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Top 10 best women’s basketball player college

Women’s basketball is not only a popular sport but also a colorful culture, from national leagues to international playgrounds. In the world of basketball, outstanding female players are not only good athletes but also celebrities, who have a far-reaching influence on the community and young people. Below Bestsoccertips shares a list of the top 10 best women’s basketball player who have contributed to the history of the sport over the decades.

Top 10 best women’s basketball player

1. Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller one of the undeniable legends in the history of women’s basketball, spearheaded a revolution on the court with her fiercely individualistic style of play, explosive power, and exquisite technique. She was honored with the title “Queen of Basketball” for her extraordinary abilities on the court and her strong presence in every game.

At the University of Southern California (USC), Cheryl Miller was not only a standout player but also a talented leader, guiding the school’s team to resounding success. With two NCAA championships and three Player of the Year awards, she cemented her place in basketball lore and left an indelible mark.

Cheryl Miller - Best women's basketball player
Cheryl Miller – Best women’s basketball player

Beyond her collegiate success, Cheryl continued to shine on the national stage, contributing significantly to two World Championship victories and an Olympic gold medal in 1984. After retiring, her talent and passion extended beyond playing, transitioning into roles as a coach and sports commentator, keeping the love and admiration for women’s basketball burning bright and thriving.

2. Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi, one of the greatest players in contemporary women’s basketball history, captured the hearts of not only basketball fans but also the world with her remarkable career achievements. With three WNBA championships, five WNBA Player of the Year awards, and five Olympic gold medals, she solidified her position in the journey to the pinnacles of basketball.

Diana Taurasi - Best women's basketball player

Diana Taurasi – Best women’s basketball player

Starting her professional career in the WNBA in 2004, Taurasi immediately shone as one of the league’s brightest stars. With three WNBA titles with the Phoenix Mercury and five WNBA MVP honors, she etched her name in history with undeniable accomplishments.

On the international stage, Taurasi was equally exceptional, becoming an indispensable pillar of the USA Women’s Basketball team. Contributing significantly to five Olympic gold medals (2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020), she showcased her stability and strong influence in the team’s glorious journey.

3. Sue Bird

Sue Bird one of the living legends of modern women’s basketball, captivated not only the hearts of basketball enthusiasts but also the world with her undeniable career achievements and contributions. As one of the premier playmakers in WNBA history, she played a significant role in the success of the Seattle Storm and the USA Women’s National Team, leaving a deep imprint on fans’ hearts.

Through years of battling in the WNBA, Sue Bird secured four championships with the Seattle Storm and was honored with being selected to the All-WNBA Team 12 times. Moreover, at the international level, she was equally impressive, becoming an indispensable figure in the USA Women’s National Team, contributing significantly to securing five Olympic gold medals for the United States.

Sue Bird - Best women basketball player
Sue Bird – Best women basketball player

Not just an outstanding player on the court, Sue Bird is also known for pioneering the advancement of women’s basketball. With her immense influence, she actively contributed to enhancing the reputation and appeal of the WNBA and women’s basketball worldwide, making it not only more popular but also highly regarded in the global sports community. Sue Bird is not just a great player on the basketball court; she’s an icon, a trailblazer, and a source of inspiration for future generations.

4. Sheryl Swoopes

When mentioning one of the legends of the WNBA, it’s impossible not to mention the name Sheryl Swoopes. On the court, she was an icon of passion and confidence, with strong defensive prowess and impressive offensive abilities, always leading her team to historic victories.

With a sophisticated combination of defense and offense, Sheryl Swoopes conquered every challenge with the Houston Comets, winning four consecutive championships from 1997 to 2000, dominating the WNBA entirely and leaving a profound mark in the league’s history.

Sheryl Swoopes - Best woman basketball player
Sheryl Swoopes – Best woman basketball player

In the history of not only the WNBA but also the NBA, Sheryl Swoopes is the only player to win all three MVP awards and three Defensive Player of The Year awards, proving her excellence and versatility on the court. Her relentless dedication to defense was a crucial factor in the team’s great success.

Furthermore, Swoopes made her mark with the first triple-double in WNBA history, demonstrating versatility and versatility in every aspect of the game. She was also the first female player in history to win NCAA, WNBA, and Olympic gold medals, clear evidence of her talent and illustrious career.

5. Lauren Jackson

Lauren Jackson, a towering 1.96-meter center from Australia, is not only a stellar player but also an icon in women’s basketball, leaving a profound mark on the sport’s history. With a powerful and versatile playing style, she made her mark not only individually but also brought significant success to her teams, rising to become one of the premier centers in the world by the late 2000s.

During the span of seven years from 2003 to 2010, Lauren Jackson’s dominance in the WNBA was undeniable. She secured two WNBA championships, three MVP awards, and a Defensive Player of The Year award, showcasing her strength and influence in both offense and defense. Her versatility helped elevate her team to great heights.

Lauren Jackson - Best women's college basketball player
Lauren Jackson – Best women’s college basketball player

Looking at advanced statistics in the WNBA, Lauren Jackson’s impact is remarkable. She led the entire league in win-share six times in seven years, demonstrating her significant influence on her team’s success. Moreover, with the third-highest career player efficiency rating (PER) of all time, she proved herself to be one of the greatest players not only of her era but also in the history of the WNBA. Lauren Jackson is not just a player; she’s an icon, representing perseverance and exceptional talent in women’s basketball.

6. Candace Parker

Candace Parker made history from her early days in the WNBA, achieving an unprecedented feat: winning both the MVP and Rookie of The Year awards in the same season (2008). Her versatility to play any position on the court combined with her diverse scoring ability from close range, mid-range, and beyond the arc created a standout Candace Parker in women’s basketball.

With this remarkable prowess, Candace is regarded as “the face of WNBA beauty in the modern era.” The nickname “LeBron James of the WNBA” is not an exaggeration, as Candace Parker maintained her status as a top-tier superstar of the league for over a decade, even at the age of 35, entering her 14th season. Her consistency and excellence are not just a source of inspiration but also a testament to the superior talent and strength in women’s basketball.

Candace Parker - Best women's basketball player college
Candace Parker – Best women’s basketball player college

In a sports environment where age often dictates, Candace Parker’s consistency and performance are truly miraculous. Despite being over 35 years old and playing in her 14th WNBA season, she maintains her peak performance, continuing to achieve remarkable feats on the court. Candace Parker is not just an outstanding player; she’s an icon of perseverance, passion, and power in women’s basketball, inspiring not only young players but also people worldwide.

7. Elena Delle Donne

In the history of the WNBA, no player stands out quite like Elena Delle Donne. Standing tall at 1.95 meters, she’s not only a powerhouse player but also possesses pinpoint accuracy in shooting, creating a rare combination in basketball.

In 2019, Delle Donne successfully completed the first 50-40-90 season in WNBA history, meaning shooting percentages of 50% FG, 40% 3PT, and 90% FT, a feat unmatched in the league’s history. With a 43% three-point shooting percentage and missing only three free throws throughout the season, she demonstrated remarkable accuracy and stability. This helped her clinch her second MVP award and lead the Washington Mystics to the coveted WNBA Championship.

Elena Delle Donne - Best basketball female player
Elena Delle Donne – Best basketball female player

While Delle Donne’s career faces challenges due to injury, having only played twice since her 2019 triumph, experts unanimously agree that the 32-year-old athlete has already become a legend of the WNBA. Her influence and accomplishments are not only a source of pride for her club but also for the entire women’s basketball community, making Delle Donne’s name immortal in the sport’s history.

8. Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie, an icon of success and perseverance in women’s basketball, has made a profound impact on the history of sports. Born and raised in California, USA, she began her basketball career at a young age and quickly rose to fame with record-breaking scoring feats in high school. Her career continued to soar as she joined the national team and the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association), where she became one of the most renowned players.

Lisa Leslie - Best female basketball player
Lisa Leslie – Best female basketball player

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 5 inches tall, Lisa was not only a formidable player but also a true leader on the court. Her skill, power, and influence in games helped the US national team secure Olympic gold medals and the WNBA Championship. This not only showcased her individual talent but also demonstrated the power of women in sports.

Beyond her athletic career, Lisa Leslie is a strong role model for confidence, determination, and passion. She has created a legacy not only in basketball but also in promoting positive values and encouraging women worldwide to pursue their dreams. Additionally, she is a mother and a successful entrepreneur, showcasing her ability to balance career and family life. Lisa Leslie truly embodies a multi-talented icon and the strength of women.

9. Maya Moore

Maya Moore is one of the greatest and most influential female basketball players in history. Born on June 11, 1989, in Missouri, USA, Moore quickly rose to prominence in women’s basketball from her college days. She has garnered numerous prestigious awards such as the NCAA Championship, the Wooden Award, and various other individual honors.

Standing at 6 feet tall, Moore is known for her outstanding skills and court vision, leading her team to many great successes. Besides her WNBA career, Moore has also represented the US national team, winning Olympic gold and World Cup medals.

Maya Moore - Best female college basketball player
Maya Moore – Best female college basketball player

In addition to her impressive athletic career, Maya Moore is renowned for using her influence to combat injustice and promote social issues. She has dedicated time and effort to lead campaigns for justice and improve the legal system, especially in civil rights cases. Moore’s commitment extends beyond the court into the community, making her an icon not only in sports but also in advocating for fairness and human rights.

10. Breanna Stewart

Breanna Stewart is one of the most prominent and admired female basketball players today. Born on August 27, 1994, in New York, USA, Stewart quickly established her name in basketball with talent and determination. She had a stellar high school career, winning prestigious awards like the Gatorade Player of the Year.

Standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall, Stewart stands out with her versatility, skills, and strength on the court. She has led her team to many significant victories, from NCAA titles to WNBA championships. In her WNBA career, she has earned accolades such as WNBA MVP and WNBA Championship.

Breanna Stewart - Best female basketball player of all time
Breanna Stewart – Best female basketball player of all time

Beyond her impressive athletic career, Breanna Stewart is known for her community involvement and using her influence to promote social issues. She actively participates in charitable activities and social campaigns to assist the underprivileged and raise awareness about issues like domestic violence and social injustice. Breanna Stewart is not just a star in the sports world but also an icon of passion, humanity, and leadership.


The female basketball players on this list of best women’s basketball player are not only excellent athletes, but also people who represent strength, perseverance, and sportsmanship. They have contributed to the history of women’s basketball and inspired millions of people around the world. We will always remember their undeniable contributions to the sport. Thank you for your interest in our article!

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