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Betting american football odds and top 5 reputable betting sites

Betting american football is known as a team sport consisting of 2 teams playing with 1 rugby ball on the grass. Rugby has brought to the betting market a new genre of sports betting for players. So, what is American football betting like and what bets are available? Where should I participate in playing rugby? Let’s refer to the following article!

Learn about American football betting
Learn about American football betting

What is betting american football?

True to its name, American football betting is simply understood as betting related to the game of rugby. Initially, this type of betting only appeared in countries popular with this sport such as Canada, USA,…

In fact, so far American football betting has appeared in many countries and regions, including Vietnam. Currently, bookmakers also have favor for the development of American football betting such as volleyball betting or football betting.

As a result, players who bet will have more options and participate in challenging experiences and new but extremely attractive and interesting types of betting.

Betting on American Football Rules and Regulations

To win rewards in American football betting, the first thing you need to know is the rules and rules of American football betting.

Rules when betting on American football

  • If a match is cancelled or postponed, all bets on that match will not be counted.
  • Depending on the bookmaker’s rules, consider whether to bet on the game including extra time or not.
  • All bets will be applied 55 minutes into the match. If the match lasts at least 55 minutes then all bets will be void unless otherwise stated.
  • In case the venue of the match is changed, all bets of the home team will be valid. If the home and away teams reverse positions then the original bet will be cancelled.
Players need to know the rules when betting on American football
Players need to know the rules when betting on American football

American Football Betting Laws

The following are some regulations on American football betting laws that players should keep in mind when participating in betting at the bookmaker. As follows:

  • If there is any change in the field then the entire bet will be void.
  • The final results of live matches will be counted after 80 minutes at the start of the match.
  • If the match venue changes but is still within that country, the bet will still be valid.
  • The end of the 1st half will be counted for those who place 1st half bettors.
  • The 2nd half result will be calculated including the time of the 2nd half, overtime and also extra time when the player bets the 2nd half.
  • Bets placed in the 1st half will be cancelled when there is a disruption in the 1st half.
  • If there is a disruption in the 2nd half, injury time or extra time, the 1st half bet will still be counted and the 2nd half bet will be canceled.

Check out the soccer tips now to increase your winning odds when participating in online football betting.

Basic Types of American Football Betting Options

Currently, there are numerous types of betting options for American football that you can choose from, including the following types of bets.

Point Spread Betting (Spread Bet)

With this type of bet, the team identified as the favorite will be designated with an “H” for the handicap, while the underdog team will have a specific handicap figure. Players will decide whether to bet on the favorite team or the underdog, and then wait for the outcome to determine the win or loss.

Over/Under Betting (O/U)

Over/Under betting is straightforward. Players will base their bets on the offered Over/Under odds set by the sportsbook, predicting the combined total score of both teams. You should choose “Over” if you anticipate the total score to exceed the given Over/Under odds, and conversely, choose “Under” if you expect the total score to fall below the odds. It’s advisable to rely on game analyses to make accurate predictions.

Top 5 american football betting sites

1. W88

The W88 website is a fantastic destination for sports enthusiasts, particularly those passionate about American football. With a wide range of services and diverse betting opportunities, W88 offers a unique and captivating experience. At W88, you can engage in exciting NFL matches, place live bets, and showcase your prediction skills in the thrilling world of American football. Moreover, the website provides various other sports betting options and online casino games for you to explore. With an intuitive interface, enticing promotional offers, and professional customer support, W88 is an excellent platform for individuals who want to blend their passion for sports with the excitement of betting.

W88 - reputable American football bookmaker
W88 – reputable American football bookmaker

W88 is not just a betting website; it’s also an exciting and enriching space for American sports and football enthusiasts. With top-notch service quality and a commitment to enhancing players’ experiences, W88 instills confidence in your participation in NFL betting. You can place pre-game and live bets, immersing yourself in the suspenseful moments on the field. Furthermore, with a multitude of attractive promotions and deals, you have the opportunity to maximize your betting experience. W88 perfectly amalgamates the fervor for American football with the intrigue of the online betting world.

2. FanDuel

FanDuel is one of the OGs of the gaming industry and a sportsbook that should be on everyone’s roster. If you play fantasy football, you can access the sportsbook and DFS site all with one account, making it super convenient.

Since the company cut its teeth with fantasy sports, it should be no surprise that it sits at the top of the list when it comes to NFL prop betting. You’ll find an unparalleled selection of team and player props for every game of the week.

FanDuel - Address for American football betting
FanDuel – Address for American football betting

You’ll also find unique betting markets here like ‘exact regular season wins,’ ‘record breakers,’ and other season specials. The NFL promos come fast and furious at FanDuel and will often be featured right on the home page.

FanDuel has one of the best sports betting apps as it’s the easiest to navigate with a very clear and simple layout.

3. DraftKings

DraftKings and FanDuel are two peas in the same pod, as both come from a DFS background and stand out for NFL betting with their props markets.

DK’s welcome bonus is a little different than most sportsbooks because it offers a deposit bonus rather than a form of “second-chance bet” that many other books feature. It will also often add bonus bets to its welcome offer.

DraftKings – Extremely High Odds of Winning
DraftKings – Extremely High Odds of Winning

DraftKings shines during the NFL playoffs (and especially Super Bowl) by expanding its football betting markets to new levels – particularly in the props department.

Competitive odds – DraftKings keeps its odds competitive and sometimes goes above and beyond. At last year’s Super Bowl, it was the only sportsbook to offer even-money on the game’s coin toss.

4. Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars has one of the best welcome bonuses for NFL bettors and should be the first stop for anyone diving into football betting.

The site’s interface is clean and straightforward, making NFL betting a breeze. A simple click on ‘Football’ from the left nav will bring up an organized NFL menu, allowing you to choose from scheduled games, live betting, futures, and featured bets.

Caesars Sportsbook - A reputable place to bet on American football
Caesars Sportsbook – A reputable place to bet on American football

Your betting slip is clearly marked on the right side of the screen, allowing you to track your picks and profit potential.

The sportsbook was also the first-to-market with its “Watch & Bet” feature that allows registered bettors to live-stream select NFL games.

5. PointsBet

PointsBet is an Australian sportsbook that offers one of the most unique products on the market: points betting. With this style of betting, the more your team wins by – the more you win. But it works the other way as well. If the team you bet on gets blown out – you could be down a pretty penny. This type of betting isn’t for the faint of heart but can also be exhilarating.

PointsBet – Best NFL Betting Site

PointsBet – Best NFL Betting Site

PB also offers standard NFL betting and features the same markets you’ll find at other leading sportsbooks. The online site has a wide range of odds boosts and promotions, so there are many opportunities to increase your account balance.

Effective Tips for Betting on American Football

American football betting is relatively new in the Vietnamese market, making it easy to fall into losses. To increase your chances of winning, you need to practice and learn from experienced individuals, as well as refer to reliable sources for soccer tips. Here are some suggestions that can help you in your American football betting journey.

Understand the Rules

A prerequisite for successful American football betting is a clear understanding of the game’s rules. Moreover, American football has many complex rules and regulations. Therefore, read and study these rules to place effective bets, avoiding mistakes and violations that could lead to losses.

Research Teams’ Information

Having knowledge about the teams will assist you in predicting which team stands a better chance of winning. Bookmakers usually provide statistics about match results. You can rely on these statistics to determine which team has the advantage and scores more goals. This will help you make accurate predictions about match outcomes.

Effective Bankroll Management

If you intend to engage in long-term betting, win more games, and are in the process of learning, then you need to know how to manage your finances effectively. Avoid hastily placing all your bets on a single game. Instead, wager smaller amounts to participate in multiple games and continue gaining experience through learning.


Hopefully, the above sharing about betting american football has helped you understand more about this interesting sports betting. Remember, whether betting on American football or any sports betting, you should be vigilant and analyze carefully to avoid losses. Good luck!

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