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Instructions on how to play virtual darts betting for newbies

Virtual darts betting has emerged as an exciting avenue for both seasoned bettors and newcomers alike. This innovative form of sports simulation blends the precision and strategy of traditional darts with the accessibility and engagement of virtual gaming platforms. With its high-quality graphics, frequent match availability, and fair play ensured by RNG technology, virtual darts offers a unique opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the thrill of betting on dart matches, all from the comfort of their devices. As interest in virtual sports grows, so too does the appeal of virtual darts betting, making it a compelling choice in the realm of online sports wagering. will share with you everything about virtual darts betting through the following article!

Learn about virtual darts betting

This is a virtual game that closely resembles its real-life counterpart, and for good reason! While in a virtual football match, you’ll see team names like Islington Reds or Newcastle AFC, in virtual darts, the names and even images of real players are used to make it the most realistic virtual sport on the market.

This makes virtual darts a great substitute for fans of the sport who miss out on real matches, whether they want to bet on them or not. In this case, virtual matches closely resemble real-life darts matches broadcast on TV. This format is developed by Inspired, the company behind the Virtual Grand National, utilizing experts including former professionals to perfect their virtual offerings.

Learn about virtual darts betting
Learn about virtual darts betting

Current and former professional players are filmed throwing darts against a simulated backdrop, making everything look very realistic, with the order of darts hitting the board determined up close by a random number generator to ensure fairness in the game.

It’s worth noting that while the players’ names and faces are real, their real-life appearances should not be assumed. Favorites and winners are determined by algorithms and may not correlate with their real-life form, ability, or skills.

How to place Virtual darts betting

To bet on darts, you need to access one of the best online betting sites to register an account or log in. From there, simply navigate to the ‘darts’ section under sports.

Once you’re ready to start betting at your chosen sportsbook, pre-tournament betting is one of the most popular types of bets for darts.

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) is the world’s largest darts organization, attracting the most skilled players. The PDC World Championship is the flagship event of the season, ranked as the biggest darts tournament of all major dart tournaments.

Taking this tournament as an example, betting on the ‘outright winner’ in the ‘futures’ category is one of the most popular types of bets—we’ll consider this in the virtual darts betting example below.

Types of bets available with Virtual Darts

While many bookmakers may add virtual darts to their platforms, a variety of betting options could soon be introduced. However, currently, very few bookmakers offer this game, though luckily for us, one of them is bet365.

At bet365, market selections for each sport, even virtual sports, are typically comprehensive, and this has been proven true for virtual darts. Here are some market ideas you can expect to find in each match:

Types of bets available with Virtual Darts
Types of bets available with Virtual Darts
  • Match Winner – of course, there are only two choices here, so the odds may be somewhat limited. Typical match odds might be 4/9 vs. 15/8, 8/13 vs. 11/8, 10/11 vs. 10/11, or 8/15 vs. 8/5, for example. Don’t expect heavy favorites to win all the time; the RNG decides the outcome and over time will keep the RTP at where it should be.
  • Checkout Market – betting on color (green or red), doubles (20s, 10s, etc.), or total (under/over 40.5) can all be done in virtual darts and make the game much more interesting from a betting perspective.
  • Player – First 3 Darts – each player may be bet on to score under 90, 90-110, or over 110. Betting on a favorite to throw their first three darts under 90 could pay out at 9/1 or better.
  • Match Events – hopefully, this market will feature more events in the future, but currently, you’ll see odds for things like throwing 9-dart finishes or hitting a 180.
  • Wincast – because the match winner market is somewhat narrow, wincast bets can be placed. For example, instead of betting on Peter Manley to win at odds of 8/15, you can bet on him to win and score over 40.5 at odds of 2/1.

Advantages and disadvantages of Virtual Darts

Like any virtual betting activity, virtual darts has its pros and cons. For us, here are the main positives and negatives of virtual darts:


  • Frequency – While virtual darts may not be as fast-paced as expected (it can be shortened to one minute), it still offers a match every 5 minutes throughout the day, providing plenty of betting opportunities.
  • High Quality – Using CGI and real footage of both past and present players makes this program much more appealing compared to most other virtual sports, whether you are betting or not.
  • No Need for Knowledge – This is particularly great for fans of the real game because it uses real players, but their form and skills are not based on real-world performance, so anyone can participate as the RNG (Random Number Generator) determines the outcome.
  • Suitable for Beginners – For those unfamiliar with sports betting, engaging in virtual darts can be a great way to practice, even just to become familiar with betting terminology.
  • Fair Results – Since the RNG controls the game, the outcomes are fair for everyone, and you only need to guess correctly.


  • Lack of Control – Fans of real darts might appreciate this, but without the ability to utilize real-world dart knowledge, betting cannot be controlled.
  • Temptation – If you can place nearly 300 bets a day with one bookmaker on a virtual sport, you might easily click continuously and become drawn in, so caution is advised.
  • Insufficient Availability – Virtual darts is still not offered by enough online bookmakers. Even a basic version of virtual darts could suffice instead of this Inspired version, which includes the participation of real players. Virtual betting should reflect real sports, meaning popular events for actual betting should be well-represented in virtual sportsbooks.
Disadvantages of Virtual Darts
Disadvantages of Virtual Darts


In conclusion, virtual darts betting represents a dynamic intersection of technology and sports entertainment. It offers fans a realistic yet controlled environment to engage in betting, leveraging CGI and real player simulations to create compelling matches. While it provides accessibility and frequent betting opportunities, it also poses challenges such as the temptation of continuous betting and the need for real-world dart knowledge. As virtual sports continue to evolve, virtual darts betting stands out for its ability to blend the excitement of real-life darts with the convenience of online gaming platforms, ensuring an engaging experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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