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Share golf betting tips to help you win

With the prospect of legalizing sports betting on the horizon, how is golf affected by this news? Firstly, better golfers will have more access to place bets on their favorite players or those whose game suits a specific course during a particular tour week. Being able to sit and read sports books while watching golf may attract newcomers to the game and expand the reach of golf to new demographics. Are you new to golf betting or looking to get into it? Check out these golf betting tips from bestsoccertips to help you get started.

Tips for Golf Betting

1. Research is Key

Thorough research is essential when betting on golf. Analyzing key metrics such as driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and average putting helps assess a player’s form and capability on a specific course. A player’s performance history on that course is also a crucial indicator, showing their potential in the upcoming tournament. Some players consistently perform well on their favorite courses, while others may struggle with certain layouts or conditions.

Golf betting tips: Research is Key
Golf betting tips: Research is Key

Keeping up with golf news is also important. Injuries, changes in coaching staff, or equipment can affect a player’s performance. A top player who is injured may not perform well, creating opportunities for other players. Understanding changes in a player’s strategy or practice routines also provides insight into their preparation and potential performance.

Following information from reliable golf news sources and social media helps bettors stay updated in real-time, influencing betting decisions. The level of detailed research and news tracking on player conditions is a crucial part of a successful betting strategy, enabling informed decisions based on extensive information rather than just surface statistics.

2. Course Characteristics Analysis

The characteristics of a course greatly influence how a match plays out, and understanding them can help in making accurate bets. For example, courses with long fairways and fewer obstacles tend to favor strong hitters, while complex courses with many bunkers, water hazards, and dense rough reward strategic and precise players.

The type of grass also affects ball roll and bounce. Bermuda grass creates faster greens, requiring good putting skills, while bentgrass offers smoother rolls, benefiting strong putters. Weather conditions are also important: wet conditions can slow down play, while windy conditions require high control and adaptability.

Courses like Augusta National, with complex landscapes and numerous challenges, favor players with strong and creative shots. Conversely, links courses like St. Andrews with open layouts and strong winds test a player’s ability to play in tough conditions and manage roll and bunkers. These examples highlight the importance of analyzing course characteristics and selecting players suited to those conditions, providing a strategic advantage in golf betting.

3. Check the Odds Before Placing a Bet

Yes, this will happen automatically, but checking the odds and payouts can be a good way to place bets. When you know that someone has worse odds than the favorites in the upcoming tournament but is playing well, always consider the potential payout of a small bet. When I consider betting on a tournament, I always look at the range of “sweet spot” odds for individual players from 20-1 to 50-1. While their chances of winning may be lower, the payout will be much better than backing the favorite.

4. Diversify Your Bets

Diversifying your bets across multiple outcomes is a prudent strategy in golf betting, increasing the chances of profit and minimizing risk. Instead of putting everything on one outcome, you spread your bets to have more chances of winning.

In golf, where there is a lot of variability and even favorites can be beaten, diversification is even more important. There are various types of golf bets you can take advantage of:

Tips for Golf betting: Diversify Your Bets
Tips for Golf betting: Diversify Your Bets
  • Outright Winner Bet: Choosing a player to win the tournament outright. Although the potential payout is high, the risk is also significant.
  • Head-to-Head Bet: Betting on one player to finish higher than another. This is a less risky and more predictable option.
  • Top 10/20 Finish Bet: The player only needs to finish in a high rank, not necessarily win, reducing risk while still offering attractive odds.
  • Prop Bets: Predicting specific outcomes like the lowest round score or a hole-in-one, adding excitement and chances to win.
  • Live Betting: Placing bets while the match is ongoing, based on the current state of play.

By combining these types of bets, you can spread risk, increase engagement, and have a better chance of making a profit by the end of the tournament.

5. Bankroll Management

Effective bankroll management is the foundation of successful golf betting, protecting your finances and optimizing betting performance. Setting and adhering to a strict budget prevents chasing losses, avoiding the depletion of your betting funds. A good budget ensures you bet within your means and maintain long-term betting activity, even when facing losses.

A betting management strategy involves allocating a specific percentage of your capital to each bet, typically 1-5%. This method minimizes risk and maintains consistency. Avoid placing bets based on emotions; decisions should be based on research and reasoning rather than attachment to specific players.

Tracking your betting history and performance is also crucial. Recording wins and losses helps evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy and identify patterns or biases affecting betting decisions. Reflecting on past bets improves future strategies, leading to more accurate and confident decisions.

6. There’s More to Bet on Than Just the Winner

What many new golf bettors don’t realize is that you can bet on more than just picking the tournament winner. Check out the odds for selecting the low score of three players in the Thursday and Friday rounds. Betting on this can be a really fun way to place a single bet on the low score of three players. If you notice a player who typically starts strong in tournaments, you might get lucky betting on them against two others in their group.

Golf tips betting: There's More to Bet on Than Just the Winner
Golf tips betting: There’s More to Bet on Than Just the Winner

Another popular approach is focusing efforts on prop bets. Betting on whether there will be a hole-in-one, double eagle, playoff, etc., can be excellent ways to engage in the match without having to pick the winner. A great option for you to get selections is websites like W88. Picking players to perform well against others adds excitement, especially on Sunday if a few of your picks are in contention.

7. Always Bet Responsibly

With over 100 players competing weekly, it’s tough to always pick the right outcome in any specific tournament. When deciding to bet on golf, you must be aware that a single shot can change the tournament’s outcome, and everything can shift based on weather and other external factors. Whenever you bet on sports, it’s crucial to know your limits and only wager what you can afford to lose.


In summary, integrating these golf betting tips into your approach not only enhances your strategic acumen and risk management but also enriches your overall experience by fostering excitement and potentially lucrative outcomes in the sport. Whether you’re aiming for strategic diversity or responsible bankroll management, these tips pave the way for a more informed and rewarding betting journey in golf.

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