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What is a Prop Bets in sport betting? Rules, Examples and More

In recent years, football betting has become a popular form of entertainment. The attraction for believers to participate is probably that this sport offers a variety of betting options. Each type of bet will be prescribed its own way of playing as well as different payout percentages. In particular, special bet is the most searched keyword and there are many newbies who do not understand the rules of these forms of bets. So let’s discover all the hottest football prop bets today.

What are Best Prop Bets?
What are Best Prop Bets?

Prop bets meaning

Special handicaps are simply understood as a compilation of the hottest handicaps in football betting.  This bet involves the number of penalty cards, the number of corners, penalties, the number of free throws,… All of these bets are directly related to the match. However, for new players, special handicap is a fairly new term. This bet has only been applied by bookmakers in recent years.

With attractive payout rates along with quite unique rules, special bets are currently attracting a large number of members to participate.

Football prop bets examples:

  • The first scorer of the match.
  • Total number of penalty cards in a match.
  • The exact score of the match.
  • The final scoring time of the match.
  • The result of a penalty shootout (if any) in a penalty shootout match.

These bets usually offer higher odds than the base bets, but also carry a higher level of risk due to the more difficult predictability.

How do prop bets work?

The prop market is a subset of what’s known as the derivatives market, meaning the odds are derived from numbers in other markets.

A simple visual example comes from a midfielder’s total passing yards. Suppose a game has a total of 52, a relatively high over/under in the NFL. The midfielder for a team might be favored with an over/under passing yardage of 299.5. Again, this would be a relatively high total derived from a high game total. The market expects the game to be a high-scoring affair, so quarterbacks might have high passing prop totals.

Now, imagine the entire receiving corps of a team falling ill and having to miss a few days before the game. Note that this actually happened with the Browns when they played the Jets, so it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. The total points of the game might decrease, along with the team’s total. The quarterback’s passing yardage prop, derived from these markets, would also decrease, assuming it’s posted early enough.

In reality, this doesn’t always happen and can create some value for bettors. We’ll talk about this later.

What is a prop bet in football
What is a prop bet in football

Generally, prop bets have low limits. Most sportsbooks offer maximum wager amounts for prop bets at a fraction of what they offer for things like moneyline bets and over/unders.

Additionally, many props aren’t posted until closer to game day. A notable exception to this is the Super Bowl, where prop markets are posted more than a week in advance at some sportsbooks.

Also, note that primetime games often offer the most prop options because sportsbooks expect more interest and handle for these games. Thus, they want to have more efficient market options for their customers.

Once posted, prop markets can move quickly. Some props with unders might move a point based on a running back’s rushing yards from 85.5 to 80.5. Or, the vig, or juice, might move. Instead of moving from 85.5 to 80.5, the sportsbook might move the under price from -110 to -160.

Top hottest football prop bets

To engage in successful sports betting, it’s essential for individuals to understand the nuances of different types of odds before getting involved. Once fully acquainted with the various types of betting odds, making predictions and decisions becomes more accurate. Right below, we’ll share the TOP hottest special betting odds in football betting.

Corner Kick Bet

The Corner Kick Bet, also known simply as Corners, doesn’t require players to be concerned about the outcome of the match. Your basic task is simply to predict the total number of corner kicks in that match. Depending on different matches, bookmakers offer specific types of corner kick bets. With this straightforward rule, even newcomers can easily access and participate in corner kick betting.

Throw-in Bet

When it comes to special bets, throw-in bets are undoubtedly worth mentioning. Throw-in bets come in various forms, such as Handicap Throw-in Betting, Over/Under Throw-in Betting, First Throw-in Bet, etc. Each type of bet applies its own rules, and the payout rates offered by bookmakers also vary.

Booking Bet

Booking Bet, also known as Total Bookings in English, operates based on the number of cards shown in a match, including both yellow and red cards. Participants don’t need to be concerned about the match’s result. Instead, focus on predicting the number of cards the referee will give out in that match. Just rely on the nature, playing style, and starting lineup of the teams. Typically, teams that play beautiful football receive fewer cards. Conversely, teams playing rough are more likely to receive cards.

Some football prop bets
Some football prop bets

Extra Time Bet

Extra Time Bet is one of the popular betting options that many gamers participate in. This type of bet is based on the result of extra time (i.e., the time played after the end of the official 90 minutes). According to football regulations, extra time consists of 2 halves, each lasting 15 minutes, and there’s no break between halves.

Usually, when two teams are evenly matched, they have to go into extra time to determine the winner. Therefore, this type of bet is highly dramatic and attracts a large number of players.

Goal Bet

The Goal Bet is simply understood as players only need to pay attention to the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match. In other words, you won’t need to worry about which team wins or loses. This straightforward gameplay attracts many gamers, making it a popular choice for betting.

Revealing how to look at football prop betting effective

Although the general rules for playing special bets are quite simple and easy to understand, winning bets in every match requires knowing how to analyze odds effectively. Here, we will reveal some tips for analyzing odds with a hundred percent success rate from experienced bettors.

Analyzing odds based on strong teams

Usually, strong teams are considered to have higher winning rates. However, in football betting, this isn’t always accurate because unexpected situations often occur during matches. Therefore, you shouldn’t always bet on the stronger team but rather consider the circumstances of the match.

Accurate analysis based on the underdog

In football, the underdog is often perceived as the weaker side. Therefore, if you notice a minimal difference between the two sides or if the odds offered by the bookmakers are too high, it’s advisable to bet on the underdog.


As such, prop bets in football are not only a fun way to participate in the game but also an opportunity to show off the knowledge and creativity of players. Given the variety and feasibility of betting options, exceptional betting is not only an entertaining experience but also an area where players can grow and enjoy excitement in the world of football. Thank you for following our article!

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