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How to recognize scam football tips for newbies

Currently, when information technology is developing, bookmakers are growing more and more. Therefore, some fantasy football tips are set up to seize players’ assets. We must definitely know the telltale signs of football tips scams on the market. How should players stay away from these scam best soccer tips? The following article bestsoccertips will help everyone equip more useful knowledge.

Learn about soccer tips
Learn about soccer tips

What Are Scam Football Tips?

Scam football tips are pieces of information or advice about predicting football match outcomes, often advertised as having the potential to bring significant profits to the players. However, in reality, these tips usually lack scientific basis, relying on false information or being concocted by individuals seeking to deceive players into losing their money.

These fraudulent football tips often target the desire of players to make quick and easy money from betting. Trusting in these tips can lead to financial losses and a loss of confidence in engaging in sports betting activities.

Popular Types of Football Tips Nowadays

European Football Tips (1×2 Tips)

This type of football tip originates from Western countries, which partially explains why these tips are often straightforward and players can easily grasp the information. Most players who engage in European handicap or follow this type of tip find it pure and simpler than other types.

1X2 football tips are considered one of the most fundamental and versatile forms of football tips today. It’s a favored betting type among players. According to reports, when applying accurate 1×2 football tips, players need a rational and detailed approach to predict results accurately. Since this tip implies a 50-50 chance, the likelihood of winning might not be extremely high, but the estimated profit could reach up to 11.9%.

Asian Handicap Football Tips

Asian bookmakers analyze European football odds to create Asian handicap bets, tailored for the strategic Asian betting style. The handicap bets in Asian Handicap are structured based on in-game statistics.

Learn about Asian Football Tips
Learn about Asian Football Tips

For this type of bet, bettors need to understand what handicaps are and employ a perfect betting strategy, which enhances their winning odds. When using Asian Handicap tips, it’s essential to use reasonable judgment.

Over/Under Football Tips

Over/Under (O/U) or Total Goals bets require bettors to accurately predict the number of goals scored in 90 minutes, including injury time. Typically, before a football match, bookmakers provide betting odds for players to select the most accurate outcomes.

When engaging in Over/Under bets, players need to choose between Over (O) and Under (U) bets, with various odds like 0.5, 0.75, and 1.0. The highest Over/Under odds set by bookmakers is often 2.5 goals. In addition to relying on Over/Under tips, players should also consider computer-generated predictions for Over/Under bets to achieve a high accuracy rate and get a comprehensive evaluation of the game.

How to recognize scam football tips

Currently, sports betting has seen a remarkable and extensive development, attracting the attention and participation of numerous fans worldwide.

However, this allure has led to the proliferation of counterfeit tip-selling websites. To help newcomers feel more secure about this situation, we have compiled several ways to identify them below:

Ways to recognize sites selling scam football tips
Ways to recognize sites selling scam football tips

Lack of Legal Certification

Illegitimate websites often lack clear business certifications. Everything they do is self-initiated with the sole purpose of luring customers at any cost.

There are even cases where they create fake licenses and operate openly. They can easily deceive buyers and generate substantial revenue.

Absence of Verifiable Information

Remarkably, the information and addresses provided by malevolent parties are usually non-existent, offering no specific verification. This has become a common trick of wrongdoers in recent times.

False Promises and Commitments

Most online scam football tips are born solely from experiences accumulated through long-term research. Therefore, the majority of the information sought by players cannot guarantee a 100% accurate outcome.

Yet these counterfeit platforms often promote their brand with false promises and commitments. If encountering this trait, members should promptly distance themselves from such entities.

Dispensing Misleading Information

Inexperienced bettors are susceptible to manipulation by deceitful entities. Many places provide inaccurate content and even distort the truth.

Meanwhile, seasoned gamblers usually rely on winning odds and tip stability. Thus, the described approach only clouds customers’ judgment about the accuracy of betting advice.

Consequently, countless bettors fall into the traps set by wrongdoers. This not only leads to failure and minimal profit, but also squanders their hard-earned money on these entities.

Identify scam soccer tips like?

Purchasing soccer tips is highly essential when engaging in sports betting. This helps us gain crucial information and strategies, thus increasing our chances of securing victory.

Given the current prevalence of scam soccer tips, caution is imperative when making transactions. Here are some points to consider to avoid unwanted services:

How to avoid scam football tips
How to avoid scam football tips

Verify the Source of Soccer Tip Websites

Every legitimate operation should have a specific source. This provides a contact point for unexpected issues, ensuring that customers have a place to reach out for resolution. Therefore, players should always thoroughly check the business addresses of these websites.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the presence of company addresses. Many platforms often provide bank accounts for receiving payments but operate with virtual addresses. They might even avoid using dedicated hotline numbers.

Refer to Opinions of Experienced Bettors on Prominent Groups

For someone lacking experience, seeking opinions from seasoned bettors is crucial. They have operated in the market for a long time and can provide valuable advice.

If you come across a tip-selling platform and are unsure of its credibility, you can post information on prominent groups. There, you’ll receive authentic opinions and feedback, preventing falling victim to deceivers.

Consider whether the platform has received positive evaluations. Trustworthy addresses won’t have complaints about fraudulent behavior from buyers. However, be cautious with review services as they could contain fake testimonials.

Understand Pricing When Purchasing Soccer Tips

Furthermore, pricing often sparks debates when purchasing soccer tips online. Some websites offer exorbitant prices, possibly reaching millions of Vietnamese dong. However, a few places set affordable prices in the hundreds of thousands range.

When unsure of how to make a reasonable purchase, newcomers might believe that spending more equates to better quality. Yet, this tactic is widespread, and nobody can confirm its validity.

Therefore, thoroughly researching pricing before engaging in transactions within this model is crucial. This prevents malevolent parties from outsmarting you and blatantly exploiting you, or falling into the “Lost money, no gain” situation.


The above article has clearly stated about the current scam football tips. We hope that players can find useful information to choose a dealer. Everyone should read the above notes carefully to draw yourself many useful lessons. All of you should always be alert to recognize the scams of virtual website tips. I wish you every success!

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