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Learn about the top 5 volleyball betting trusted sites

Volleyball betting is also one of the forms of season response chosen by many sports enthusiasts. Due to the development of the sport of volleyball has reached the international level, the influence is widespread and has always been one of the most popular sports. Therefore, many bookmakers have opened the form of online betting, shortening the distance of players with this professional sport. To understand more about this game, you and bestsoccertips find out right away the article below!

Learn about Volleyball Betting
Learn about Volleyball Betting

What is betting volleyball?

Betting on volleyball is also a form of wagering similar to other familiar sports such as soccer, basketball, cycling racing, and so forth. If you are someone who has experience in placing bets on other sports, then transitioning to trying your luck in volleyball betting will likely feel easier.

However, nowadays, betting platforms have done a great job optimizing the betting interface. Keeping track of schedules, organizing betting odds are all done professionally. Players only need to have sufficient funds prepared to get started with getting acquainted with volleyball betting. The simplest type of bet for newcomers is the outcome bet – win or lose for the overall match. Additionally, there are popular bets like Over-Under, Odd-Even, and bets on specific players.

Guide how to bet on volleyball

To start with basic volleyball betting, you need to understand the rules of play and the betting formats in this discipline to avoid confusion and be ready to confidently engage.

Scoring in Volleyball Matches

Volleyball is a game between two teams that involves volleying the ball. The scoring is as follows:

  • When the ball lands within the designated area of the opposing team, the remaining team scores a point.
  • A fault committed by a team is counted as 1 point for the opposing team, whether or not they served the ball.
  • The team with points from the previous round will serve at the beginning of the next round. A team that reaches 25 points with a minimum lead of 2 points over the opponent wins the set.
  • If the minimum lead of 2 points is not met, the game continues until a winner is determined. Each match consists of 3 to 5 sets. If it goes to the 5th set, the teams need to reach 15 points to win (with a minimum lead of 2 points for the winning team).

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Betting Rules for Volleyball Betting Sites

  • The outcomes of volleyball bets are based on the final results of the sets and the overall match. Any changes that affect the match made by the organizers are not accepted.
  • If a match is not completed due to the withdrawal of an athlete or team, or if the match doesn’t take place, the bets become void.
  • If there is a delay in announcing the results of set bets or match bets due to an extended match duration, the bets placed on those outcomes remain valid and the win-loss calculation is processed normally.
  • If a match starts earlier than scheduled, any bets placed after the match begins are considered invalid. Only bets placed before the match starts are considered valid.

Top 5 best volleyball betting sites

1. W88

W88 offers a comprehensive range of top and minor sports tournaments from around the world. A series of top-notch matches take place every day and are continuously updated on the W88 platform. Holding a prominent position in the region, W88’s sports betting arena boasts a variety of entertainment options that promise to deliver captivating experiences for players.

volleyball betting W88
volleyball betting W88

In addition to volleyball, you can also place bets on other sports such as basketball, table tennis, badminton, and horse racing. W88 organizes thrilling and intense matches both domestically and internationally, ranging from major tournaments to intermediate and smaller events. W88 also partners with renowned clubs and teams, providing insights on tournaments and clubs to help you easily select matches and find suitable odds for betting. W88’s sports betting product is one of the most popular choices among participants.

2. Bet365

Bet365 is one of the most reliable sportsbooks for betting on volleyball. It was set up in 2000 and is accessed by over 63 million bettors across the globe. You can live stream volleyball matches and bet on them in real-time, making it one of the best online volleyball betting platforms.

Bet365 – Reputable Baseball Betting Site
Bet365 – Reputable Baseball Betting Site

Bet365 volleyball interface is where volleyball fans and players can find important information about matches, tournaments and betting opportunities. The homepage often displays important volleyball events and upcoming matches, making it easy for users to identify the latest betting opportunities. With real-time updates, diverse betting opportunities and simple ways to place bets, Bet365 is a good choice for those who want to get involved in volleyball betting.

3. 1xBet

1xBet is also among the highly-rated global volleyball betting websites. With multiple language versions and an attractive interface, players can easily access and participate in volleyball matches. 1xBet offers a wide range of diverse and appealing betting opportunities, ensuring players have a memorable experience.

Participate in baseball betting at 1xBet
Participate in baseball betting at 1xBet

The volleyball section on the 1xBet interface provides a list of various volleyball tournaments, matches and events. Users can find information about competing teams, odds and betting options. The interface is designed so that users can view detailed information and select bets at their convenience. With real-time updates and diverse betting options, 1xBet is a good choice for lovers of the sport.

4. 188bet

188bet is a popular and reliable volleyball betting website. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, 188bet provides various betting options and attractive promotions. Players can engage in top-tier global volleyball tournaments and have the chance to win significant rewards.

Participate in baseball betting at the bookmaker 188bet
Participate in baseball betting at the bookmaker 188bet

Placing volleyball bets on the 188Bet interface is also very easy. Players can choose between bet types such as match outcome, score, handicap, and many more. The process of placing bets and confirming information is simple and fast. 188Bet bookmaker is an attractive option for lovers of this sport.

5. Melbet

Melbet is a quality and popular volleyball betting website. With a visually appealing and easy-to-use interface, Melbet offers numerous betting options and detailed information about volleyball matches. Each player can enjoy an exciting betting experience on this platform.

Melbet - Large crowds of baseball betting participants
Melbet – Large crowds of baseball betting participants

The volleyball section on the Melbet interface offers a diverse list of volleyball tournaments, matches, and events. From international tournaments to domestic matches, players can find information about competing teams, times, odds, and other types of bets.

The real-time evolution of volleyball matches is constantly updated on the Melbet interface. Users can track the score, time, and match situation right from their screen, creating a match-watching experience similar to being on the field.

Experience bet volleyball Effective

Playing volleyball betting is one thing, but selecting the right odds for higher winning probabilities is a different challenge. In this article, thanhhoang88 shares accumulated experience over a period of 10 years in betting across various bookmakers, as follows:

Understand the rules of volleyball betting

One of the essential aspects every bettor must be well-versed in. Each betting platform may have varying odds and placement rules. Familiarizing oneself with each platform’s regulations helps avoid confusion and misjudgment.

Analyze the betting teams, don’t blindly follow favorites

Don’t solely focus on placing all bets on your favorite team while neglecting the analysis of the opponent. There can be instances where the favorite team’s chances of winning are outweighed by the opponent’s performance. Therefore, don’t let your emotions guide your decisions; you can make calculated choices to improve your winning odds.

Pre-match analysis of reports

Although luck plays a part, studying and analyzing pre-match reports of both teams participating in the bet can be beneficial. This data can provide insights and increase your chances of success without relying solely on intuition. Study and enhance your knowledge of the sport to increase your winning percentage.

Stay level-headed and know when to stop

If you face consecutive losses across three bets, it’s important to contemplate taking a break to preserve your remaining capital. Afterward, with thorough analysis, consider placing bets again. Prolonged losing streaks can lead to confusion and incorrect assessments. Also, don’t let greed guide your decisions; excessive involvement might lead to unnecessary losses.

Choose a reputable betting site

Even if you’ve followed all the aforementioned steps and successfully won significant amounts, a fraudulent betting site could jeopardize your funds. Thus, your initial priority is selecting a trustworthy bookmaker. This is the foundation for all subsequent steps. Thanhhoang88 typically engages with reputable bookmakers like BK8, Fun88, 12Bet,… which you might consider as well.

Volleyball betting tips
Volleyball betting tips

Frequently Asked Questions About Betting on Volleyball

In which countries can I bet on volleyball?

There are no location restrictions related to bookmakers. Gambling websites worldwide offer volleyball markets for betting. The only limitations you might encounter are in countries where gambling is illegal.

What is surebetting in volleyball?

Surebetting, also known as arbitrage betting, is when a gambler benefits from the differing odds offered by various betting sites. If done correctly, you can generate a substantial profit from this strategy.

Should I stick to just one volleyball betting site?

While we always advise you to bet on the best betting websites on the internet, having more than one site at your disposal can be advantageous. Sportsbooks provide different profit margins on their odds. Evaluating different volleyball betting sites is a healthy way to identify better earning opportunities.

Can I bet on any specific volleyball tournaments?

Absolutely. Some of the most popular tournaments for both fans and bettors include the FIVB Men’s and Women’s World Cup. Additionally, there are hundreds of other volleyball tournaments taking place each year.

What are the top volleyball betting markets?

While pinpointing the absolute best markets can be challenging, there are several markets that volleyball bettors prefer. Even with newer sports betting websites, these markets tend to appear more frequently. They include total sets, match winner, handicap betting, accumulator bets, over/under bets, and future bets.


Above is all the latest information updating volleyball betting forms, the most reputable betting volleyball sites in 2023. We hope that the above article will provide you with useful data to help you choose the bookmaker that best suits your preferences. I wish you every success!

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