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How to bet against the spread in football: Winning strategy

In the world of sports betting, a unique and engaging way has been developed to challenge previously predicted outcomes and create a new betting experience. That’s how to bet against the spread in football. Different from betting on the point spread already recommended by the bookmaker, betting against the point spread puts you in a different role, opening up new and exciting betting opportunities. In this article, you will become an expert at “fighting the spread” and achieve the success you once dreamed of. Let’s go inside with and discover this secret right away!

Learn about point differences in football
Learn about point differences in football

What is against points difference in football?

Point spread betting is a way for bettors to level the playing field in sports. Betting against the spread involves choosing the outright winner. The spread represents the winning margin a team must achieve to win the bet.

This is a fantastic approach as it yields profit when betting on both the strong and weak teams. It’s how bettors aim to make a game a 50/50 proposition. However, bettors must remember that even if their chosen team wins the game, it doesn’t necessarily mean the wager will be paid out. The team needs to cover the spread to receive the payout.

Similar to the moneyline, a negative (-) figure in the odds indicates the favorite, while a positive (+) figure indicates the underdog. To “cover the spread,” the favored team needs to win by more points than the spread. The underdog cannot lose by more points than the spread.

What can change the point spread?

he point spread can change based on various factors. Public bettors can influence the odds to shift depending on where the money is going. Injuries, weather reports, and other external factors can also play a role.

Sportsbooks will adjust the betting line if one side receives a large amount of wagers or if a key player misses the game.

For example, let’s say Dak Prescott gets injured a few days before facing the Bears. Dallas will be without their starting QB; therefore, their offensive performance will struggle to score points.

Where to change the point difference from
Where to change the point difference from

Bettors will adjust the odds to give Dallas a more achievable profit margin. It might decrease to -2.5, meaning the Cowboys won’t need to win by a 5-point margin anymore, just a 1-point margin.

There are odd instances when sports betting websites may reduce the vig to attract bets on a specific team.

Note that it’s advisable to look for sportsbooks offering a -105 spread instead of the usual -110. It’s a way to earn a bit of extra profit, something we all desire. Some sportsbooks occasionally offer a +100 point spread.

This is known as betting on the money line, meaning a payout if your team covers the amount wagered.

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How to bet against the spread in football

To bet against the spread in football, you need to follow these steps:

  • Choose the Match and Event: Select a specific match and the type of event you want to bet against the spread. This could be the final score, total goals, red cards, and other events.
  • Select the Type of Bet Against the Spread: Determine the type of bet against the spread you want to participate in. For example, you can bet that Team A will lose by a smaller margin than specified or win or draw against Team B.
  • Choose the Betting Line: Choose one of the provided betting lines against the spread with different point differences. For instance, you can bet that Team A will lose by less than a 2.5-point spread.
  • Place the Wager Amount: Determine the amount of money you want to wager on your bet against the spread. The system will display the betting odds and potential profit based on this amount.
  • Confirm the Bet: Double-check all the betting information, including the type of bet, betting line, and wager amount. Once you are sure everything is correct, confirm your bet.
  • Monitor the Match and Results: Keep track of the match and events related to your bet. The final outcome of the match will determine whether you win the bet or not.

Best football point spread betting strategy

The best strategy for placing spread bets in football demands thoughtful consideration, analysis, and intelligent risk management. Here are some fundamental strategies you can apply to optimize your winning opportunities when placing spread bets in football:

Some point spread betting strategies in football
Some point spread betting strategies in football

Grasp Relevant Information

Understanding the team’s situation, player information, physical condition, and psychology is highly important. This enables you to make decisions based on accurate and precise information.

Analyze Head-to-Head Situations

Examine the historical matchups between the two teams, recent performance of each team, and factors that could influence the match outcome. This helps you predict the likelihood of the result and the actual point spread.

Practice Smart Bankroll Management

Set a limit on the amount of money you use for betting and adhere to sound bankroll management principles. Avoid wagering excessive amounts on a single match to prevent the risk of losing your entire capital in case of inaccurate predictions.

Monitor Betting Markets

Observe changes in odds and point spreads before and during the match. This can demonstrate shifts in bookmakers’ predictions and changes in players’ sentiment, creating opportunities to place bets at the optimal moments.

Bet Based on Information and Changing Situations

When new information or changing circumstances arise before a match, consider placing bets based on these factors. For instance, if there’s news about a key player being suspended or changes in tactics, it could impact the match outcome and point spread.

Practice and Learn

There’s no perfect strategy, so experiment with various strategies and learn from previous matches. Ask yourself questions like “Why did I predict wrongly?” or “Why did I predict correctly?” to enhance your analytical capabilities.

Practice and learn when betting on points spread in football
Practice and learn when betting on points spread in football

In summary, the strategy for placing spread bets in football requires skills, information, and keenness. Making independent decisions based on accurate analysis and effective capital management will help you optimize your winning opportunities in the fascinating world of football spread betting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spread-Based Sports Betting

Why bet against the spread instead of for one team?

Betting against the spread is often one of the more profitable wagers that either the bookmaker or the bettor can make because the odds are usually -110 or even a level playing field for both sides.

How do you beat the spread?

If you want to bet on the favorite team to win by, let’s say, 6.5 points, that team needs to win by seven or more points. If the team you bet on is favored by 6.5 points and ends up winning by only 3 points, you would lose the bet as they didn’t cover the spread.

Is spread betting legal?

Depending on where you reside in the United States, betting on the spread can be legal. It’s similar to sports betting, as ever since the Supreme Court overturned the federal ban on sports betting, states have begun legalizing betting activities.


As such, participating in how to bet against the spread in football not only brings drama and excitement in every match, but also helps you develop your analytical, decision-making and risk management skills. Try your hand at this betting method to experience the difference and make confident predictions in the world of football. I wish you every success!

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