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Discover the top 5 betting boxing online most reputable sites in 2023

Betting boxing online is one of the attractive forms that gives viewers many thrilling matches. At reputable bookmakers, boxing is also a betting genre that receives a large participation from players. If you are wondering which playground to choose to participate in betting on this attractive sport, let’s refer to the top 5 best boxing betting sites today and information related to boxing betting!

Learn about online boxing betting
Learn about online boxing betting

What is Betting Boxing Online?

Online boxing betting involves placing bets on the outcomes of boxing matches through websites or online betting applications. Players can place bets before or during the match to predict who will win, whether the match will end in a knockout or by points, or even accurately guess specific events occurring during the match.

Online boxing betting offers various types of bets, including wagering on the winner, win/loss odds, or draw, betting on the match’s end time, and even on other events such as the number of rounds, fighting styles, opponent rankings, and many other factors.

However, it’s important to note that online betting carries the risk of losing money and should be approached with caution. Betting decisions should be based on factual information and should not impact personal financial stability. Make sure you understand the local regulations and laws regarding betting in your area and participate responsibly.

Detailed online bet boxing forms to know

Win-Lose Betting

Win-lose betting in boxing is the simplest form of betting when participating in boxing wagering. Participants only need to place bets on the winning team or the losing team in the specified match. This type of odds is mostly chosen by players because of its higher winning potential compared to other betting forms.

Over-Under Betting

The over-under odds in boxing betting aren’t any different from regular sports betting. You just need to analyze and predict the number of rounds that will take place in the match. Additionally, bookmakers also apply over-under odds based on the total points that fighters receive after the round ends.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting in boxing is understood as placing bets on the fighter you believe will be the winner. If your prediction is correct, you will receive betting winnings from the bookmakers. Of course, you will lose if the fighter you choose loses or the match ends in a draw.

Draw Betting

Draw betting is a popular form of wagering at betting sites. However, the odds for this type of bet are lower compared to other types. If you believe that the match will end in a draw, draw betting is the most suitable form for you to place your bet.

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How to participate online betting boxing basics

If you want to engage in online boxing betting at various platforms, follow these general steps:

4 basic steps to boxing betting
4 basic steps to boxing betting

Step 1: Choose a reputable boxing betting website

The first step is to select a reputable website to participate in boxing betting. You can refer to our top 10 recommended trustworthy boxing betting sites! These are all legal and safe platforms for your entertainment.

Step 2: Register an account

Once you’ve chosen the best boxing betting website for yourself, you need to register an account. The common registration steps at most betting sites include:

  • Select the “Sign Up” category.
  • Fill out the information form: username, password, first and last name, phone number, email, agent code, verification code…
  • Confirm that you are at least 18 years old (some sites might have a minimum age requirement of 21).
  • Click “Sign Up Now.”

Step 3: Deposit money and navigate to the boxing betting section

Depositing money is crucial. You can follow the detailed instructions provided by each betting site. After that, return to the main homepage and choose the section for boxing betting in the “Sports” category. Each betting site might arrange their game categories differently, so you need to explore to find where the boxing betting section is located!

Step 4: Place your boxing bets

Within the boxing betting game system of the website, you will see a list of professional boxing tournaments and matches. Select a specific tournament and match, then choose the appropriate type of bet. Start analyzing predictions and make accurate betting decisions. If you’re lucky and make the correct prediction, you will receive the specified amount of winnings based on the designated betting odds.

Best online betting sites for boxing

1. W88

W88 is also one of the most popular online platforms for boxing betting. Thanks to its legal certification by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), participants can feel completely at ease when choosing W88 as their preferred boxing betting platform.

W88 - The best boxing betting site today
W88 – The best boxing betting site today

The boxing betting platform provides players with a fresh interface and a well-organized layout. Players can easily find ongoing boxing matches to follow. Above all, W88 aims to provide the most perfect environment for boxing betting. With its substantial financial strength, the platform has implemented numerous promotional programs with substantial rewards.

With the significant advantages that W88 offers, players engaging in boxing betting can ensure they will enjoy a sophisticated, safe, and modern betting environment.

2. Bet365

As a global sports betting platform, bet365 truly understands the world of sports betting inside out. There are numerous boxing matches available for betting from all around the world.

There are plenty of rewards for new customers and regular bettors alike on a daily basis. bet365 specializes in live betting, meaning you can place bets in real-time while watching the biggest matches with bet365.

Bet365 - Legal and secure boxing betting site
Bet365 – Legal and secure boxing betting site

While not licensed and regulated in as many jurisdictions as some other major names in sports betting, there’s no doubt that bet365 remains an excellent platform for boxing betting.

Currently, bet365 is a bookmaker betting that attracts a large number of players to participate in the experience of boxing betting. Bettors who love this betting game, feel free to come here to participate and experience.

3. Fanatics Sportsbook

This apparel giant’s online sports betting division is presently accessible solely through its mobile app, limited to specific states. Yet, there’s growing anticipation for Fanatics to extend its influence to numerous new jurisdictions, a move expected before the start of the 2023 NFL season.

For those granted access to the Fanatics Sportsbook mobile app, a wide array of diverse betting opportunities await. These span from total bets to player props and encompass everything in between.

Fanatics Sportsbook - The most sought after boxing betting site
Fanatics Sportsbook – The most sought after boxing betting site

Boxing has begun to re-enter a golden age as some of the top names in the sport are fighting top competition. Keep your eyes out for some of the upcoming heavyweight clashes.

Furthermore, users of Fanatics Sportsbook gain the valuable advantage of accumulating FanCash while engaging in wagers on the platform. This earned FanCash can subsequently be utilized for procuring fresh apparel on or seamlessly transformed into in-app bonus bets.

4. FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel started in the fantasy sports arena but quickly established itself as one of the most popular boxing betting sites in every state in which it has gone live.

FanDuel offers a variety of parlay betting options for America’s biggest fights and, much like other boxing betting sites, FanDuel also offers bettors parlay betting insurance.

That said, boxing isn’t Fan Duel’s major focus and, as such, the odds, lines, and even the markets for lesser-known fights do have a tendency to lack in value vs. some of the other major players out there.

FanDuel Sportsbook - Boxing betting site with great deals
FanDuel Sportsbook – Boxing betting site with great deals

The range of fights that FanDuel covers is standard, offering markets on almost every bout across the world in the coming months. Their range of markets is similarly good, with often more markets released closer to the fights.

All the regular forms of boxing bets are offered by FanDuel, making their sportsbook a safe choice to go with for your boxing bets.

5. Caesars Sportsbook

A name derived from the great Caesars Palace, boxing is in the blood of Caesars sportsbook. Having hosted many boxing greats such as Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, the name of Caesars has long since been affiliated with the sport.

ESPN’s sports betting partner, giving Caesars sportsbook a firm foothold in a boxing market that mostly takes place in Las Vegas. It’s also Caesar’s odds and lines you’ll see flicking across your TV screen when watching ESPN.

Caesars Sportsbook – multinational boxing betting
Caesars Sportsbook – multinational boxing betting

Offering markets on all the major boxing fights in the world, Caesars also caters to bettors interested in smaller fights, earlier on the undercard. These fights are not solely limited to outright winners, with plenty of prop bets and different markets you may not find elsewhere.

Boasting a new customer offer which is second to none, Caesars takes care of its new customers, whilst also keeping in mind the need for promotions and offers for existing customers. A great sportsbook, and one to bear in mind for your boxing bets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Boxing Betting Sites

Is boxing betting legal?

Betting on boxing is entirely legal if sports betting is legal in your state. Check which states allow legal and licensed sports betting, and if you’re in a legal jurisdiction, you can place bets on boxing.

How do I place bets on boxing online?

Before you can place any online boxing bets, you first need to register at a legal and licensed sportsbook. All the websites mentioned in this section offer boxing markets, providing new customers with significant bonuses when placing their first boxing bets.

Once you’ve made your initial deposit and claimed your sign-up offer, you can start placing boxing bets.

What types of boxing bets can I place?

There are numerous different types of boxing bets you can place. The most common is the moneyline bet, where you bet on the fighter you believe will win the match.

Alternative bets could involve betting on the round in which the fight will end, the method of victory, or whether the fight will go the distance.

How much money can I make from boxing betting?

The amount of money you can make from boxing matches depends on how much you’re willing to bet reasonably and the odds you choose. You should genuinely consider how you can earn consistent profits from boxing through a cautious betting strategy.


Above is the information shared by reputable bookmakers about the information related to betting boxing online and top best betting sites for boxing that we send to readers. Hope to help you choose the best boxing betting playground. Don’t forget to follow us to update more useful information. Thank you for following our article!

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