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Who is the best ice Hockey player in the world?

Around the world, the spread of ice hockey has become very popular, not just in the United States and Canada as before. Skating across the ice and scoring goals in this game requires patience and hard work, which is a really tough task. In this context, will introduce you to the list of the top 10 best ice hockey player in the world through the article below!

Top 10 best ice Hockey player in the world

1. Dominik Hasek

Topping the list of the top 10 greatest ice hockey goaltenders of all time is Dominik Hasek, a legendary goalie who has won six Vezina Trophy awards. Hasek boasts numerous accolades, both individual and team-based. He became a two-time Stanley Cup champion in 2002 and 2008 while playing for the Detroit Red Wings. Renowned for his exceptional saves and top-notch technique, Hasek was awarded the title of the best goaltender in North America’s National Hockey League (NHL). Not only prominent for his achievements in games, Hasek is also remembered by journalists and fans as arguably the greatest goaltender of all time. According to sports writers, he twice won the Hart Trophy, a highly prestigious award considered for the best goaltender in the NHL.

Dominik Hasek - Best ice hockey player in the world
Dominik Hasek – Best ice hockey player in the world

Additionally, he has three William M. Jennings Trophies, awarded to the goaltender or goaltenders of the team with the fewest goals allowed in a season. Hasek also claimed victory twice in the Lester Pearson Award, an accolade presented by the NHL Players’ Association to the outstanding player as voted by their peers. In 1998, he became an Olympic champion playing for the Czech national team, leaving a significant mark on his international career. In Turin in 2006, he continued to demonstrate outstanding performance and won a silver medal. These remarkable achievements helped solidify Hasek’s position in the world of ice hockey. In 2014, Hasek was inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame, a well-deserved recognition for his remarkable dedication and talent throughout his playing career.

2. Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe is a player who scored over 800 goals in NHL history. Dubbed “Mr. Hockey,” he set impressive records during a time when offensive play was not as explosive as in the 1980s, and defenders were still allowed to play rugged defense against offensive players. Howe’s resilience and exceptional talent helped him stand out amidst the harsh challenges of his era, proving himself as one of the greatest players in the history of ice hockey.

With six MVP titles in a decade, Howe truly dominated his era. He was not just a great player but also an icon of resilience and dedication. The MVP titles are clear evidence of his influence on the ice. His superb goal-scoring ability along with his all-around play helped him maintain peak performance over many years, something few players could achieve. Howe’s career spanned from the late World War II era to the mid-Cold War period, with 32 professional seasons in the NHL and World Hockey Association. During this time, he played for the Detroit Red Wings and Hartford Whalers, leaving a lasting impact on fans.

Gordie Howe - Best ice hockey player in the world
Gordie Howe – Best ice hockey player in the world

Howe not only demonstrated excellent goal-scoring ability but also showed resilience and adaptability across different eras of ice hockey. He experienced many changes in the game’s style and rules but still maintained excellence and high competitiveness. Alongside his individual accomplishments, Howe was also a role model for sportsmanship and unwavering passion for ice hockey. His life and career inspired many generations of players and fans, cementing his position as a living legend in the world of ice hockey.

Howe’s achievements go beyond numbers and titles. He is known for his noble sportsmanship and passionate love for ice hockey. His long and illustrious career is an inspiring story of perseverance, dedication, and passion. For ice hockey enthusiasts, Gordie Howe will forever remain an irreplaceable icon, a model of greatness and loyalty to the sport to which he dedicated his life.

3. Bobby Orr

Playing only 10 seasons in the NHL, Bobby Orr dominated his era by perfecting the skills and artistry of an offensive defenseman. While Doug Harvey pioneered creative playmaking for defensemen to shine, Orr took that philosophy to an entirely new level. With excellence in both defense and offense, Orr changed the perception of the defenseman’s role in ice hockey, becoming an icon of versatility and creativity in the sport.

With swift and powerful strides, Orr could skate around opponents, often traversing the entire rink during play. His agility and superior speed allowed him to control the game from any position on the ice. This ability not only enabled him to score but also created numerous opportunities for teammates, making him a defenseman with an effective offensive support capability. Orr set the gold standard for the defenseman position with the scoring and assist records he established and maintained throughout his career.

Bobby Orr - Best ice hockey player in the world
Bobby Orr – Best ice hockey player in the world

Beyond his on-ice achievements, Orr’s influence transcended the playing field. He became a leader among players in the fight against the dishonest practices of player agent Alan Eagleson. Orr’s courage and advocacy for players’ rights helped build an image not only as an outstanding athlete but also as a hero standing up for fairness and integrity in sports. His efforts brought positive changes to both the ice hockey community and the protection of players’ rights for generations to come.

4. Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky is the only player in National Hockey League (NHL) history to score 200 points in a season, a feat he achieved four times in his career. This remarkable achievement showcases Gretzky’s exceptional ability to score and create opportunities for teammates. Not only renowned for this accomplishment, Gretzky also holds the record for the fastest 50 goals scored in just 39 games, a feat that symbolizes his unparalleled attacking prowess.

Wayne Gretzky - Best ice hockey player
Wayne Gretzky – Best ice hockey player

Gretzky excelled not only on the ice but also had a significant off-ice impact. His time with the Los Angeles Kings helped ignite a passion for hockey in California. Before Gretzky joined the Kings, hockey was not widely popular in the state. However, his presence completely changed the landscape, attracting a large number of new fans and sparking a strong hockey following. Thanks to Gretzky’s influence, the Golden State became one of the fastest-growing hockey regions in the United States.

Gretzky left a profound mark not only through individual records but also by promoting the growth and expansion of the sport in new areas. He became an icon of excellence and dedication, continuously inspiring generations of players and hockey fans. With his significant contributions, Wayne Gretzky will forever remain a living legend, an irreplaceable icon in the history of ice hockey.

5. Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr boasts five scoring titles, three Lester Pearson Awards (now Ted Lindsay Awards), and one Hart Trophy, achieving all prestigious individual awards a hockey player can receive. Jagr’s illustrious career is marked by outstanding achievements and impressive playing ability. With strength, stature, and superb skills, Jagr has always been a significant threat to any team he faced.

If not for a three-year hiatus, Jagr would have easily reached the milestone of over 800 goals in his career, a testament to his talent and endurance. Even at the age of 43, Jagr remains an effective player and is highly sought after by NHL teams. Maintaining peak performance at an age when many other players have retired is what makes Jagr truly exceptional.

Jaromir Jagr - Best ice hockey player
Jaromir Jagr – Best ice hockey player

Jagr is not only a technically skilled player but also an icon of perseverance and passion for the sport. He has played for various teams throughout his career, from the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals to the New York Rangers and many others, always leaving a deep impression and helping his teams achieve success. His versatility in playing style and ability to adapt to different environments have made Jagr one of the most honored and respected players in ice hockey.

6. Mario Lemieux

Mario Lemieux scored 282 points in 70 games in his final season for the Laval Voisins, a remarkable achievement showcasing his outstanding talent from the early days of his career. In the 1988-1989 NHL season, Lemieux came very close to the 200-point mark, scoring 85 goals and recording 114 assists, a remarkable feat. However, his career was interrupted for three seasons due to health reasons, leaving fans and the professional community regretful. Nevertheless, Lemieux will always be remembered as one of the greatest players on the ice, with moments of peak performance and superb skills.

Mario Lemieux - The best ice hockey player
Mario Lemieux – The best ice hockey player

Beyond his on-ice achievements, Mario Lemieux is also known for his charitable activities and contributions to the community through the Mario Lemieux Foundation. The foundation supports cancer treatment research, a field that Lemieux has a special interest in due to his own battle with the disease. Through charitable activities and relentless fundraising efforts, Lemieux has made a significant positive impact, helping many individuals and families affected by cancer.

The combination of a illustrious playing career and significant charitable contributions has made Mario Lemieux a name known and respected with profound admiration. He is not only a legend on the ice but also an icon of compassion and dedication to the community. With the legacy he has left both on and off the ice, Mario Lemieux will forever be a shining example and a great icon in the history of ice hockey.

7. Maurice Richard

Maurice Richard played as a right-wing forward and was the first player to score 500 goals in the NHL career. Throughout his 18 years with the Montreal Canadiens, he won 8 Stanley Cups in 1944, 1946, 1953, and from 1956 to 1960. Richard was famous not only for his outstanding goal-scoring ability but also for his aggressive and fiery style of play, making him one of the most feared players on the ice.

Maurice Richard - The best ice hockey player
Maurice Richard – The best ice hockey player

Richard was an idol for French-Canadians, and his influence extended beyond the ice rink. His suspension in 1955 following a brawl led to a major riot in Montreal, known as the “Richard Riot.” The incident erupted as fans protested against the league’s decision, resulting in widespread unrest in the streets of Montreal. Approximately 100 people were arrested, 40 were injured, and property damage amounted to $100,000. The riot was not just a reaction to Richard’s incident but also reflected underlying social and racial tensions at that time.

Maurice Richard left a deep imprint in the history of ice hockey not only with his individual and team achievements but also with his profound cultural and social impact. He was not just a great player but also a symbol of pride and resilience for French-Canadians. With his illustrious career and timeless legacy, Maurice Richard is forever remembered as a hockey legend.

8. Jean Beliveau

Jean Beliveau won 10 Stanley Cups in 1956–60, 1965–66, 1968–69, and 1971 while playing for the Montreal Canadiens. He scored a record 507 goals in his career and was twice honored as the league’s MVP in 1956 and 1964. Beliveau is one of the greatest players in hockey history, not only for his individual and team accomplishments but also for his elegant playing style and noble sportsmanship.

Beliveau was so exceptional that he didn’t even have to wait the customary three years after retirement to be elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Immediately after retiring in 1971, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1972, a testament to the influence and respect he garnered from the hockey community.

Jean Beliveau - The best ice hockey player
Jean Beliveau – The best ice hockey player

Beliveau’s career was marked not only by numbers and accolades but also by his significant impact on the sport. He was seen as a symbol of excellence and class in hockey, always upholding the spirit of sportsmanship and passion. Beliveau’s contributions to the Montreal Canadiens and hockey in general left a great legacy, inspiring multiple generations of players and fans.

Jean Beliveau was not just a legend on the ice but also a role model of perseverance, talent, and loyalty. His achievements in his playing career and contributions to the hockey community have etched his name deeply into the sports history, forever remembered as an irreplaceable icon.

9. Steve Yzerman

Steve Yzerman played a crucial role in transforming the Detroit Red Wings from the “Dead Wings” to one of the dominant forces in hockey, helping restore Detroit’s glory in the sport. As the longest-serving captain in NHL history, Yzerman led the Detroit Red Wings to three Stanley Cups in 1997–98 and 2002, bringing joy and pride to the city. Not just a complete player with scoring and defensive abilities, Yzerman was also respected for his class and quiet leadership.

Steve Yzerman - Best ice hockey player in the world
Steve Yzerman – Best ice hockey player in the world

Yzerman’s stability and high sportsmanship became a significant motivator for his teammates and a key factor in the team’s success. He was not only an outstanding player but also a team leader, always setting a strong example for young players and an icon of commitment and passion for the sport. Steve Yzerman will forever be remembered not only as one of the greatest players but also as a symbol of success and inspiration in the world of hockey.

10. Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin has not only asserted his position as one of the greatest stars in the history of ice hockey but has also redefined greatness in the world of sports. Since stepping onto the NHL stage with the Washington Capitals in 2005, Ovechkin has become a vibrant symbol of perseverance, passion, and extraordinary talent.

His career is marked not only by outstanding individual achievements such as consistently leading in the number of goals scored but also by the significant impact he brings to every team he joins. With five Maurice Richard Trophies (2008–09, 2013–15), the prestigious award for the most outstanding goal scorer, Ovechkin has cemented his position as one of the premier forwards in NHL history.

Alex Ovechkin - Best ice hockey player in the world
Alex Ovechkin – Best ice hockey player in the world

Not stopping there, Ovechkin is also the recipient of three Hart Memorial Trophies in 2008–09 and 2013, clear evidence of his excellence not only in technical prowess but also in his influence on team outcomes. The unique combination of remarkable goal-scoring ability and immense influence has made Ovechkin a living icon of ice hockey and one of the greatest players not only in NHL history but also in the realm of sports at large.

With impressive achievements and accolades, Ovechkin is not just a great player but also a global sports icon. His name transcends the boundaries of ice hockey, attracting admiration from both the fan community and sports enthusiasts worldwide, proving that Ovechkin’s worth and class are undeniable and unmatched.


It can be said that the list of the top 10 best ice hockey player in the world is a great combination of technique, speed, and patience. These players have turned the sport into an art, with the ability to adjust the ball on the ice and create delicate tackles. From Sidney Crosby’s sharpness to Alexander Ovechkin’s strength, from Connor McDavid’s young talent to Patrick Kane’s seasoned experience, each player has a unique personality that they bring to the international stage. Overall, they are the best performers in a competitive and harsh world of ice hockey.

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