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The 10 oldest Premier League players today

In the great race of the Premier League, it’s not just the young players who make the headlines, but those with longevity also contribute to the special allure of the competition. The oldest players not only bring stability and experience to their teams but also serve as inspiration for the younger generation. Let’s join bestsoccertips in exploring the miraculous journey of these oldest Premier League players, who continue to shine brightly on the field despite being well beyond a considerable age.

Top 10 Oldest Premier League Players

10. Chris Basham – 35 years old

Sheffield United’s defender has formed a strong bond with the club in their past two Premier League seasons. Chris Basham joined the club as a free agent in 2014 and has been with them ever since. Basham began his career in the academy of Bolton Wanderers before eventually joining Sheffield United after 8 years in professional football.

Oldest Premier League players: Chris Basham - 35 years old
Oldest Premier League players: Chris Basham – 35 years old

Having spent nearly a decade with the club, Basham has played for Sheffield United in 3 out of the 4 professional football leagues in England. He and the team have endured challenging periods, including relegation to League One in the 2016/17 season. However, just three years later, they returned to the biggest stage in English football – the Premier League, marking a significant step for the club and a difficult journey that Basham and his teammates had to overcome.

9. Willian – 35 years old

The Brazilian winger has had a long career in the Premier League. The first club he was reportedly set to play for in the top tier of English football was Tottenham Hotspur. According to The Guardian, initially, it seemed they would secure the services of the South American winger before there was intervention from his representatives, as the player himself revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail. A hijack by Chelsea altered the initial plans, preventing the move to Tottenham, and he eventually ended up on the blue side of London. He would spend the remainder of his Premier League career in the capital city, although he never made the switch to Tottenham.

Oldest players in the Premier League: Willian - 35 years old
Oldest players in the Premier League: Willian – 35 years old

Instead, he joined Arsenal in 2020, returning to play in his homeland for a while before moving to Fulham in the summer of 2022. The moves between major clubs in London have made his Premier League career rich and diverse, and he is an integral part of the list of famous Brazilian players in the Premier League.

8. Angelo Ogbonna – 35 years old

Ogbonna is one of two West Ham players featured in this list. The Hammers boast the second oldest squad in terms of average age across the entire Premier League, at 28.8 years, according to Four Four Two, just behind Willian’s Fulham (29.28). Ogbonna’s over 8-year tenure with West Ham might come as a surprise to some. The Italian defender first made a name for himself with the giants in his homeland: Juventus. However, his time in East London has also brought plenty of success, including the Europa Conference League medal in the 2022/23 season.

10 oldest Premier League players: Angelo Ogbonna - 35 years old
10 oldest Premier League players: Angelo Ogbonna – 35 years old

Ogbonna’s stability and performance have made him an integral part of West Ham’s lineup, and his experience is a crucial factor in the club’s development and success. Ogbonna is not only an excellent defender but also a leader on the field, playing a vital role in maintaining stability and elevating West Ham to new heights.

7. Adam Lallana – 35 years old

Similar to West Ham and Fulham, Brighton & Hove Albion also have two players in this list of football veterans. They rank 14th in terms of average age in the Premier League, according to Four Four Two. Adam Lallana has contributed significantly to increasing the team’s average age, but what he has brought on the field has more than compensated for that. He joined Brighton from Liverpool in 2020, after winning the Premier League with the Reds. With 33 goals and 32 assists in the Premier League, Lallana has shown his significant impact in the blue and white stripes.

Premier League oldest players: Adam Lallana - 35 years old
Premier League oldest players: Adam Lallana – 35 years old

Lallana has had an impressive career, and despite more than a decade passing since his debut in this league, he has only missed 276 games during that time. His experience and talent have helped elevate Brighton & Hove Albion’s status, making him one of the indispensable players in their lineup.

6. Jonny Evans – 35 years old

The Northern Irish center-back might not return to the Premier League in the 2023/24 season. He recently endured a tough experience being relegated with the former Premier League champions Leicester City, and it seems like his days in the English top flight might be over. However, this is not the end of the story for him, as he has decided to rejoin Manchester United – the club he left nearly 15 years ago. His previous spell at Man United brought him significant success. He won the Premier League three times, the Champions League once, and the League Cup twice. However, his success wasn’t limited to his time at Manchester.

Oldest Premier League players: Jonny Evans - 35 years old
Oldest Premier League players: Jonny Evans – 35 years old

He contributed to winning the FA Cup with Leicester in 2021, a well-deserved reward for his contribution and commitment to the club he was playing for. His experience and influence are not just sources of encouragement but also significant inspiration for teammates and fans alike, and reuniting with Manchester United could be an opportunity for him to continue adding exciting chapters to his illustrious career.

5. Tim Ream – 36 years old

Here’s another Fulham player, and it’s no surprise that they have the oldest squad in the league in terms of average age. Former Cottagers goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer ranks fifth on the list of oldest players ever to grace the Premier League pitch, according to The Analyst. Additionally, Ream is the only American player named in the current list of oldest Premier League players. His compatriot, Brad Friedel, stands fourth on the list of all-time oldest players, featuring in a high-profile match in England, as reported by The Analyst.

Oldest players in the Premier League: Tim Ream - 36 years old
Oldest players in the Premier League: Tim Ream – 36 years old

Ream has been with Fulham for nearly a decade. He joined the Cottagers in 2015 and has played a crucial role in their three separate promotion campaigns to the Premier League. Ream’s stability and experience are not just essential parts of Fulham’s lineup but also serve as motivation and crucial leadership in the dressing room.

4. James Milner – 37 years old

He made his club debut in the FA Cup in the 2002/03 season and continues to play to this day. In that year, Arsenal had an undefeated season, not suffering any losses throughout the campaign. Remarkably, most of the players from that team have since retired from playing and transitioned into coaching or punditry roles, but Milner continues to compete. His fitness and durability are living proof of his longevity and dedication to his career.

10 oldest Premier League players: James Milner - 37 years old
10 oldest Premier League players: James Milner – 37 years old

Andy Robertson, Scotland international and former teammate of Milner’s at Liverpool, remarked, “I don’t think I’ll see anyone as fit as him.” This is a testament to Milner’s hard work and commitment to his career and personal development.

This midfielder, who ranks third in Premier League appearances of all time, once ran 8.5 km in 34 minutes, at an average speed of just under 4 minutes per km. This demonstrates his relentless dedication and determination in every match, making him an indispensable player and a source of inspiration for teammates and fans alike.

3. Ashley Young – 38 years old

The Everton full-back has spent the majority of his career playing for either this team or others among the top 20 clubs in England, but not all of his journey has been in the toughest domestic competition in the land of the Three Lions. In the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons, he played for Inter Milan, one of the top teams in Italy. Though his time on the continent was brief, he left a mark and valuable experience before returning to Villa for the 2021/22 campaign.

Premier League oldest players: Ashley Young - 38 years old
Premier League oldest players: Ashley Young – 38 years old

Since his debut in the early 2000s, he has appeared in 541 matches out of nearly 700 in his Premier League career. Not only displaying stability and composure in defense, he also has 104 clean sheets in his career in England’s top flight and has scored 57 of his 85 career goals from the top tier of English football. This demonstrates his versatility and influence on the field not only limited to a specific position but also in flexible and creative roles.

2. Lukasz Fabianski – 38 years old

This 38-year-old player has overcome all age barriers to leave his mark in his career, especially with the significant achievement of winning a European trophy in 2023 when West Ham clinched the UEFA Conference League for the first time. This success is not only a source of pride for the club but also an essential part of this veteran player’s European dream journey. Although his time at West Ham may not have been long, it was enough for him to impress with decisive saves and stability in goal.

Oldest Premier League players: Lukasz Fabianski - 38 years old
Oldest Premier League players: Lukasz Fabianski – 38 years old

Before arriving at West Ham, he endured challenging years at Arsenal and Swansea City, demonstrating adaptability and diversity in his career. His successful return to London is not only a boost for his personal career but also a testament to his perseverance and determination to rise above failures and hardships.

Fabianski has proven his class not only by keeping clean sheets in 92 Premier League matches but also by receiving recognition from his homeland as he was honored as Poland’s Footballer of the Year in 2019. This is evidence of the significant impact he has made not only on the pitch but also in the national football community.

1. Thiago Silva – 39 years old

This 39-year-old player has shown that age does not diminish his qualities and class in the field of football, especially in the Premier League. Stepping onto the Stamford Bridge turf in August 2020, he entered history as one of the oldest players still competing in the prestigious English league. With his fighting spirit and outstanding skills, he has become an indispensable part of Chelsea’s lineup.

Oldest players in the Premier League: Thiago Silva - 39 years old
Oldest players in the Premier League: Thiago Silva – 39 years old

Although he has not won any domestic titles with Chelsea, his career has brightened with the historic achievement of winning the Champions League in May 2021. It is a testament to his perseverance and relentless efforts throughout his time with the club.


On the pitches of the Premier League, age is not a barrier but, in fact, a positive factor, bringing stability and experience to the team. The oldest players are not only heroes in the eyes of fans but also master inspirers for the younger generation. They are living proof that in football, age does not diminish a player’s value and influence. With patience, passion, and unwavering commitment, these seasoned players continue to demonstrate that age is just a number, and passion and talent are the deciding factors.

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