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Top 5 corner betting sites worth experiencing today

The house corner handicap is a side bet that is highly sought after by bettors in football matches. Especially for keen bettors, corner handicap whether before, during or after the first match is a very good opportunity to make money. Because the corner kick is quite simple, it gives a high chance of winning. So when playing football betting, which corner betting sites should you choose? Let’s find out with through the article below!

Corner betting sites
Corner betting sites

What is a house corner rafter?

In football, a corner kick occurs when the ball crosses the side line outside the goal frame, and the last player to touch the ball is either the goalkeeper or a defending player.

Thus, the bookmaker’s corner bet, also known as the corner kick bet or simply the corner bet, is a type of side bet in football betting offered by bookmakers. When participating in a corner bet, players predict the total number of corner kicks to be awarded instead of focusing on the match’s outcome or the number of fouls.

Furthermore, bettors can also predict which team will be awarded the first corner kick, the team to be awarded the final corner kick, or even the specific number of corner kicks.

Currently, the bookmaker’s corner bet is the most popular type of side bet in football betting, and many bettors have made significant profits without investing too much time and effort.

The biggest advantage of this type of bet is that it is not influenced by the goal tally or the winning team. Additionally, the odds for corner bets offered by bookmakers are very attractive, with no limit on the amount of money wagered.

7 Criteria for Choosing Reputable Corner Betting Sites

Here are 7 criteria we use to screen for reputable gambling sites:

  • Promotions: Major, financially stable businesses often offer promotional programs to support players, such as welcoming new members, refunds, birthday bonuses, VIP membership benefits, and event bonuses.
  • Legitimacy: Gambling sites must be licensed by authorized gambling regulatory bodies worldwide.
  • Fair payment: They must fully pay customers when they win bets, without making arbitrary excuses to lock accounts or create difficulties for customers.
  • Fast transaction speed: Deposits and withdrawals need to be processed quickly; we suggest processing times under 10 minutes, with a maximum of 24 hours. Frequent errors in withdrawals and deposits can make players uneasy and lead them to leave the site.
  • Diverse gaming rooms and betting options: They should have a wide range of sports betting rooms, such as Saba, CMD, BTI, IM, covering major football tournaments worldwide like the Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and the English Premier League.
  • Customer care: The attitude of staff is a crucial factor in online sports betting. Reliable betting websites always have mechanisms to train their staff. This is why employees at major betting sites are always professional and transparent.
  • Website experience: The website should be optimized in terms of layout, user-friendliness, and page loading speed to ensure the most comfortable user experience possible.

Top 5 corner betting sites

1. W88

For those who haven’t experienced W88 before, they would surely be curious about the level of trustworthiness and professionalism of the casino, as well as unaware of the advantages it offers for participation. In 2007, the casino was officially established and headquartered in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The casino has also been licensed by local government regulator PAGCOR and the First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation (CEZA), acknowledging its legality. Its financial strength is greatly bolstered by support from MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD. Consequently, the casino is well-equipped to invest in the comprehensive development of its betting system.

W88 - Corner betting sites
W88 – Corner betting sites

With expertise and professionalism in the field of online betting, W88 operates in many countries and boasts a large community of members. Statistics show that W88 has the largest member community among all casinos in Asia. Surprisingly, the number of new registered players continues to increase daily, despite already having a significant number of members. This indicates the undeniable attractiveness of W88.

2. M88

M88 has steadily asserted its position as one of the leading brands in the betting industry, accumulating nearly two decades of experience operating in the Asian market. M88’s influence is not only limited to the region but also extends to many European countries, maintaining a solid position in the list of reputable global betting platforms. M88’s success can be attributed to its team of experienced professionals, including technicians and dedicated customer service staff.

M88 - Corner betting sites
M88 – Corner betting sites

M88 continuously provides top-notch betting products, along with attractive promotional programs and an efficient reward payment system. With nearly two decades in the industry, M88 has left a mark with outstanding achievements that many competitors admire. This success is evidence of M88’s long-term existence and success in the competitive Asian betting market. Additionally, M88’s member community has formed on various social media platforms such as Zalo, Facebook, Telegram, etc., creating an ideal space for interaction, sharing experiences, and learning from each other in the betting field.

3. FB88

FB88 is a reputable and popular betting website in the Vietnamese market, renowned for the diversity and quality of the betting services they offer. Among these diverse options, “corner kicks” is one of the standout and most beloved games on their platform. Corner kicks are not only an interesting way to bet on football matches but also an opportunity for players to win big by predicting specific developments in the game.

FB88 - Corner betting sites
FB88 – Corner betting sites

The corner kick betting feature on FB88 not only provides excitement and tension throughout the match but also offers players a variety of options, from predicting the number of corners in each half to predicting which team will receive more corners. With the chance to win big and the excitement of every match, corner kick betting on FB88 attracts not only experienced players but also those looking to test their luck and enjoy football matches in an exciting way.

Corner kick betting on FB88 is not just a game of chance but also an opportunity for players knowledgeable about football to demonstrate their understanding of tactics and developments in the match. The website provides detailed and updated information about matches, helping players make smart betting decisions.

4. 1XBET

1XBET is one of the leading betting websites in the world, offering a wide range of diverse services and high reliability. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, 1XBET provides a convenient environment for players to engage in betting across various fields such as sports, online casinos, poker, and many other games. The website offers users the opportunity to participate in pre-match betting as well as live betting throughout the match.

1XBET - Corner betting sites
1XBET – Corner betting sites

Moreover, 1XBET is renowned for providing attractive promotions and bonuses for both new and existing players, helping them have more chances to win and experience more excitement in betting. With a professional and responsive customer support team, along with flexible and secure payment methods, 1XBET is the ideal destination for those who love the world of betting.

5. FUN88

Fun88 has established itself as one of the leading online football betting platforms favored by the player community, thanks to its reliability and quality of service. With a reputation as one of the safest betting providers, Fun88 provides players with a trustworthy environment to participate in betting activities.

FUN88 - Corner betting sites
FUN88 – Corner betting sites

What particularly attracts players to Fun88 is the excitement from diverse tournaments and thrilling matches ranging from domestic to international levels. This creates a new and exciting betting experience for participants, as well as the special appeal of this platform in the betting community. Fun88 is the ideal destination for those passionate about football and wanting to experience betting in a fun and safe manner.

Very useful corner tips

To further facilitate your success, we will also provide you with some crucial tips for successfully betting on corner kicks. These are:

Never underestimate the home advantage

One of the biggest factors that many newcomers to corner kick betting overlook is the home advantage. For corner kicks, the home advantage can significantly affect the overall result, simply because the home team feels more confident on their home turf and tends to play more aggressively, seeking widespread scoring opportunities. Naturally, this can lead to more corner kicks for the home team.

Never bet in full

This is a tip that we always emphasize when discussing successful betting. This is simply because there is always a chance of losing in betting, and nobody wants to lose everything. The best way to prevent disappointment is to never bet all your money on a single bet.

Thorough research

This is also a very useful advice for those who want to successfully predict corner kicks. There is no way to make consistent money in betting without thorough research before placing accurate bets. Particularly in corner kick betting, thorough research is crucial.

Don’t force bets on every match

Many beginners want to bet on corner kicks for every match, but in reality, this is one of the biggest mistakes ever made. There are many matches where corner kicks cannot be predicted, with low chances of winning. Therefore, it’s better to skip them altogether than to lose money.

Ignore your favorite teams

Another very important tip is to ignore your favorite team. When it comes to betting, you should forget all emotions because sometimes your favorite team may not perform as you expect, resulting in losing a lot of money.


Above are the 5 corner betting sites on the market. These names are familiar to long-time punters and not only offer unique bets but also offer many other exciting experiences. Especially, with these bookmakers, you can enjoy exquisite and quality football tricks. Therefore, you can fully trust and commit to this choice for a long time. Good luck and win many attractive corner bets.

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