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Revealing sports spread betting tips from experts

Sports spread betting requires a strategic mindset and a keen understanding of the nuances within each game. To excel in this form of wagering, consider leveraging home field advantage, monitoring changes in point spreads, and utilizing promotional bonuses wisely. These strategies can help mitigate risks and enhance your overall betting experience by capitalizing on favorable odds and informed decisions. Whether you’re betting on football, basketball, or other sports, mastering these tips can significantly improve your success in sports spread betting. In this article, will share with you sports spread betting tips recommended by experts.

Revealing sports spread betting tips from experts
Revealing sports spread betting tips from experts

Explanation of Point Spread Betting

The point spread market allows sportsbooks to balance unevenly matched teams by giving a handicap to the stronger team and an advantage to the weaker team by the same number of points, known as the spread. The spread illustrates the difference in quality between the competing teams. Therefore, when you bet on the point spread, you predict whether the stronger team will exceed the spread or if the weaker team will benefit from the points advantage provided by the sportsbook.

Let’s take an example from American football, a sport popular for point spread betting, to illustrate how this market works. Suppose the Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) are playing against the Cincinnati Bengals (+3.5). As you can see, if you bet on the Chiefs to win, they must win by at least four points for your bet to win. On the other hand, if you bet on the Bengals, even if they lose by up to three points, your bet is still a win.

Potential Outcomes of Point Spread Betting

In the dynamic world of point spread betting, there are three potential outcomes: win, lose, or push.

  • Win: When the team you bet on covers the spread, it’s a straightforward win. Enjoy receiving your payout without any issues.
  • Lose: Experiencing a loss is part of sports betting. Stay calm and remember that losses are possible. Losing means you lose your initial bet if your chosen team doesn’t cover the spread.
  • Push: Sometimes, a push occurs. Sportsbooks often use half-point spreads (like -3.5 or +8.5), but sometimes they set whole number spreads like -8 or +14. When these whole number spreads match the team’s performance exactly, a push can happen.
Potential Outcomes of Point Spread Betting
Potential Outcomes of Point Spread Betting

Let’s look at an example from basketball to further understand potential outcomes of point spread betting. For instance, if you’re considering betting on a game between the Denver Nuggets (-8.5) and the Los Angeles Clippers (+8.5), you have two choices. You can back the Nuggets to cover the spread and win by at least nine points, or you can support the Clippers and hope they don’t lose by more than eight points. Here are potential scenarios:

  • If the Denver Nuggets win 109-100, they’ve covered the spread (-8.5 points) and they’re the winning bet.
  • If the Denver Nuggets win 109-102, they’ve won but haven’t covered the spread. In this case, the Los Angeles Clippers are the winning bet on the point spread.
  • Finally, if the Los Angeles Clippers win by any score, for example 110-109, logically they’re still the winning bet.

As you can see, the half-point in both examples ensures that point spread betting is a two-way market rather than three-way. In other words, the possibility of a tie is eliminated, reducing the number of possible outcomes from three to two.

How to Place Sports Spread Bets

Try our interactive tool below to see an example of how sports spread betting works with a theoretical £10 bet across various football markets. Additionally, read on for further examples explaining how to place sports spread bets.

This tool provides more detail on how different sports spread betting markets can vary in volatility. As explained above, the range of outcomes for football spread betting is often much wider than simply total goals scored. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a stake level that you feel comfortable with across different markets.

Use the tool for different football markets to see how potential profits and losses can vary. This will help you practice sports spread betting and give you an idea of how these markets operate before you try it yourself.

Placing Point Spread Bets

Few bets are as exciting as point spread betting. It’s no wonder they’re among the most popular bets with sports bettors. And it’s easy to join in on the fun. Read our four-step guide below and start placing point spread bets like a pro.

  1. Choose a Reliable Sportsbook: Start your point spread betting adventure by browsing through Betpack’s list of sportsbooks. Choose one of our top-rated options by analyzing the bonuses and perks they offer.
  2. Sign Up and Deposit: Next, set up your betting account. Enter your personal information and verify your new account as soon as you complete it. Then, make your first deposit using your preferred payment method.
  3. Find Point Spread Options: Now, navigate to the sports betting section and select the match you want to bet on. Look for the point spread type of bet and choose the specific wager you want to place on your betting slip.
  4. Place Your Point Spread Bet: Now it’s time to place your bet. Double-check that you’ve included all the games you want to bet on and enter your stake. Submit your bet and watch your selections to see if your bet wins.

Strategies and Tips for Point Spread Betting

Like many other types of bets, using betting systems and strategies has been proven to improve your chances of winning point spread bets. In general, even just taking the time to analyze the form of teams and players can significantly impact your winning chances. Therefore, imagining a point spread betting strategy or some well-researched betting tips can be much more effective. Below, we list five useful tips for point spread betting.

Tip 1: Home Field Advantage is Crucial

You may notice that sometimes when you place point spread bets on matches involving the same team, the point spread can change. For example, you could bet on a match between the Dallas Cowboys (-2.5) and the Cleveland Browns (+2.5), but note that the reverse match, Cleveland Browns (-1.5) versus Dallas Cowboys (+1.5), has a different point spread.

The reason for this is home field advantage. Of course, there are other factors such as form, injuries, and suspensions. However, home field advantage and support from loyal fans influence team performance. Sportsbooks know this, so they adjust the point spread accordingly.

Sports spread betting tips: Home Field Advantage is Crucial
Sports spread betting tips: Home Field Advantage is Crucial

So, next time you think the favorite won’t have any issues covering the spread, consider whether the game is played at home or away. If it’s the latter, the sportsbook has factored in the home advantage of the opposing team. In other words, the point spread is quite realistic and may not offer as much value as you think. Therefore, don’t bankrupt yourself backing the favorite on the road. You might be supporting a losing bet.

Tip 2: Monitor Changes in Point Spreads

When the point spread changes, it indicates that the sportsbook knows something that you might not. Similar to odds changes, seeing current point spread adjustments informs you that there may have been a last-minute injury to a key player or a locker room issue with one of the teams.

Whatever the reason, don’t ignore changes in the point spread. Instead, investigate why the sportsbook updated the current point spread. If you can’t determine the reason for the change, adjust your bet size to reflect the new point spread or consider alternative bets such as moneyline bets.

Tip 3: Use Bonuses to Place Riskier Point Spread Bets

Most sportsbooks, especially the best ones, offer enticing betting promotions and free bets. You can utilize these offers to place bets not with your own money, but with bonus credit provided by the sportsbook. In return, this allows you to eliminate the fear of losing your own money and facilitates riskier bets, often accompanied by higher odds and better chances of winning the bet.

For example, you might be tempted to bet on a team that hasn’t covered the point spread, but you feel that could change. One of the best and safest ways to do this is by using a free bet or some of your bonus funds. If your bonus bet wins, you’ll be glad you followed your instinct and didn’t miss out on taking advantage of excellent odds. If you lose, it’s no big deal. After all, it wasn’t your own money that you bet with.

Sports spread betting tips: Use Bonuses to Place Riskier Point Spread Bets
Sports spread betting tips: Use Bonuses to Place Riskier Point Spread Bets

However, before claiming a bonus, ensure you fulfill the necessary requirements to activate it and then withdraw your winnings received from the promotion. For instance, some bonuses require entering a promo code, while others are activated when using specified payment methods like credit or debit cards. More importantly, some promotional offers come with high wagering requirements, meaning you may find it challenging to withdraw your winnings from the bonus.


In conclusion, sports spread betting tips offers a dynamic and strategic alternative to traditional wagering methods. By implementing the right strategies, such as understanding home field advantage, monitoring point spread changes, and effectively using bonuses, bettors can enhance their chances of success. Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned bettor, these tips provide valuable insights into navigating the complexities of sports spread betting. Remember, informed decisions and disciplined betting practices are key to maximizing your returns and enjoying a rewarding betting experience across various sports.

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