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What are 1×2 soccer tip? Instructions on how to read tips 1×2

1×2 soccer betting tips is a popular type of football bet in which players have only 3 betting options: 1 is the House team winning, X is a draw or 2 is the Away team winning. European Betting is one of the simplest types of football betting at casinos. In this article, bestsoccertips will summarize all the most detailed and basic information on how to read what is a European 1×2 or full match 1×2 handicap will have a specific tutorial example for you!

Learn about soccer tips 1×2
Learn about soccer tips 1×2

What is a 1×2 football tip?

The 1×2 football tip is a type of result prediction for a soccer match using the 1×2 system. In this tip, “1” represents a home team win, “x” represents a draw, and “2” represents an away team win.

Specifically, in each football match, you can predict one of three outcomes: a home team win (1), a draw (x), or an away team win (2). The 1×2 football tip is commonly used to predict match results in various football tournaments, ranging from domestic leagues to international competitions.

However, it’s important to note that predicting the outcome of a football match is quite challenging due to various influencing factors such as team form, player injuries, weather conditions, and many other variables. The 1×2 football tip is just one of many ways to predict and reference outcomes, and it doesn’t guarantee absolute accuracy.

Instructions on how to read tips 1×2

If you have been involved in football betting for a long time, reading the odds will not make it difficult for you. However, new people need to pay attention to master the following terms to avoid unfortunate risks that may occur when participating in the game.

How to read a simple 1×2 rafter
How to read a simple 1×2 rafter

Terminology to remember at odds 1×2

Through the table of odds that the bookmaker provides, the European handicap will be denoted in the form of columns. There, the team written above is considered the home team and the team written below is considered the bookmaker’s team. In the 3rd row is the symbol that gives the draw of the two teams when the match ends. There, the team known with the red lettering will be rated higher, but the odds are much lower than the team that is rated weaker. How to read the handicap 1×2.

  • The “1” symbol symbolizes the home team.
  • The “X” symbol for the match will be played with a draw.
  • The symbol “2” symbolizes the visiting team.

In this bet, players will be able to choose two types of bets: the 1st half and the whole match:

  • The symbol FT.1×2 symbolizes the whole match.
  • The symbol 1H.1×2 symbolizes the first round.

When participating in 1 of 3 doors, depending on the 1×2 soccer tip, players will study, evaluate, and analyze the situation to find the right tactics to easily bring victory.

How to calculate a bet 1×2

In addition to learning the accurate 1×2 Tips reading guide, players should also know about how to calculate 1×2 bets to be able to calculate their own profits and losses. The following formula from bookmaker will help you do that:

Learn how to calculate 1×2 bets
Learn how to calculate 1×2 bets

Step 1: Calculate the profit amount excluding commissions

The calculated profit amount excluding commissions is determined by the formula: the odds multiplied by the initial bet amount.

A small note is that many bookmakers will charge a commission, so players need to spend a certain amount of money to be able to pay this commission.

Step 2: Calculate profit after deducting commission.

The amount of profit after deducting the commission fee will be calculated using the formula: profit x (odds – 1) x commission rate.

Example of European Odds

To understand better, let’s delve into the specific example below:

In a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the bookmaker provides the following 1×2 odds: 1.80 : 1.57 : 1.92

  • The odds for the home team (Real Madrid) are 1.80: If you bet on the home team and they win, you will win the bet and receive a payout according to the odds of 1.80. However, if the home team loses, you lose the bet and your wager.
  • The odds for the away team (Barcelona) are 1.57: If you bet on the away team and they win, you will win the bet and receive a payout based on the odds of 1.57. Similarly, if the away team loses, you lose your initial wager.
  • The odds for a draw between the two teams are 1.92: If you place a bet on a draw and the match ends in a draw, you will win the bet and receive a payout according to the draw odds of 1.92.

Effective 1×2 Betting Tips for New Members

If you’ve placed Handicap bets before, then surely this isn’t a challenging type of bet, right? However, to profit from this 1×2 wager, you need to go through the following expert tips compiled from sports betting specialists:

Betting Experience 1×2
Betting Experience 1×2

Analyze the Teams Before Betting

Before putting money on any team, you need to thoroughly research recent team form, their head-to-head records, and the competitions they are participating in. This will help you make appropriate betting choices.

Maintain Emotional Stability When Betting

Since there are only three possible outcomes in a match, once you’ve gathered enough information to make a decision, you should have confidence in yourself. Avoid trusting extraneous information that might lead to unexpected results.

Choose the Right Betting Timing

Experts in the field suggest that the best betting time is within the first 3-5 minutes before the match starts to avoid potential odds changes by the Bookmakers or falling into virtual bets.

Bet Separately for Each Half

You can bet separately on the results for the first half and the second half. As the strategies of each team differ, it’s important to understand and make informed decisions that are suitable for each team’s playing style.


Hopefully, our above article has helped you understand more about the definition of what a 1×2 soccer tip is, how to read the rafters and experience correctly. Overall, this is a simple form of betting but equally interesting and attractive. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience betting at our bookmaker for a chance to take home many valuable prizes!

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