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Top 10 cricket betting strategy always won for rookies

Many people across the globe follow cricket, which is one of the traditional sports. Punters always get a variety of markers to decide. One of the most important things before betting cricket online is the cricket betting strategy. This is especially important if you need help knowing where to start. Plunging in without any solid strategy is a surefire way to face losses. This article bestsoccertips will outline some of the best cricket betting strategies and explain how you can implement these strategies to your advantage.

Learn about cricket betting strategy
Learn about cricket betting strategy

How does Cricket Betting Strategy work?

Cricket is an engaging game that offers various types of bets, easily combined into a single betting strategy. Examples include straight bets, player bets, team bets, in-game bets, and more, which can seamlessly fit into a system.

Cricket betting strategy operates by placing multiple types of bets on a single ‘ticket’. For instance, you can use your strategy to split bets among different players or teams to ensure your winning potential. Cricket betting strategy can also be applied to matches or placed across each bet in a list.

You can also wager on players such as bowlers or top batsmen, the best performers, etc. That’s why the best way to start cricket betting is by using one of two main betting strategies – mathematical betting strategy or game-related strategy.

The best cricket betting strategy for you

1. Opt for Simple Bets

Choose straightforward matches like ODI, Test series, etc. ODI matches are excellent for beginners as they provide results within 24 hours. However, only a few national championships and new test matches may feature draw ceremonies. Therefore, ensure you think wisely when betting online.

2. Bundle Bonus Strategy

Bundle bonus strategy refers to obtaining multiple free betting deals for new customers. In most cases, this grants us an additional 100% of our initial deposit in free bets – doubling our winning opportunities. To succeed, we need to place sensible bets and remember that with free bets, we won’t get back the betting amount. This strategy works best alongside a value betting strategy. Along with targeting free bets, we can consider other players’ IPL betting offers and see if we can profit here.

For example, if we use a Betway free bet, we receive a first bet of 2,500 and then a free bet of 2,500. If we find some value, we have two chances to profit from the game.

3. Don’t Overbet

Newcomers often gamble in hopes of making fast cash, but risking a large sum upfront can lead to undesirable outcomes. It’s advisable to commence with a modest investment when initiating betting activities, especially when experimenting with a novel cricket betting approach. Acquire an understanding of cricket betting odds and start by placing minimal wagers. As your proficiency grows, you can progressively raise your stakes, ensuring a gradual approach. Additionally, always ensure you maintain sufficient funds to cover your living expenses.

4. Focus on Specific Markets

For cricket bettors, there are numerous cricket markets to bet on. No matter how much of a professional bettor you are, you must have in-depth knowledge of all available teams, players, tournaments, and leagues. So, as you transition into professional betting, we advise you to refine your cricket betting strategy by focusing on specific markets.

Tracking too many markets can distract you and make you confused. It’s better to focus on domestic tournaments rather than international ones. Only bet on areas where you feel you have some experience or insight.

Cricket betting strategy
Cricket betting strategy

5. Register on Multiple Betting Platforms

Today, there are many betting sites popping up daily. However, only deposit your money on reliable betting platforms with a long-standing history. That’s because new websites come and go, but reliable platforms will provide you with a great online cricket betting experience. By creating accounts on your favorite reputable cricket betting websites, you can take advantage of numerous sports, markets, bets, odds, and exclusive bonus offers. It helps you build a healthy profit every year.

6. Use the Martingale Strategy in Cricket Betting

The Martingale strategy for cricket betting won’t directly increase your winning chances. Instead, it will compensate for all your previous losses! The key point is that the player will have an overall profit. The next great thing about the Martingale betting technique is its excitement, allowing all gamblers to experience the thrill they are pursuing.

However, this betting technique is only suitable for certain types of bettors. If your bankroll cannot survive after more than five consecutive losses, you won’t be able to recover and win back the lost money. That’s why you need to have a large budget. Another great thing about this technique is that you’ll always have options to play. Just a few cricket matches a week and you can play them all.

7. Leverage Statistical Data

If you frequently win on ODIs but don’t get the desired profit from T20 cricket, you should leverage statistical data and online cricket news. Nowadays, many websites provide free information related to cricket betting strategies and statistics for cricket fans. It may include transactions, management changes, top-performing players, etc. Statistics will allow you to quickly enter the world of cricket betting. The best tip is to use the off-season to understand team formations, match layouts, statistics, and player form related to the game.

Know your cricket betting strategy to help you always win
Know your cricket betting strategy to help you always win

8. Early Wicket Strategy

T20 cricket is fast-paced, and not losing wickets early is the key to building a large store. It makes matches react too quickly if the first wicket falls within the first five rounds. We can quickly support the bowling team winning and try to withdraw money from a few balls later when the odds go down.

It is best to use Betfair for this, but currently it is not available in Bangladesh, so you have to use another site. The withdrawal option is available on all betting websites we provide and can be used for quick transactions. This strategy is only for the first batting team, not for the chasing innings.

9. Seek out matches that are less apparent for betting opportunities

Once you’ve developed confidence in your betting expertise, consider diversifying your cricket betting options. Exploring less mainstream cricket markets may unveil profitable opportunities, particularly in matches with higher unpredictability, offering better odds and thus increasing your potential for success.

Check out various popular cricket tournaments. For example, try betting on the Cricket World Cup and see if luck is on your side! When you choose tournaments like the Cricket World Cup, you’ll have plenty of betting opportunities.

10. Dogon Cricket Betting Strategy

This betting method supports recovery after a losing streak. After losing a bet, the player increases the betting amount using the Dogon betting formula and bets on a new event. The first win will compensate for the loss, pay off the player’s betting amount, and put the player back in a positive position. Players must have a strong capital withdrawal skill and endurance to successfully apply this strategy.


Success with cricket betting or any sports betting for that matter is never one hundred percent guaranteed. If so, then bookmakers would not have existed. If you are looking for a cricket betting strategy, try trading on paper first and see if it is profitable before using small bets. Above are 10 easy but important strategies that actually work as cricket betting strategies. Thank you for following our article!

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