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Round robin bet meaning – How does round robin betting work?

A round robin bet is a type of bet that allows you to combine multiple compound bets into a single bet. It’s not a popular or straightforward market, but it does allow you to spread the risk of losing one (or more) traditional compound bets and still making a profit. In this article, bestsoccertips will look at how round-robin betting works and explain the features of these types of bets. Let’s take a look!

What is round robin in sports betting?
What is round robin in sports betting?

What is a round robin bet?

Circle betting is a type of betting strategy that involves placing multiple skewered bets on a team or individual. It combines many different combinations of bets in one bet. The purpose of round-robin betting is to increase your chances of winning on online sportsbooks while allocating risk to different outcomes.

Implementing the betting process will be easier to allow you to better understand what round-robin betting is. This is how round-robin betting works.

Benefits of round robin betting

Round Robin betting can be a viable strategy for many bettors, offering numerous benefits. One advantage is risk management. By placing multiple bets on different outcomes, the chances of winning at least some bets are higher. This helps to spread the risk, making it less likely to lose all bets.

Another advantage is the potential for higher profits. Round Robin betting allows bettors to capitalize on multiple combinations, increasing the potential for profit. When some selections are successful, the profits can be significant.

Flexibility is another benefit of Round Robin betting. Unlike single bets or accumulators, bettors have multiple betting options. They can combine different sports, types of bets, and various betting markets. This provides an engaging and diverse betting experience.

Finally, Round Robin betting enhances the overall understanding of the betting market for bettors. Creating multiple combinations and analyzing their potential outcomes can help bettors better understand the nuances of odds and different strategies for various types of bets. Therefore, this knowledge can be applied to future betting endeavors, increasing the chances of success.

How does a round robin bet work?

When you engage in Round Robin betting, you add a number of desired bets to your betting slip, then combine those bets into smaller parlay bets. You then place bets on each parlay, creating a field with multiple bets that you hope will succeed effectively.

How does round robin betting work?
How does round robin betting work?

There are many ways to combine Round Robin bets, as you can create parlays of 2 games, 3 games, or even more when placing your bets. In the examples below, we’ll explore how these different options work.

To be honest, the easiest way to understand Round Robin betting is to see a bet in action, so let’s take a closer look and construct two bets to help you grasp how they work.

How to place round robin sports betting

Round Robin Betting

Round Robin betting is a betting strategy that requires placing multiple bets on different selection combinations to maximize winnings and minimize risk. This betting method provides bettors with the opportunity to spread their betting amount across multiple different selections, increasing the chances of winning.

To engage in Round Robin betting, bettors must choose at least three teams or selections. They then place bets on every possible combination of two or three teams (or more, depending on the bettor’s preference). This creates a series of smaller parlay bets that can yield a profit even if not all selections win.

For example, if a bettor selects three teams A, B, and C, their Round Robin bet would include the following parlays:

A + B
A + C
B + C

In this case, the bettor would place a bet on each parlay, totaling three bets.

Winning Round Robin Bets

To win a Round Robin bet, at least one of the parlay combinations must be successful. However, the overall profit varies depending on the number of winning parlay bets. The more parlay bets the bettor wins, the larger their profit.

How to set round robin bet explained
How to set round robin bet explained

Continuing with the example above, where the bettor placed three parlay bets as part of their Round Robin bet. If only one of the parlay bets is successful, the bettor will receive a small profit as two of the parlays have lost. If two of the parlay bets win, the bettor will receive a significantly larger profit. Finally, if all three parlay bets are successful, the bettor will receive an even larger payout.

In summary, Round Robin betting provides bettors with a confident and strategic approach to betting by increasing payout opportunities through a series of smaller parlay bets. This betting method is particularly suitable for those looking to spread their bets across multiple sporting events and minimize risk while maximizing potential profits.

Round robin betting strategy

Round Robin betting involves creating multiple smaller parlays derived from several individual betting selections. It’s a strategy that allows bettors to find a middle ground between risk and potential payout. In the following section, we’ll delve into strategies for effective Round Robin betting.

Round robin betting strategy
Round robin betting strategy
  • Selecting the Right Number of Events: The first strategy for Round Robin betting is to choose the ideal number of events to include in the bet. Typically, it’s best to include anywhere from three to eight games or matches in a round-robin format. Any fewer than three and the bet loses its advantage, while any more than eight can become too complex and difficult to manage.
  • Choosing Suitable Combinations: Round Robin betting involves creating several smaller parlays from a larger group of games or matches. For example, if a bettor includes four matches in a Round Robin bet, they could create a total of six two-team parlays. It’s important to carefully select which events to include in each parlay to maximize the chances of achieving the desired outcome.
  • Focus on Consistent Performers: When selecting events for Round Robin betting, bettors should prioritize competitions featuring teams or players with a consistent competitive history. This increases the likelihood of success for individual parlays within the Round Robin bet.
  • Understand Odds and Payouts: It’s crucial for bettors to understand the odds and potential payouts associated with each individual parlay within the Round Robin bet. This knowledge allows them to make informed decisions about which combinations to include in their bet, based on potential profit and the level of risk they’re willing to accept.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: Due to the multitude of combinations and related bets, Round Robin betting can be more costly than placing a single bet. Therefore, bettors must carefully manage their bankroll and allocate funds appropriately. It’s important to maintain a sensible unit size relative to one’s total capital to minimize risk.

By applying these strategies, bettors can increase their chances of success when engaging in Round Robin betting. Remember, it’s essential to have knowledge of the teams or players involved, understand the odds, and effectively manage one’s bankroll to maximize the benefits of this betting method.


Round robin bets are a versatile and fun way to bet on sports. By combining multiple matching bets in one ticket, bettors can increase their chances of winning and maximize their payout potential. With the ability to select different teams and determine bet sizes, round-robin betting offers flexibility and excitement for both beginners and experienced bettors. Consider trying out this unique betting strategy to add thrill to your sports gambling experience.

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