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Best Oklahoma Sports Betting Apps in 2024

Online betting is becoming a popular trend globally, and Oklahoma is no exception. With the development of technology, players in Oklahoma can not only enjoy their favorite matches, but also place bets online through sports betting apps. In this article, will explore Oklahoma Sports Betting in more depth, its outstanding features, and the benefits it brings to players.

Is Oklahoma sports betting legal?
Is Oklahoma sports betting legal?

Is Oklahoma sports betting legal in 2024?

According to Oklahoma gambling laws, as of February 2024, anyone operating sports betting within the state borders is in violation of the law. Efforts by state lawmakers to bring local sports betting to fruition in designated areas have been unsuccessful.

There is no direct federal gambling law in the United States prohibiting residents, including those in OK, from accessing and gambling on international online sports betting sites operating legally outside the US. Currently, all legal online sports betting in Oklahoma takes place on foreign sports betting sites such as those listed on this page.

All leading online sportsbooks operate outside the jurisdiction of the United States, and Oklahoma’s gambling laws do not impose any restrictions on offshore betting activity. This means that residents of OK are free to legally wager on any team or sport they choose through these online sportsbooks.

How to choose the best sports betting apps Oklahoma

The criteria we use to evaluate the best online sports betting websites are crucial. We will outline the key areas that we believe any betting website should implement. These are our basic expectations and are not related to any special features that a website may provide.

  • Betting Variety: We ensure that our recommended betting websites offer a wide range of markets in each sport they cover.
  • Event Selection: We only recommend betting websites that offer a diverse range of sports for you to bet on. Most of our suggested websites have at least 20 different sports for you to choose from.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Naturally, we seek out websites with generous and valuable sports betting bonuses. However, we also believe that ongoing promotions are essential, so we highly value websites that frequently take care of their customers. This is especially great when sportsbooks offer free bets and/or insurance promotions.
  • Safety and Security: Customer safety must be the number one priority at online betting sites. They should use secure SSL encryption to ensure your information is safe. We are looking for betting websites that encrypt your data, especially while it is being transmitted.
  • Payment Methods: We believe betting websites should offer a variety of payment methods unless they are purely cryptocurrency gambling sites. Online betting websites should allow payments via cards and bank transfers, at least one third-party service, and should at least accept Bitcoin. Among the cryptocurrency websites we recommend, we expect to see plenty of cryptocurrency options available.
  • Customer Support: We hope our recommended websites cause you no issues. However, sometimes problems arise, so there should be a dedicated customer support team to assist you. We expect there to be at least an email, along with providing a phone number and live chat for support.

Top 5 best sports betting app Oklahoma

1. W88

W88 is one of the leading online sports betting platforms in Oklahoma and worldwide. With diversity in sports betting games, W88 offers players a unique and exciting experience. Especially, Oklahoma is one of the rapidly growing sports betting markets in the United States, and W88 has succeeded in providing high-quality services and diverse betting products to the player community here.

Sports betting oklahoma W88
Sports betting oklahoma W88

W88 sports betting app in Oklahoma is not just a platform for players to place bets, but also an online community where they can discuss, share experiences, and provide insights on matches. With user-friendly interface, flexible features, and professional customer service, this app has attracted a large number of players in Oklahoma and nearby areas. This has strengthened W88 position not only as a reputable betting platform but also as an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts who want to try their luck in matches.

2. Dafabet

Dafabet is one of the top online betting platforms in Oklahoma, offering a variety of betting opportunities on various sports events. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Dafabet sports betting app provides convenient conditions for players to experience and participate in their favorite matches. Dafabet offers a diverse selection of sports, from football, basketball, tennis, horse racing to esports, ensuring that players have many opportunities to bet according to their preferences.

Dafabet - App online sports betting Oklahoma
Dafabet – App online sports betting Oklahoma

Additionally, the app provides support features such as live streaming of matches, statistical information, and updates on ongoing sports events, helping players have an overview and make informed betting decisions. With a diverse and secure payment system, along with professional customer service, Dafabet sports betting app is a top choice for betting enthusiasts in Oklahoma.

3. 188Bet

Both Dafabet and 188Bet are popular sports betting apps in Oklahoma, providing players with a range of betting opportunities on various sports events from around the world. Both apps are designed with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for players to find and participate in their favorite matches.

The sports betting apps of Dafabet and 188Bet offer a diverse selection of sports, from football, basketball, tennis, horse racing to esports. This ensures that players have many opportunities to bet according to their preferences and knowledge.

188Bet - App Oklahoma online sports betting
188Bet – App Oklahoma online sports betting

Both apps also provide support features such as live streaming of matches, statistical information, and updates on ongoing sports events. This helps players have an overview and make smart betting decisions based on the provided information.

4. BetUS

BetUS is an online betting website established in 1994 and operates with a Curacao license. The website offers around 20 sports, with many matches and markets. There is a separate section for live betting and a dedicated area for horse racing. BetUS offers programs for various football leagues worldwide. Sports like baseball, NFL, hockey, and NCAA are also included. Experts provide betting options and predictions to assist you in making decisions.

BetUS - Sports betting apps Oklahoma
BetUS – Sports betting apps Oklahoma

This betting website also stands out for its customer service. There is a comprehensive help guide and a FAQ section. BetUS also offers a 24/7 live chat feature and six different phone numbers depending on the nature of your inquiry. Some email addresses are also dedicated to various inquiries.

With about five different BetUS signup bonuses, this OK betting website is well-suited for promotions. There are also offers specifically for cryptocurrencies and a 50% reload bonus for sports betting.

5. BetOnline

BetOnline is one of our favorite betting websites that you can use in Oklahoma. This website is licensed and regulated by the Panama Gaming Control Board, where it is also operated.

The website offers over 20 sports for you to bet on with a good mix of competitions. BetOnline basketball coverage includes all upcoming NBA matches. The website also provides markets for the Czech NBL and other tournaments in Europe. It also offers some lesser-known sports like handball and surfing along with all the major sports like soccer, baseball, and football.

BetOnline - Best sports betting app Oklahoma
BetOnline – Best sports betting app Oklahoma

This is also a great betting website to offer bonuses and promotions. You can choose welcome offers, as well as reload bonuses every time you deposit. Moreover, there are many types of bets dedicated to sports. These include insurance betting offers like ‘No harm, no foul’ to protect you if the opposing team pitcher fails to hit the target. Additionally, there are different BetOnline promo codes for various sports.


The oklahoma sports betting app not only gives players an enjoyable betting experience, but is also a convenient and secure way to engage in online betting. With a variety of sporting events, an easy to use interface, and a real-time update feature, Oklahoma Sports Betting is the top choice for sports lovers in Oklahoma.

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