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Florida sports betting app: Top 5 best sports FL apps

Florida is not only an ideal destination for sunny beaches and leisure life, but also a vibrant market for sports betting. With the development of technology, it is increasingly easy for Floridians to access and participate in sports betting activities through mobile applications. From football and basketball games, to major sporting events like the Super Bowl or the Open American Tennis League, the Florida sports betting app has become an integral part of the daily lives of locals and visitors alike. Today with bestsoccertips discover the top 5 most prestigious Florida Sports Betting Apps!

Learn about florida sports betting app
Learn about florida sports betting app

Is Florida sports betting app legal?

Yes, sports betting in Florida and sports betting apps are currently legal. However, this could change in the near future, and here’s why.

In April 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new gaming compact with the Seminole Tribe, allowing them to offer sports betting apps on mobile devices in Florida. The FL state legislature approved this initiative in May 2021. Following the initiation by the US Department of the Interior, the compact legalizing mobile sports betting in Florida was announced on the Federal Register in August 2021. Although it didn’t come without swift and arduous approval, it allowed the compact to proceed, and the Seminole Tribe launched Hard Rock Bet in November 2021.

However, this raised several issues, including claims that it violated constitutional amendments requiring voter approval. Additionally, there were concerns about how this compact tied into the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. These legal challenges led a federal judge to invalidate the compact’s pending compact appeal between the Department of the Interior and the Seminole Tribe. As a result, Florida’s sole managed sports betting app, Hard Rock Bet, was forced to cease its services in the state.

The Seminole Tribe appealed the ruling. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the ruling on June 30, 2023, once again making mobile sports betting apps in Florida legal. However, since then, West Flagler Associates has filed a petition for rehearing the lawsuit.

While sports bettors may not have access to native sports betting apps in Florida, they can access offshore sports betting apps. These apps are based outside the US and are not subject to US jurisdiction. This puts these websites in a gray area, and although they’re not officially authorized, they’re not illegal either, enabling FL sports betting enthusiasts to access and use them safely.

Top 5 best sports betting app Florida

1. W88

The W88 Sportsbook app is a multi-platform mobile sports betting application in Florida, providing players with a convenient and engaging experience right on their mobile devices. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, this app ensures that players can easily place bets on various sporting events from anywhere and at any time.

W88 - Best sports betting app florida
W88 – Best sports betting app florida

The W88 Sportsbook app offers all the features of the online version, optimized to serve the user experience on mobile phones. Players can easily switch between sports, view odds, and place bets quickly and conveniently.

In particular, the W88 Sportsbook app regularly updates to enhance the player’s experience. With a variety of sports and attractive promotional programs, this app is a perfect companion for sports enthusiasts in Florida.

2. BK8

The BK8 Sportsbook app is a diverse sports betting platform that offers a unique experience for players in the Florida community. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, this app not only provides a range of pre-match betting options but also supports live betting, allowing players to participate in the sports events they are interested in.

BK8 - Florida sports betting apps
BK8 – Florida sports betting apps

One of BK8’s special features is the ability to watch matches live, providing players with unique and authentic experiences. Players can place bets while watching the match, enjoying the excitement and getting motivated when their favorite team scores or the match dynamics change.

In addition to being a betting app, BK8 also stands out through attractive promotional programs. These offers not only help players accumulate experience but also provide opportunities for higher winnings. With flexibility, convenience, and unique features, the BK8 sports betting app is one of the top choices for sports and betting enthusiasts in Florida.

3. M88

The M88 Sportsbook app is not just a regular sports betting app in Florida but also a unique experience that offers diversity and convenience for players. With a modern and user-friendly interface, this app focuses on providing a variety of attractive and flexible betting options.

M88 - Sports betting app florida
M88 – Sports betting app florida

M88 continuously strives to meet the diverse betting needs of players, thus becoming one of the most popular sports betting apps in Florida. Users can participate in pre-match bets or follow updated information and place live bets on various sports events, from football, tennis to racing, and much more.

4. Fun88

Florida Fun88 is a popular sports betting app, providing users with a unique and engaging experience in online betting. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, players can easily access a wide range of top sporting events from around the world, including football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, and many other sports.

Fun88 - Sports betting florida app
Fun88 – Sports betting florida app

In addition to offering diverse betting opportunities, Florida Fun88 also provides players with attractive and abundant promotional programs. From initial sign-up bonuses to deposit bonus programs, users have the chance to receive many valuable offers to enhance their enjoyment and excitement in the betting process.

With multi-platform functionality, players can access and bet from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. This creates flexibility and convenience for players, allowing them to participate in their favorite matches and events anytime and anywhere.

5. FB88

Florida Fun88 is a reliable and popular sports betting app, favored by many with a range of attractive features. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, users can easily search for and place bets on top matches and sporting events from around the world.

The app offers a variety of betting options, from football matches, basketball, tennis to horse racing and other sports, bringing diversity and richness to players. Not only a place to participate in betting, Florida Fun88 also provides sports news, match analysis, and other useful information for users to make informed decisions when betting.

FB88 - Best sports betting apps florida
FB88 – Best sports betting apps florida

Furthermore, Florida Fun88 regularly organizes promotions and rewards for players, giving them the opportunity to receive attractive rewards and increase enjoyment in the sports betting process. With flexibility in accessing from mobile devices and tablets, users can conveniently participate in the betting experience anytime, anywhere.

Why you should use the sports betting Florida app

There are several key reasons why sports betting apps in Florida are the top choice for sports bettors. Below, we’ll take you through the best reasons to use sports betting apps in Florida.


Sports betting apps in Florida offer accessibility that online sports betting websites don’t have. These platforms allow bettors to place and track their bets from anywhere. Additionally, the best sports betting apps make it easy for bettors to access the latest lines and odds without needing to reach for a computer. They’re also as user-friendly as a website on a computer and, in some cases, even simpler.


Sports betting apps in Florida provide higher security standards compared to desktop websites. Nowadays, most bettors need to unlock their devices using biometric screening methods like fingerprint scans or iris scans. This makes it much harder for others to access their sports betting apps. Additionally, these apps often require bettors to log in using biometrics, making security levels much higher.

Mobile Wallets

Many of the best sports betting apps for Florida bettors offer quick and easy payment options by allowing bettors to seamlessly deposit and withdraw funds using mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay. This makes it much easier than having to withdraw a credit card and enter all the details every time you want to place a bet.

Live Streaming of Sports Events on the Go

Many sports betting apps in Florida, such as Bovada, offer the feature of live streaming sports events for active bettors. This means that if you’ve placed a bet on a sports event, you can watch the match live on your mobile device from anywhere. Therefore, you can follow the game and track the progress of your betting activity.


Florida sports betting app are not only part of the local entertainment culture, but also a powerful tool for sports lovers to satisfy their passion and experience the thrill of betting. With convenience, variety and safety, these applications are attracting more and more participants, creating a vibrant and growing betting community in Florida.

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