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The 7 best sports betting strategies

If you’ve studied the basics of sports betting thoroughly, now is the time to dive deeper into sports betting strategies. will explain to you the ways to bet on sports successfully with the right strategy and things to look out for. When it comes to choosing the right strategy for sports betting, there are different opinions. Should there be a right strategy to win in sports betting or is it the best strategy so that you have the flexibility to choose a corresponding strategy? In any case, we will present the best and most promising strategies to increase your betting profits over time.

Learn about best sports betting strategy
Learn about best sports betting strategy

Why Use Sports Betting Strategies

Betting strategies allow you to apply logic to your wagers. It’s easy to glance at the game scores and markets before making a choice, but without applying any logic, you’ll lose money much faster than you win.

The best betting strategies will generate value from your bets and aim to ensure profits. Sports can be hard to predict, and this unpredictability has made them popular. But from a betting perspective, it can be hard to turn a profit, which is why a betting strategy is necessary.

One thing to note before delving deeper is that you won’t win every bet you place. However, a solid strategy will give you the best chance to make a profit. Similar concepts apply across all sports, and the classic saying “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” is heavily applicable here.

7 best sports betting strategies to remain profitable

Staying profitable in sports betting is a rather complex task, requiring an understanding of the market as well as risk management skills. Here are some strategies you can adopt to improve profitability retention:

1. Don’t let your emotions dictate your betting decisions

In the realm of sports betting, emotional control is a crucial strategy. Don’t let your heart rule your betting decisions. Professional bettors always emphasize that emotions and betting shouldn’t mix.

Instead, rely on statistical data and analysis. Focus on researching and gaining in-depth understanding of sporting events. Experts at ElitePicks, for example, pride themselves on their success by relying on meticulous calculation and analysis.

Be cautious of personal biases. Just because you have a preference or gut feeling about a team doesn’t mean you should bet on them. Professional players build their strategies based on data and probability, not personal intuition. To achieve success like them, you need to think and act accordingly.

2. Wisely manage your money

Smart financial management is one of the best methods when engaging in sports betting. To achieve big results, wise money management is indispensable. Set a budget before starting betting and strictly adhere to that budget. An important strategy is to apply fixed-unit betting, meaning you should use the same amount of money for each bet.

Best betting strategy for sports: Wisely manage your money
Best betting strategy for sports: Wisely manage your money

Start with a small budget, perhaps ranging from $20 to $50 per week, and always stick to the principle of not exceeding that budget. When you’ve exhausted your weekly funds, stop and never succumb to the temptation to top up from your bank account or credit card.

Maintain consistency and bet with the same amount each time, around 1% to 3% of your budget. For example, if your weekly budget is $40, then each bet should be between $1 to $2. This ensures that a few losing bets won’t result in significant losses, and you still have a chance to win big if your bets are successful. This is how a professional bettor approaches sports betting.

3. Stick to Popular Betting Options

Adhering to popular betting options is one of the most optimal sports betting strategies to minimize risk. While they may not offer impressive odds, they provide higher winning opportunities. Reliable betting options include:


Placing bets on the outright winner is a simple and straightforward starting point. Although the odds are usually not too enticing, they entail less risk. Underdogs often receive better payouts if they exceed expectations.

Point Spread

Understanding the point spread opens up more opportunities. While the odds remain straightforward, you need to consider the probability of winning. Betting on the stronger team will yield higher benefits with the spread, while the weaker team is less likely to lose.


Over/under bets provide another option with reasonable odds. You predict whether the total score will exceed or fall below a certain number. This reflects offensive and defensive strategies to predict the expected score.

While the payouts may not be significant, popular betting options minimize risk and increase the chances of success. As you accumulate experience and become a professional sports bettor, you can experiment with more complex options with higher rewards—but also higher risks. However, simplicity is best when starting out.

4. Take Advantage of Live Betting Opportunities

Placing bets while a match is underway is one of the optimal betting strategies in sports. Players must be quick and adaptable to not miss any opportunities. During the match, the betting odds can change significantly based on the on-field developments.

Here are some tips when engaging in live betting:

  • Look for situations where you feel the players have overreacted to a crucial goal. A team may be trailing early, but you believe they still have the capability to turn the tide. Live betting allows you to get much better odds when the team makes a comeback.
  • Closely monitor the situations and players in the match. If a star player struggles early on or the match starts tilting towards the weaker team, quickly place bets before the odds adjust.
  • Observe the psychology of the team and the players. Some teams often start slowly but finish strongly; similarly, some players thrive in imposing situations. Grasping these trends will help you find value in live betting.
Sports betting strategies: Take advantage of live betting opportunities
Sports betting strategies: Take advantage of live betting opportunities

5. Consider the 1-3-2-6 Betting System

The 1-3-2-6 betting system is a simple method to increase your winnings over time in online sports betting. The basic idea is to adjust your betting amount based on the outcome of the previous bet.

Imagine you start with a $10 bet for the first game and win. For the next bet, you would increase to $30. If this bet also wins, you would receive $60 on the third bet. However, if you lose the third bet, you would decrease to a $20 bet for the fourth bet. If the $20 bet wins, you would increase to $60 on the fifth bet. This pattern continues following the rule of increase and decrease by a fixed amount.

The main benefit of this system is that you can maintain a winning streak by increasing the bet amount when winning and minimize losses by decreasing the bet amount after each loss. However, it’s crucial to adhere to the pattern and not get caught up in emotions or impulses while playing. Discipline and bankroll management remain important factors to avoid common pitfalls in betting.

6. Specialize in a Sports League

Understanding your team is a strongly encouraged sports betting strategy. To succeed in sports betting and win big, choose a league that you have in-depth knowledge about. Each time you have a deep understanding of the teams, players, coaches, and statistical data in a league, your smart betting opportunities increase.

For example, if you’ve been following the NBA for many years, focus on professionally betting on basketball. You’ll have an insightful view of how teams match up, the impact of player statistical data on outcomes, and how trades or injuries can affect a team’s performance. Use your knowledge to identify unstable betting odds and take advantage of opportunities that bookmakers may have missed.

Sports betting strategies: Specialize in a Sports League
Sports betting strategies: Specialize in a Sports League

The same principle applies to any sports league, from the NFL, NHL, MLS to other tournaments. Become an expert on every aspect of the league you choose, paying attention to top teams and weaker opponents. Monitor team fluctuations when playing at home and away. Additionally, stay updated on draft picks, trades, coaching changes, and developments that could change a team’s dynamics.

With deep knowledge, you can make smart bets on bet types like point spreads, over/unders, propositions, and futures. You’ll have reasonable expectations of how teams and players will perform, helping you determine whether the betting odds seem too high or too low. Smart betting based on your expertise in a league, rather than chasing long shots, will help you achieve bigger wins in the long run.

7. Follow Expert Guidance

To enhance your sports betting strategy, consider seeking advice and guidance from sports analysis experts. These experts have spent a lifetime studying teams, players, and matches to identify valuable betting opportunities that can be profitable.

Here are some avenues to tap into the specialized knowledge of experts:

  • Subscribe to reputable sports betting advisory services like W88. For a monthly fee, you can access personalized recommendations and picks from experts.
  • Follow sports analysis experts on social media platforms like Instagram, where they share opinions and predictions for upcoming matches. Look for individuals with proven track records and a large following.
  • Check out major sports websites like W88, M88, and FB88, where analysts often provide predictions and betting recommendations for the upcoming week.
  • Watch sports television programs where experts often debate matches and the day’s biggest questions. Listen to their opinions and see who makes the most compelling arguments.

Using the knowledge of experts will benefit you. Combine your own research with their wisdom and experience. When your analysis aligns with their guidance, you can find successful betting opportunities. Practice discernment and sift through the best advice from experts to bet smarter. With time, you may become an expert that others seek for betting advice.


The 7 best sports betting strategies discussed in this post are structured to help you make informed gambling decisions and increase your chances of winning. Do your research, find value bets, manage your money wisely and enjoy the thrill of winning. But don’t forget the value of following expert guidance; join us now at W88 to receive mathematically profitable bets daily.

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