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Top 10 best sports betting books in 2024

Many punters are about the learning experience. It’s a long journey – perhaps a lifetime. Fortunately, those who have bet before us have learned many lessons that we need. And some are good enough to put them on paper. If you want to explore some betting books, the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no shortage of them! No matter the topic – whether betting or gambling in general, horse racing, sports betting, or any other subject – there are plenty of titles available. So, to help you get started, has compiled a list of ten sports betting books that every bettor should read.

Top 10 sports betting books

1. Market Wizards: Conversations with Master Traders

Delving into the minds of the globe’s most triumphant stock market traders, this book unveils the secrets behind their strategic decision-making and the factors contributing to their remarkable success. Much of the wisdom shared resonates deeply with both punters and Betfair traders alike.

Sports betting books: Market Wizards
Sports betting books: Market Wizards

Brimming with inspirational narratives, it chronicles the journeys of traders who, against all odds, managed to navigate back from the precipice of failure. A central theme of the book revolves around the importance of adopting a long-term perspective in the trading arena and persevering through challenges. This enduring message serves as a guiding light for all, reminding us of the perseverance required on the path to success.

2. Fortune’s Formula: The Untold Saga of the Scientific Betting System That Outsmarted Casinos and Wall Street

For any serious punter, the name “Kelly Criterion” holds immense significance – it’s the betting strategy adopted by almost every professional gambler, in one form or another. This book delves into its origins, chronicling how Claude Shannon and John Kelly crafted this revolutionary money management approach in 1956.

Books on sports betting: Fortune’s Formula
Books on sports betting: Fortune’s Formula

Taking their system to Las Vegas, Shannon and Kelly found success. However, they soon realized the potential for even greater profits in the stock market. The Kelly system proved astonishingly effective, propelling Shannon to become a prosperous investor, even surpassing Warren Buffett’s returns.

Fortune’s Formula unravels the controversy surrounding the Kelly formula, as it amassed fortunes in racetracks, casinos, and trading floors. Shannon’s belief that a savvy investor could outsmart the market shines through these pages, compellingly arguing that he was indeed correct!

3. The Don Scott Collection

This entry encompasses several titles, all authored by the esteemed professional punter Don Scott, revered within Australian betting circles. No compilation would be comprehensive without mentioning these legendary works!

Although now out of print and somewhat elusive to procure, obtaining any or all of the following titles: Winning (1978), The Winning Way to Successful Punting (1982), Winning More (1985), and Winning in the 90s (1990), would be a valuable pursuit.

Sports book betting: The Don Scott Collection
Sports book betting: The Don Scott Collection

While it’s true that the terminology may feel antiquated and the form analysis methods somewhat basic by contemporary standards, the approach delineated in these books was groundbreaking in its time. Moreover, the foundational principles they espouse remain indispensable: the systematic approach to form analysis, horse rating across various classes, crafting your own betting markets, and seeking value in your wagers.

4. Decoding Equine Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide to Wagering Strategy

Watching Racehorses (along with its sequel, Watching More Racehorses) delves into the behavioral nuances of horses during pre-race parades and elucidates how we can leverage their conduct, whether positive or negative, to enhance our betting endeavors.

Best sports betting books: Decoding Equine Behavior
Best sports betting books: Decoding Equine Behavior

While individual interpretations of the significance of each behavioral pattern may vary, the insights provided make for captivating reading. After meticulously analyzing form and narrowing down potential contenders, observing a horse exhibiting confidence and readiness in the parade can serve as a crucial final assessment.

Penned in an engaging and light-hearted manner, these books serve as a valuable supplement to your arsenal of form analysis techniques.

5. Gambling For Life

Amidst the multitude of racing biographies spotlighting trainers, jockeys, and equine heroes, one stands apart by focusing on a different protagonist: Harry Findlay, the legendary punter. Findlay’s larger-than-life persona and audacious gambling feats have etched his name into the annals of gambling lore, boasting of winnings surpassing $20 million, only to see it vanish into the vortex of risk and chance.

Best books on sports betting: Gambling For Life
Best books on sports betting: Gambling For Life

In this gripping biography, readers are treated to an insider’s view of Findlay’s rollercoaster journey through the world of punting. From staggering bets reaching £2.5 million to the ownership of champion racehorses and greyhounds, Findlay’s life is a testament to the thrilling highs and crushing lows inherent in the pursuit of fortune through gambling. Yet, interspersed with his triumphs are tales of adversity, including legal entanglements and financial turbulence, underscoring the precarious nature of his chosen path.

6. Professional Blackjack

“Professional Blackjack,” the debut tome penned by the mysterious Stanford Wong, revolutionized the realm of casino gaming by offering insights into card counting and strategies for besting the house. Although some of its techniques may have lost their edge over time, the book remains a seminal piece, essential for those seeking a deeper understanding of the art of advantage blackjack.

Top sports betting books: Professional Blackjack
Top sports betting books: Professional Blackjack

A landmark in the literature of gambling, “Professional Blackjack” continues to captivate readers intrigued by the intricacies of exploiting the game’s probabilities. Its enduring relevance makes it a requisite read for anyone aspiring to navigate the world of advantage play with finesse and insight.

7. The Logic of Sports Betting

This book serves as an excellent primer on the mechanics of sports betting, offering valuable insights into the inner workings of sportsbooks and the strategies necessary to emerge victorious as a punter. Written in a user-friendly manner, it provides a comprehensive overview that appeals to both novice bettors seeking to grasp the fundamentals and seasoned punters aiming to refine their approach.

Top 10 sports betting books: The Logic of Sports Betting
Top 10 sports betting books: The Logic of Sports Betting

With its accessible style and illuminating content, this read is indispensable for those seeking a genuine comprehension of the dynamics of betting. It also serves as a wake-up call for the casual bettor, shedding light on the formidable challenges they face in the fiercely competitive world of gambling.

8. Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting

For novices seeking to grasp the fundamentals of betting, this book proves to be an invaluable resource. Exploring essential concepts such as deciphering betting odds, it offers a solid foundation for those venturing into the world of gambling. Through its accessible explanations, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in sports betting, providing a solid starting point for further exploration.

Top betting sports books: Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting
Top betting sports books: Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting

Furthermore, this insightful read underscores the challenges inherent in achieving success in sports betting, imparting readers with a realistic perspective on the endeavor’s complexity. By elucidating the requirements for triumph, it instills a profound appreciation for the dedication and skill necessary to excel in this competitive arena.

9. The Complete Book of Sports Betting: A New, No-nonsense Approach to Sports Gambling

This mid-90s publication presents a fascinating and often entertaining dive into the realm of sports betting. Beyond providing insights into the basics of sports betting and market dynamics, it introduces readers to ‘The Blindfold Method’ – a now-outdated approach to wagering. This method challenges the conventional wisdom of relying on form study, instead advocating for exploiting discrepancies or slow-moving betting lines offered by sportsbooks. While its relevance may have diminished over time, delving into this historical perspective still offers an enjoyable glimpse into the evolution of betting strategies.

Best betting sports books: The Complete Book of Sports Betting
Best betting sports books: The Complete Book of Sports Betting

While not groundbreaking by contemporary standards, this book remains a delightful read for those intrigued by the intricacies of sports betting. Its exploration of ‘The Blindfold Method’ and its humorous anecdotes provide readers with a nostalgic look back at a bygone era in the world of gambling. For enthusiasts of the topic, this book offers an engaging retrospective on the evolving landscape of sports betting strategies.

10. Conquering Risk: Strategically Conquering Wall Street and the Glittering Lights of Vegas

Focused on statistical modeling, this book delves deeply into how it can empower punters to gain an advantage in betting markets. If you’re intrigued by this contemporary approach to form analysis, then this book is undoubtedly a must-read. Despite some outdated examples, its value lies in the expertise of the authors, both of whom boast compelling narratives and possess ample qualifications to discuss the subject matter.

Booking sports bets: Conquering Risk
Booking sports bets: Conquering Risk

Delving into the intricacies of statistical modeling, this book offers punters insights into gaining an edge in betting markets through data analysis. For those intrigued by this modern form of form study, it promises an engaging read. While some examples may be outdated, the book’s worth is underscored by the expertise of its authors, each with compelling stories and ample qualifications to speak on the topics explored.


In conclusion, this book offers a valuable exploration of statistical modeling and its application in gaining an edge in betting markets. Despite some outdated examples, the expertise of the authors shines through, making it a compelling read for those interested in modern form study. With its focus on providing punters with actionable insights, it stands as a testament to the potential for leveraging data analysis to inform strategic betting decisions.

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