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What are BTTS Football Tips? A Guide to Reading Simple BTTS Tips

What are football tips btts? BTTS Handicap has an easy to participate and easy to understand gameplay, so it has attracted countless players in the online betting market. If you also want to stand a chance to become a pro player. Then it is necessary to know the types of football odds at reputable betting sites. In which, BTTS is a commonly used handicap so it cannot be ignored. To better understand this issue, please find out with bestsoccertips through the article below!

Learn about BTTS Handicap
Learn about BTTS Handicap

What are BTTS Football Tips?

Football Tips Both Teams Scored this is an abbreviation for the “Both Teams to Score” bet, which signifies that both teams will score in a football match. Among the common types of bets like over/under, European handicap, and Asian handicap, there’s also the BTTS bet, which is often provided by top bookmakers and is favored by many gamblers. Here are some detailed insights into this type of bet:

In order for a bettor to win in this type of bet, each team needs to score at least one goal. This means that both teams must record a goal during the match. This type of bet originated in Europe and is present across the entire spectrum of odds offered by various bookmakers.

When you place a bet on this option, it means that if both teams score, the bettor wins. This implies that you don’t need to worry about the number of goals scored or whether a team wins or loses. The focus is solely on whether both teams have managed to score against their opponents’ nets. This is why this type of bet is considered relatively straightforward.

To succeed in this type of bet, bettors must have an accurate betting strategy. You can bet on both teams to score or on neither team to score. You only need to predict whether both teams will score in the first half, the second half, or throughout the entire match, or if neither team will score. If your prediction is correct, the winnings will be credited to your account; otherwise, the opposite will occur.

Some odds related to BTTS Soccer Tips

Both teams score and the winning team

In this case, you need to predict the winning team of the match. Most of the current bookmakers consider this market as “result/both teams to score”. The gameplay is simple: if both teams score and the team you placed your bet on wins, you win the bet.

The 2 teams scored together
The 2 teams scored together

Both teams score and over 2.5 goals

A straightforward play where you bet that both teams will score at least 1 goal each, and the total number of goals scored by both teams is at least 3 goals in a match. The possible winning scores include 1-2, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 3-4, and so on. To put it simply, if the match has a “rain of goals,” you win the bet; whether a team wins or loses doesn’t matter.

Result/total number of goals

This betting method is different from the alternatives mentioned above. You need to predict the winning team and the number of goals scored.

Another important thing is that before placing your bet, you should review the match analysis and today’s football tips to have the most accurate insights into which match you can consider placing a both teams to score bet.

How to read tips both teams scored together

The match will consist of two rounds, so betting sites will give the two teams scoring as follows: First Half, Second Half and Full Match. To better understand the Guide to reading BTTS tips, please follow the content below:

First Half of BTTS

This is one of the most popular types of bets placed by gamers. Because in the first half, football teams are competing with their best physical condition. Even the psychological aspect of the game is better than in the second half. Therefore, the likelihood of scoring goals in the first half of the team will be very high.

How to read the 1st half handicap of the 2 teams scoring
How to read the 1st half handicap of the 2 teams scoring

Since this type of bet applies to the official 45 minutes of the first half, it also includes two main betting options for gamers to choose from, “Yes” or “No”. Thus, the first half is the optimal time to place bets in this type of bet.

Second Half of BTTS

This bet applies to the official 45 minutes of the second half. In the case where both teams play safely and there is no attack in the first half, then in this half, both teams are likely to counterattack. This can result in more goals than in the first half.

Full Match Both Teams to Score

The time that the betting sites offer is marked as: FT/ Full Match. This type of bet can apply to the entire 90 minutes of the match’s official playtime. It is similar to the bets placed in the first and second halves mentioned above. However, in this type of bet, gamers will bet for the entire match.

How to calculate money and how to bet

After learning How to read BTTS tips, with this rafter if you take the time to learn and refer to the comments from professional football experts. Then you can master people’s gameplay more. With the calculation as follows:

The amount of money wagered multiplied by the odds set by the bookmaker equals the winnings.

How to Play First Half BTTS

For playing the BTTS bet in the first half, the bet applies to the time of the first half of the match. At this point, bettors will place bets to determine whether both teams are likely to score goals or not.

This type of bet is considered quite potential and suitable for many bettors who choose the NO option. This is because the start of the match is when the players’ physical conditions are good, but both teams are still assessing each other. Therefore, the likelihood of both teams scoring is relatively low.

How to Play Second Half BTTS

In some cases, participants who engage in betting choose to place bets in the second half, which will have a higher likelihood of winning. This is because if no team scores in the second half, there’s a higher probability of scoring in the second half. Alternatively, if one team is leading in the second half, the opposing team is likely to equalize.

The method of placing bets for Second Half BTTS is similar to the method used in the first half. The only difference is that the player will choose the second half and then place bets for either YES or NO and select the amount of money to bet.

Learn How to Play BTTS 2nd Half
Learn How to Play BTTS 2nd Half

How to Play Full Match BTTS

The Full Match BTTS is similar to the two betting options mentioned above, but the difference is that participants will predict for the entire duration of the match. The significant difference of this betting option is that it’s calculated including both the official match time and any extra time if applicable.

Therefore, the player’s chance of winning will be higher due to the added extra time of both halves. In the extra minutes, both teams will launch intense attacks to secure a victory. However, according to the bookmakers’ regulations, this type of bet does not apply to penalty shootouts.

Experience in Playing the BTTS Betting

To secure a victory while playing the BTTS (Both Teams to Score) betting, players need to grasp the following experiences:

  • Thoroughly research the match history of the teams and observe the goal-scoring ratios of each team in various matches. Some teams tend to score goals frequently in the first half, while others might focus on attacking more in the second half.
  • Choose the right timing for placing bets.
  • Opt for matches where both teams prefer an aggressive attacking style to bet on the BTTS option.
  • Bet on teams with top goal scorers in the league.
  • Pay attention to external factors that can influence the match result, such as the condition of the field and the weather.
  • Analyze the starting lineups of both teams to see if any key players are absent.

These strategies can enhance your chances of success when engaging in BTTS betting.


Through the above article, surely you know what are BTTS Football Tips, right? Above is a summary of the knowledge about both teams to score odds, as well as how to play the 2 teams to score together that you need to know before deciding to participate in this type of bet in online football betting. Choose for yourself 1 of the top reputable football betting sites to join the experience right away!

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