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Top 5 sports betting apps legal in Texas today

In Texas, where sports culture runs deep, the absence of legalized sports betting hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for engaging with favorite teams and events. Despite regulatory constraints, a variety of sports betting apps have emerged, catering to the fervent Texan fanbase. From established platforms to newcomers, these apps offer diverse features and betting options, shaping the landscape of sports wagering in the Lone Star State. Let’s explore the top sports betting apps legal in texas in this dynamic arena.

Top 5 sports betting apps legal in Texas today
Top 5 sports betting apps legal in Texas today

Is sports betting apps legal in Texas?

Currently, sports betting in Texas remains illegal, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a demand for it.

On February 6, 2023, legislators introduced the sports betting bill HB 1942. This bill garnered significant support from professional sports teams within the state. Additionally, a proposed amendment to the Texas State Constitution to allow sports betting within the state (HJR 102) was passed by the House in 2023.

However, momentum for its passage was quickly stifled when Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick halted the resolution before it could be brought to a vote in the Senate. The governor stated he would not allow the Senate to waste time on bills lacking overwhelming GOP support.

Texans have also expressed a desire to introduce legal sports betting and even online casinos through polls conducted in the state. Bettors and sports teams in the state hope that the legalization of sports betting in neighboring states, such as New Mexico and online sports betting in Louisiana, will pressure Texas to follow suit.

Since the Texas Legislature only meets once every two years and the 2023 session ended on May 29, the next session won’t take place until 2025. In other words, those hoping for sports betting apps to become legal in Texas will have to wait until 2025.

What sports betting apps are legal in Texas?

1. Sports betting apps legal in texas – W88

W88 is one of the leading sports betting apps highly popular in Texas. With a wide range of daily sporting events from major tournaments to smaller matches, W88 offers players a diverse and rich betting experience. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of W88 makes it easy for users to navigate through sports events, place bets, and conveniently track live results.

Sports betting apps texas: W88
Sports betting apps texas: W88

Moreover, W88 provides a variety of betting options from pre-match to live betting, including soccer, basketball, tennis, horse racing, and many other sports. This allows players to have plenty of choices to participate in and enjoy a diverse betting experience. W88 also regularly organizes promotions, attractive offers for players, providing opportunities to receive valuable rewards and prizes.

With a commitment to ensuring high security and reliability, along with professional customer service, W88 has become one of the leading sports betting apps not only in Texas but also worldwide.

2. BetOnline

Easily one of the best sports betting apps available in Texas, BetOnline boasts some exciting features that have earned it outstanding recognition. TX bettors will find that the mobile-optimized website offers a user-friendly interface and swift navigation. Furthermore, the mobile sports betting website operates smoothly on various operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Aside from being a top-ranked sports betting app, BetOnline is renowned for its diverse and intriguing selection of sportsbook offerings across various sports markets and betting lines. However, BetOnline stands out due to its high competitive odds. As one of the first sportsbooks to release betting lines for a new sporting event, TX bettors rarely find odds as impressive as those at BetOnline.

Texas sports betting apps: BetOnline
Texas sports betting apps: BetOnline

TX bettors have access to over 35 sports markets when using this Texas sports betting app. These include mentioned sports such as NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and UFC, as well as other sports like golf, soccer, and track and field. Bettors can utilize various betting lines to wager on these events, including moneylines, run lines, puck lines, point spreads, parlays, props, futures, and over/unders. These lines all offer highly competitive odds, granting bettors early access.

3. Everygame

In 1996, a new sportsbook, Intertops, entered the online sports betting market. Upon its release, this sportsbook garnered a stable interest from bettors, contributing to its popularity. To maintain high levels of sports betting engagement and keep up with the latest trends, the sportsbook rebranded itself in 2021, emerging as Everygame.

In addition to its sleek new interface and impressive array of new features, Everygame also began providing a mobile-optimized website, quickly becoming one of the top sports betting apps available in Texas. When using this exciting new app, TX bettors can enjoy features such as building parlay bets and selecting from a variety of interesting sports from their iPhones, iPads, or Android devices.

Best sports betting app texas: Everygame
Best sports betting app texas: Everygame

Since Everygame’s mobile platform offers a mobile-optimized website, bettors using their mobile devices to access the sports betting website can enjoy all the features and functionalities they know and love. The website operates smoothly on various devices and provides a user-friendly interface for both novice and experienced bettors.

4. BetNow

BetNow is one of the newer sports betting apps available in Texas. The sportsbook, launched in 2017, has become a favorite among TX sports betting enthusiasts for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a user-friendly mobile platform that is easy to navigate and use. Additionally, BetNow offers a collection of exciting betting options.

However, a significant offer that makes this Texas sports betting app stand out is its top-rated live betting platform. Here, bettors can confidently place bets on ongoing sporting events. Bettors can enjoy fluctuating odds and enticing betting options.

Sports betting apps legal in texas: BetNow
Sports betting apps legal in texas: BetNow

BetNow offers a convenient, user-friendly mobile sports betting platform. This Texas sports betting app operates smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, it features a neat layout that is easy to read on smaller screens, allowing bettors to access their favorite features hassle-free. The mobile website also provides bettors with the option to create a PWA (Progressive Web App) as soon as they log into the mobile website, offering even greater convenience.

5. Bovada

One of the best Texas sports betting apps on our list is Bovada. This highly rated sportsbook was launched in 2011. Since then, it has continuously improved its services to become one of the most beloved sportsbooks in the US. While Bovada, like many other sports betting apps on our list, doesn’t have a downloadable sports betting app, it boasts one of the best mobile-optimized websites.

TX bettors visiting Bovada will find the sportsbook offers a plethora of sports options, betting lines, and great promotions. Additionally, it’s one of the few Texas sportsbooks on our list that offers live streaming of sporting events that bettors can enjoy on their smartphones or tablets. Bettors can also enjoy some of the best in-play betting options here and a dedicated race book.

Sports betting apps texas: Bovada
Sports betting apps texas: Bovada

Bovada’s website is clean, easy to follow, and navigates quickly. These attributes work especially well on smaller mobile screens, making this sports betting app a top choice for many TX bettors. The mobile-optimized website is designed to work on both iOS and Android devices, and bettors can access this platform via their smartphones and tablets.


Despite the absence of legalized sports betting in Texas, the emergence of various sports betting apps underscores the state’s passionate sports culture. These platforms offer diverse features and betting options, catering to the enthusiastic Texan fanbase. While the future of sports wagering in Texas remains uncertain, the presence of these innovative apps reflects the enduring demand for immersive betting experiences. Whether through established platforms or emerging contenders, the journey of sports betting in the Lone Star State continues to evolve, promising excitement and innovation.

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