, when more prop bets emerge. The books are also inconsistent with which fights feature prop bets and how many options are presented. Sometimes, you can only bet the moneylines. That’s just how boxing betting works.

How to Bet Boxing Online in the Most Detail

We briefly mentioned how to bet on boxing earlier. It’s pretty simple, and even those who’re completely new to sports betting should have no trouble using it. The better the betting site, the easier it will be to place your bets really. Today let’s take steps how to bet on boxing fights over the internet.

Steps to bet on boxing matches
Steps to bet on boxing matches

Step 1: Find a Betting Website

There’s no doubt about it – to place bets on matches, you need to know where to find online boxing betting opportunities! Please check out the ones we’ve listed at the top of this page. Each one is safe and offers reliable odds.

Some readers may want to explore online sportsbooks beyond the ones we’ve listed. No problem! We recommend you consider joining platforms that provide quick and easy payment options, a variety of boxing betting lines for both major and minor events, and helpful customer support options.

Step 2: Fund Your Account

We’re pleased to offer you boxing betting tips, including the crucial need to evaluate your deposit options. Before you can start betting, you’ll need to fund your account. Some online sportsbooks offer fantastic welcome bonuses that can give a boost to your initial deposit.

Different online sportsbooks offer different types of bonuses. If something seems too good to be true, it might be just that. Remember to carefully read the terms and conditions of any bonus you’re interested in. Once you’ve deposited money into your boxing betting account, you’re ready to start placing bets!

Step 3: Check the Moneyline Odds for Various Matches

Next, you’ll want to navigate to the boxing betting odds section on your chosen online sportsbook. Betting lines for all upcoming matches will be listed here. Take a look at a few different odds to see what’s available.

If any particular match catches your eye, make note of it. Then, do some research into who experts believe will win. You can also access our gambling blog for in-depth guides on major weekly boxing events. After your research, you can decide if you want to place a bet.

Step 4: Place Your Bet

With money in your account and a fighting knowledge in your head, you’re ready to place a bet. Click on the odds for the fighter you believe will win and enter the amount you want to bet. Remember that you can never bet more than you have in your online sports betting account.

Check if there are any individualized betting options available for the match, including the previously mentioned prop bets. You should always know how much you stand to win based on your bet amount before placing it. Once your bet is confirmed, all you have to do is wait for the match results!

It’s that simple. Some real money boxing betting sites even offer odds for matches that are months away. Some even provide betting lines for matches that have only been rumored to take place.

What are skew bets in how to bet on boxing online?

Like other types of sports betting, you can put a group of bets together and place them on one super big bet. While winning two, three or four bets represents a tougher match, the payout will always make more sense.

Learn about skewer bets in Boxing
Learn about skewer bets in Boxing

This is a great example of how you can successfully host a big weekend boxing match in October 2022.

  • Devin Haney defended his undisputed lightweight title against George Kambosos. Haney is the -1000 favorite, but if you pick him to win by decision it’s a -200 bet.
  • Deontay Wilder faces Robert Helenius in Wilder’s first appearance since back-to-back losses to Tyson Fury. Wilder is the -800 favorite, but that number drops to -138 if you pick him to win KO in rounds 1-6.
  • Claressa Shields is rated a little more -120 ahead of Savannah Marshall, but if you bet her winning the decision, those odds add up at +120.

If you group all those bets into a three-hand bet, it will be worth around +300 because all three betting outcomes are correct.

Note: Skewer bets are difficult to win, which is why they can be very profitable.

Boxing betting strategy always wins

Online boxing betting is almost no different from betting on any other sporting event. However, there are various strategies that many boxing betting enthusiasts want to employ. Some of these boxing betting strategies are currently used by experts all around the world.

Below are just a few of them, but you can click the button at the end of this section to view our comprehensive guide to boxing betting strategies.

Know some boxing betting strategies
Know some boxing betting strategies

Pay Attention to Fighters Motivation

There are countless factors that determine a fighter’s success. Skills and the desire to win might be among the most crucial. One of our favorite boxing betting tips is to pay attention to the motivation of the fighters.

This is one of the most overlooked factors when betting on boxing matches. Fighters with a serious and determined style and a string of wins are more likely to win than those with alternating wins and losses. Keep this in mind before placing your bets.

Only Bet on Matches That Matter

A common mistake that bettors often make is placing money on a fight just because they like it. Clearly, putting money on your favorite fighter can be enticing; it can feel like a sign of support. However, this often isn’t the smartest strategy.

We always advise you to only bet on matches that have significance. Approach your betting journey with a rational mindset.

Look for Sparring Clues on Social Media

When fighters enter training camps, keeping information under wraps is a priority. However, sometimes fans can learn a lot from what they see on social media. This can even impact how fans place their bets and how sportsbooks set boxing betting odds.


Boxing has been a part of human history since the pyramid age, and there is evidence that boxing has been celebrated as a spectator sport since ancient Greece. How to bet boxing can be one of the most exciting experiences a sports bettor can take part in. The chance to win right there with your proud, tired boxer is a thrill. With any bet, including boxing, it’s important to set your limits, know who you’re betting on, and make sure to get the best value through news search, good prices, or by taking advantage of enhanced bets. Good luck!

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