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The most detailed NBA futures bets guide for newbies

The NBA, also known as the National Basketball Association, is a famous professional league of the United States, attracting the attention of a series of popular sports stars around the world. With its charisma and influence, the NBA has taken basketball to a new level. This makes it more popular than ever for online sports fans to bet on the NBA. At bestsoccertips, we have many in-depth articles on the sport, and today’s post is not an exception. Have you heard of and tried NBA Futures Bets? Let’s explore what it is and how to place bets.

Learn about NBA futures bets 
Learn about NBA futures bets

What are NBA Futures Bets?

NBA Futures Bets are a type of wager where you bet on specific NBA events that haven’t occurred yet – future betting in the NBA is quite popular among both newcomers and professional bettors, especially in the United States. For example, one of the most popular options currently available allows NBA fans to bet on which team will win the NBA championship. Although futures contracts in the NBA attract a lot of betting money and are the most lucrative in online sports betting, there are many other opportunities in the NBA to pick winners in the future.

Betting on the future of the NBA also allows basketball fans to bet on which team will win in their respective divisions, along with choices for the Eastern and Western Conference champions. There are plenty of other interesting prop bets in NBA futures betting, such as which player will win the NBA MVP, Rookie of the Year, or who will receive individual awards like Defensive Player of the Year, Sixth Man, and Most Improved Player.

Popular forms of NBA futures betting available

1. NBA Finals Futures Contract

When sportsbooks determine the winners of each conference, they will announce NBA Finals futures contracts. These predictions encompass the entire seven-game series, with the difference being the focus not just on one game. For instance, you can bet on the NBA Finals MVP or the player with the most points scored. Another example of an NBA futures contract is predicting the outcome of a series, such as predicting the Nuggets to beat the Heat, 4-1.

2. NBA Playoff Futures

During the season, there are opportunities to bet on whether a team will make it to or be eliminated from the NBA playoffs. The futures odds for NBA playoff games often fluctuate based on each team’s performance. Once the playoffs begin, sportsbooks typically expand the NBA futures betting odds for each series.

3. NBA MVP Futures Contract

Among the most popular types of futures betting in the NBA community is the NBA MVP futures contract, which is released at the start of the season. This avenue allows you to predict which individual player will receive the MVP award. For deeper insights, you can utilize NBA picks from experts to make informed betting choices. The betting odds for each player typically evolve in line with their performance on the court.

Forms of NBA futures bets
Forms of NBA futures bets

4. NBA Rookie of the Year Futures

Another type of bet focuses on NBA rookies, known as the NBA Rookie of the Year futures contract. Sportsbooks usually offer odds for frontrunners before the season, often prominent players in the NBA Draft picks. These odds tend to fluctuate, providing opportunities to mitigate risks for your investment.

5. NBA Defensive Player of the Year Futures

Another type of bet is predicting the recipient of the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award. Recent honorees include Jaren Jackson Jr., Marcus Smart, Rudy Gobert, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

6. NBA Most Improved Player Futures

Another bet focuses on predicting the most improved player in the NBA for a season. Recent winners include Lauri Markkanen, Ja Morant, Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram, and Pascal Siakam.

7. NBA Sixth Man of the Year Futures

The NBA Sixth Man of the Year award recognizes players who have a significant impact on their team’s performance coming off the bench. Recent winners include Malcolm Brogdon, Tyler Herro, Jordan Clarkson, Montrezl Harrell, and Lou Williams. For basketball enthusiasts, this remains an enticing choice.

8. Total Future Money Wagered by NBA Team

Another type of bet is predicting the total number of wins each NBA team will have in the season. Betting odds can compare between “over” and “under” options for the number of wins for each team.

How to bet on NBA future bets

If you’re ready to start betting on NBA futures contracts, the first step is to open an account at one of the leading sports betting sites. The process is straightforward and free. Below are the steps to open a new online sports betting account.

NBA futures bets guide
NBA futures bets guide
  • Step 1: Choose your sportsbook: Each sportsbook has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we always advise you to research which sportsbook best suits your needs. When you find the sportsbook you’re looking for, click on the link from our website to qualify for the best sports betting promotions for new customers.
  • Step 2: Sign up: At the homepage of the sportsbook you’ve chosen, you’ll find a button to sign up or create a new account. Click here, and you’ll be taken to a form where you’ll need to provide personal information such as name, phone number, social security number, address, etc.
  • Step 3: Accept terms and conditions: Before completing the registration process, you’ll need to accept the terms and conditions of the sportsbook. We always advise you to read these before accepting them.
  • Step 4: Claim your bonus: New customers often receive a welcome bonus when signing up for a new sports betting account. This is when you can claim your bonus or, if necessary, enter your bonus code. Please note that if you need a bonus code, it’s available on our website.
  • Step 5: Deposit funds: Deposit funds into your bank account at the sports betting site starting with your initial deposit. At legitimate sports betting sites, you’ll have various options to deposit funds into your account.
  • Step 6: Start betting: That’s it. You’re ready to start betting with your sports betting site. You’ll find NBA futures bets under the basketball tab and then NBA.

Experience when betting on NBA futures

Are you looking for some tips to give you an edge when betting on NBA futures contracts? Here are four favorite pieces of advice for newcomers to NBA futures betting.

  • Follow the draft closely: The NBA Draft can completely change the landscape of a franchise, so it’s crucial to keep an eye on who’s going where. Also, monitor which players find new homes in the league and which teams address needs through trades and free agency signings.
  • Stay updated: Always stay updated on news such as injuries, suspensions, coaching changes, and other information that could impact how your chosen team performs.
  • Seek out the best odds: There’s no reason to stick with just one sportsbook. Use multiple accounts to get the best odds possible and maximize your betting returns.
  • Bet responsibly: Don’t chase losses or try to make up for lost money by placing more bets. Set a budget and stick to it, no matter what.


Above is a summary of detailed NBA futures bets information for players. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you quickly win for yourself. Do not forget to choose a reputable and quality bookmaker address to participate in betting to limit unnecessary risks. What are you waiting for without inviting your teammates to join you right away to satisfy your passion for this hot hit sport as well as increase your income right away!

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