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What is a parlay bet in football? How easy to eat skewer bets

What is a parlay bet in football? This term is no longer too strange for brothers who are passionate about football betting in particular and sports in general. But if you are still “fuzzy chicken” or new to betting, it will be quite vague about this bet. Therefore, before placing a bet, players need to learn well about how to play and betting tips win to limit mistakes and increase the odds of winning. Please take some time to follow the following article, will share with you details about this bet for your reference!

Learn about Parlay betting in football
Learn about Parlay betting in football

What is a parlay bet in football?

A Parlay in football is a type of betting where a player places bets on multiple different matches or events at once. What’s distinctive about a Parlay is that all predictions must be accurate to win the bet. If any single prediction is incorrect, the entire bet is lost.

A Parlay can encompass both spread betting and over/under betting. The potential winnings of a Parlay bet are usually higher than single bets, but it also comes with higher risk since all the predictions need to be correct for a win in all the matches or events.

Rules of Parlay Betting in Football

To engage in parlay betting, players are not required to choose matches within the same tournament. Players can select the safest bet type for themselves after analyzing the certain odds. Parlay bets typically involve three legs or more, also known as placing 3-way bets. If all the bets within the parlay are successful, the player can earn substantial winnings. However, if even one leg of the parlay fails, it results in the loss of the entire wager.

Parlay betting is considered a challenging form of betting and is not advisable for those with unstable mental states. This is because football holds many variables that are unpredictable. Some bets that seem almost certain to win might turn sour in the final minutes. If you want to engage in parlay betting, you need to calculate and plan wisely to make it viable.

Types what is a parlay in football betting?

In addition to understanding what is a parlay bet in football, new players also need to explore the basic types of combination bets to make appropriate choices. These are essential insights to help you make the best selections for achieving significant winning odds. Currently, the most popular forms of combination bets that players opt for include:

Types of football bets
Types of football bets
  • Double Parlay: This type of bet is relatively simple to play and offers high rewards, making it a popular choice among players. In this case, players only need to choose 2 bets according to their expertise and place them together. If both bets win, you will receive a substantial reward as offered by the bookmaker.
  • Triple Parlay: You will choose 3 bets that you believe are likely to win and place your bets accordingly. If your predictions for all 3 matches are correct, you will win. However, even if you get one bet wrong, you will lose the entire amount wagered.

Furthermore, you can also engage in other types of combination bets such as single bets, 4-fold combination bets, 5-fold combination bets, and more to have the chance to earn fantastic rewards while participating in betting. The larger the combination, the higher the reward ratio, but it comes with lower winning odds.

Guide on How to Place Successful Combination Bets in Football from a Pro

Selecting VIP Handicap Combination Bets in Football

The Handicap bets we are discussing here involve results, corner kicks, yellow cards, and more – essentially, any bet that allows handicap betting.

In this case:

  • Prioritize combining bets on the underdog side. This is because underdog bets are easier to include in a combination and managing your multi-bet ticket becomes simpler. For example, you can combine a 3-fold bet consisting of 3 matches with underdog odds from +0.75 onwards.
  • Combine bets on the favorite side when the favorite team is playing as an Away team and the handicap odds are -0.5 or higher. For instance, you can combine a 3-fold bet with 3 matches where the favorite team plays away, has a handicap of 0.5 or more, and is considerably stronger than the Home team.
  • Pair handicap corner kick bets with matches where both teams have similar strengths. In this scenario, choose bets that have a handicap of 2 or more corner kicks. For example, in a match between Tottenham and Man Utd, if Man Utd is given a -2 corner kick handicap, go for a Man Utd +2 corner kicks in your combination bet.

How to Calculate Successful Over/Under Football Combination Bets

Most players today are more interested in the underdog handicap when matching skewers. There are ways to increase the odds of winning skewers as follows:

How to calculate the football oblique of the under
How to calculate the football oblique of the under
  • Do not pair a 3.25 or higher rafter to the oblique.
  • Conversely, preference is given to choosing 3.5 underdogs to graft onto obliques.
  • If you want to play talent, the 2.75 talent handicap is the easiest to return. Usually, the bookmaker gives a talent of 2.75 in teams with equal strength, attacking play, good attacking ability.
  • Pay attention to games with a high 1-for-1 handicap in the 1st half. Skew matches 1-for-1 @0.88 and above.

How to calculate football oblique by run/discharge style

If you want to play skewers well, you must understand how to run obliquely and release the football rafters at the right time.

It means that when skewer 4 has won 3 matches, the last 1 match has not played me feeling easy to lose, now it will be necessary to release the skewers, hit the opposite of that match in the oblique bet. How to weigh money, whether I eat or lose skewer 4, I still have a profit.

Steps to determine how oblique discharge is needed:

Step 1: Recalculate the odds until then, subtracting the odds of the last match. (According to the recipe above there are instructions)

Step 2: Calculate clearly if the last bet wins enough/ eats half/ loses half/ draws, how much money will be received at the end. Only then will the amount of discharge be calculated.

Step 3: Determine the bet and entry amount for the match to run obliquely.

  • Catch the opposite of the compound bet in the skewer.
  • Discharge the skewered bet capital set.
  • Rinse to eat anyway in case the worst skewers eat, the last match is lost by half.

How to bet obliquely running football

Among the oblique grafting methods, the running oblique grafting is our favorite. Instead of slightly shaking 2 matches, 3 matches with the capital spent for each extremely large bet, we can combine them into a skewer with 1 single bet.

Extremely simple football wagers
Extremely simple football wagers


  • Playing running thread only pairs oblique 2, oblique 3 no more.
  • Having grafted the vibrating skewers, I don’t think about discharging/running obliquely.
  • It is recommended to pair the oblique rafter for the vibrating rafter in the 2nd half, the 65th minute is best.
  • You can put a running bet code you feel is sure to win with a full-time skewer to increase odd, increase winnings.
  • Refer to running masters for oblique matching
  • The amount of money to eat is usually x2 x3 of the bet amount, very large and also about money quickly, so many players are flipped, everywhere they want to fight, greed is too easy.
  • Choose a bookmaker, a reputable betting site that allows double running skewer, high odds, on-time returns (winning bets are paying, not waiting for the whole game).

Experience in betting football parlays

Placing a parlay bet, whether in particular parlay betting or in general football betting, can be quite alluring. The more you lose, the more you might be tempted to chase your losses. However, to secure wins in football parlay betting, you should take note of the following:

Players should be aware of the experience of skewered betting
Players should be aware of the experience of skewered betting

Understand Proper Bankroll Management

Many individuals encounter the mistake of not knowing how much they truly possess. Or even if they know, they still gamble recklessly. The reality is that playing parlay bets should not involve risky behavior. Once you win, you can potentially gain substantial profits.

But if unfortunate losses occur and you end up losing everything, it could sometimes lead both you and your family into difficult situations, financially burdened and in debt. Hence, every individual should be conscious of their role.

Playing parlay bets should not be solely for the purpose of making money. View it as a form of recreational entertainment.

Accumulate New Knowledge

Many people tend to view betting as a game of luck. Win some, lose some. However, that’s actually a mistaken perspective. Reality has shown that frequent players who win have acquired extensive knowledge in that field.

They know where to place bets for better chances of winning, how to strategize effectively, and have the highest possibility of achieving victory.

Choose the Underdog Bets

When selecting underdog bets, you can bail out if you sense any issues with the match. If you feel that your chosen bets are leading to losses, you can quickly construct a different parlay betting strategy while the match is ongoing.

For underdog parlay bets, you should pick three football matches that you consider the safest. For the first match you place a bet on, choose a handicap of at least 1. Deeper handicaps could provide a higher chance of securing a victory.


Hopefully the information we share will help you know what is a parlay bet in football? as well as how to place skewer bets and how to calculate football skewer bets in the most detailed and easy to understand. This is a type of bet that brings great rewards but not much, new players should start researching from this bet if they want to win a lot of money from betting. Thank you for following our article!

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