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Ranked 10 most overrated soccer players of all time

Football has witnessed a plethora of talents in recent years, with players dazzling audiences and rewriting records. However, not every player stepping into the spotlight truly deserves the accolades they receive. The term “overrated” is subjective and often sparks debates among fans and experts alike. Below, bestsoccertips has listed the 10 most overrated soccer players today.

Top 10 most overrated players in football of all time

10. Marcus Rashford – Manchester United

He burst onto the scene at just 18 years old and was touted for greatness. Rashford netted twice on his Manchester United debut in the Europa League against FC Midtjylland, and like any young player with a smooth start, he garnered a lot of attention in the media, which can often adversely affect a player’s career if they’re not mentally strong enough to handle it at such a young age.

Most overrated soccer players: Marcus Rashford
Most overrated soccer players: Marcus Rashford

Unfortunately for Rashford, he hasn’t lived up to the hype he received in the early stages of his career, and some argue that he still receives similar hype today. For a forward expected to consistently produce high numbers in the goal-scoring charts, Rashford has only surpassed the 10-goal mark in the Premier League four times and has never reached the magical 20-goal milestone in the competition. It’s a rather damning statistic for someone expected to achieve much more by now.

It feels like Rashford has been around for a long time, but he’s still only 26 years old with plenty of years ahead of him. There’s hope that he can still reach the lofty heights expected of him when he first exploded onto the scene, but his inconsistency is a real issue and has led to criticism from some quarters in the football world.

9. Jordan Henderson – Al-Ettifaq FC

A player who has sparked controversy nationwide every time he’s called up to the England national team. Deemed to have been overly hyped by Liverpool supporters during his time at Merseyside, and a player who will continue to polarize opinions for years to come. When he arrived at Anfield from Sunderland, he was expected to fill the enormous void left by Steven Gerrard, but those lofty expectations have never materialized.

Henderson’s collection of 8 trophies in 12 years at Liverpool has overshadowed the player that some believed he would become. He has played over 600 games in his career to date, scoring 39 goals and providing 79 assists, which are not dazzling figures and not on par with the man he was supposed to emulate. For much of his career, Henderson has played in an attacking-minded position, and the expectation placed on a player in that position is to contribute to the goal tally, whether in the form of scoring or assisting.

Most overrated football players: Jordan Henderson
Most overrated football players: Jordan Henderson

For a player of such potential, Henderson has never reached the level many envisioned. The constant comparison to Gerrard has hindered his development and perhaps prevented him from truly striving to be one of the best in his position. Henderson has only managed to provide over 10 assists in a season once in his career so far, and for a player in his position, that’s hardly noteworthy. Henderson’s cautious approach, especially when playing for the England national team, has left supporters increasingly frustrated with this midfielder and always feeling like he could offer more.

8. Antony – Manchester United

After impressing in the Eredivisie, Antony moved to Manchester United from Ajax for a whopping £82 million. The Brazilian player promised much but has delivered very little so far. The transfer fee is not the fault of the players, but it automatically brings pressure and expectations of success, which has not materialized for Antony during his time at Manchester United so far.

This winger is at risk of becoming one of the biggest failures in the Premier League. His tricks and dribbles rarely lead to anything other than him losing possession, which has disappointed Manchester United supporters. His time at Old Trafford has also been marred by off-field allegations, and it’s increasingly likely that Manchester United will cut their losses.

Most overrated football players of all time: Antony
Most overrated football players of all time: Antony

Perhaps it’s a confidence issue, as Antony looked like the shadow of a player who once caught the eye of the biggest clubs in the world while playing for Ajax. However, there are opinions that jumping from the Eredivisie to the Premier League was too much for Antony, and the quality gap has exposed weaknesses in his playing style.

7. Paul Pogba – Juventus

Pogba is frustratingly inconsistent despite his immense talent. During his time at Manchester United, he faced accusations of laziness and lack of commitment. Despite his undeniable abilities, doubts arose about his ability to consistently deliver.

When Pogba left Manchester United in 2012, Sir Alex Ferguson criticized him for disrespecting the club. His attitude has always been questioned, and had he focused more on football, his talent might have shone brighter. It’s concerning when respected managers like Ferguson and José Mourinho question a player’s attitude, as they did with Pogba.

Most overrated players in football: Paul Pogba
Most overrated players in football: Paul Pogba

Inconsistency, laziness, and talent are often associated with Pogba, but unfortunately, they haven’t led to positive outcomes. His lack of consistency and commitment has held back his career, preventing him from showcasing his talent consistently. Having talent is one thing, but without hard work and teamwork, it often goes to waste.

Pogba’s situation worsened when Italian doping prosecutors sought a 4-year suspension due to a positive testosterone test. If enforced, this could end his career at 30. Perhaps retirement wouldn’t be surprising for one of the most disappointing players of his generation.

6. Mykhailo Mudryk – Chelsea

One of many expensive signings to arrive at Stamford Bridge in the Todd Boehly era, Mudryk joined Chelsea in January 2023 for a whopping £88.5 million, a hefty transfer fee for a then 21-year-old player. The issue with paying large transfer fees for young players is that it adds pressure to perform, and football is a ruthless environment with very little time.

Overrated soccer players: Mykhailo Mudryk
Overrated soccer players: Mykhailo Mudryk

Mudryk arrived at Chelsea from Shakhtar Donetsk, where he caught the eye of several clubs worldwide. However, his stats aren’t particularly impressive. His numbers are quite average, and despite clear talent, Mudryk has struggled to make his mark in terms of goal contributions – a trend that has continued in his Chelsea career so far.

At just 22 years old, Mudryk has plenty of time to prove doubters wrong and realize his potential, but the early signs aren’t very promising. Mauricio Pochettino is the manager tasked with maximizing Mudryk’s potential and increasing his goal contributions significantly from their current levels.

5. Kai Havertz – Arsenal

Havertz’s Premier League journey, starting at Chelsea before moving to Arsenal, hasn’t unfolded as smoothly as expected. Despite shining at Bayer Leverkusen, his impact at Chelsea fell short of expectations, leading to a surprising move to Arsenal in 2023.

Overrated football players: Kai Havertz
Overrated football players: Kai Havertz

However, his performances for Arsenal have been underwhelming, disappointing pundits and supporters alike. Struggling to adapt to the new style of play, he faced harsh criticism throughout the 2023/24 season, managing only 5 goals and 1 assist across all competitions. Both Arsenal and Havertz are hoping for a turnaround, as he still has time at 24 to rediscover his Leverkusen form and fulfill his potential.

4. Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United

Arguably one of the most divisive players on the list, Bruno Fernandes is adored by Manchester United supporters but may face some criticism for his performances and attitude outside of that circle. His goal-scoring numbers are less impressive when considering penalty kicks – the Portuguese international has scored 30 penalties for the Red Devils to date and 50 in his entire career, dating back to his time at Sporting Lisbon.He may not always show up on his day, but he has been talked about to the extent that many consider him one of the best in his position. A lack of defensive capabilities and tracking back is an annoying aspect of his attributes, coupled with issues with his on-field attitude, significantly impacting his reputation and fame. Those antics on the field have even led Manchester United legend and former captain Roy Keane to suggest stripping Fernandes of the captain’s armband.

Most overrated soccer players: Bruno Fernandes
Most overrated soccer players: Bruno Fernandes

If this attacking midfielder is truly world-class, should he not be elevating United to greater heights? The club hasn’t won the Premier League or the Champions League since Sir Alex Ferguson left, and Fernandes hasn’t really taken the team to better places since he arrived from Sporting.

3. Joao Felix – Barcelona (on loan from Atletico Madrid)

Joao Felix’s case is intriguing. A player undoubtedly possessing finesse and talent but contributing very little to winning major honors. Felix began his career at Benfica before moving to Atletico Madrid for a hefty fee (£111 million) in 2019, while his relationship with the club soured after disagreements with Diego Simeone. No love lost between Felix and his former club, initially seen as a move to help the player develop his career and become one of the world’s outstanding talents. That hasn’t materialized, and after a brief spell at Chelsea, Felix is now loaned to Barcelona with no guarantee he will leave permanently.

Most overrated football players: Joao Felix
Most overrated soccer players: Joao Felix

There are plenty of doubts whether Felix can settle at a club and prove how consistently good he can play. His attitude has tarnished his reputation, and his stock has significantly dropped. Whether Barcelona or any other club is willing to take a risk with Felix in a permanent transfer depends on him and whether he can show maturity on and off the field.

2. Alvaro Morata – Atletico Madrid

Morata had such a high bar set for him when he burst onto the scene, and perhaps it was unfair to add unnecessary pressure on such young shoulders at that time. However, his performances matured at Real Madrid were of high quality, leading many to believe he could be the next shining Spanish striker in the world.

Most overrated football players of all time: Alvaro Morata
Most overrated football players of all time: Alvaro Morata

Strikers are naturally evaluated based on their goal-scoring abilities, and a damning stat for Morata is that he has only crossed the 20-goal barrier twice in his career to date. That goal target is what every forward aims for at the start of each season and is easily considered a benchmark for a good campaign. For Morata to only achieve that goal twice is remarkable given the quality of players around him at current and former clubs.

Morata is now 31 and entering the twilight years of his career and hasn’t reached the heights expected. Whether this striker can achieve those levels in the final years of play remains to be seen, but based on the evidence so far, it seems unlikely.

1. Neymar – Al-Hilal

Neymar’s placement at the top of the list may raise eyebrows, but a closer look at his career sheds light on his success. Emerging as a star at Santos, Neymar was touted as the next big thing, expected to rival Messi and Ronaldo for the title of the world’s best player.

Most overrated players in football: Neymar
Most overrated soccer players: Neymar

The expectations placed on Neymar were immense, with many in Brazilian football predicting he would surpass Pele. While some thrive under such pressure, Neymar’s career has been marked by questions about his attitude and a relatively sparse trophy cabinet. Despite his talent, he has only won the Champions League once and the Confederations Cup with Brazil in 2013.

Following stable seasons at Barcelona and PSG, Neymar’s performance has declined. While undeniably brilliant, he has often been overrated due to the lofty expectations set during his Santos days.


In conclusion, the players featured on the list have all experienced varying degrees of success and challenges throughout their careers. From Neymar’s lofty expectations to Havertz’s struggles to adapt to the Premier League, each player’s journey highlights the unpredictable nature of football. Despite their talents, they have faced criticism, scrutiny, and setbacks, reminding us that success in football is never guaranteed. However, with time and determination, these players still have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and leave a lasting impact on the sport.

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