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Collection of the best women’s goalkeeper of all time

In the world of women’s soccer, the significant development of top goalkeepers is not only the result of natural talent but also the product of a deep and professional training process. Full-time coaches have played a crucial role in building and developing the necessary skills for goalkeepers, from basic techniques to complex tactics on the field. So let’s explore the top 10 best women’s goalkeeper in the history of soccer together with

Who is the best female goalkeeper in the world?

10. Pauline Peyraud-Magnin

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin has had a diverse career, rarely staying for one or two seasons at any club. Having been a goalkeeper for Lyon, Marseille, Arsenal, and Atletico Madrid, she joined Juventus at the beginning of the previous season, where she performed excellently.

Peyraud-Magnin kept the most clean sheets in the Champions League as a member of the renowned Juventus team that defied the odds to advance from the group stage against Chelsea. Her standout performance at Chelsea, helping her team to a 0-0 draw, was one of the main reasons Juventus could progress.

Best women's goalkeeper: Pauline Peyraud-Magnin
Best women’s goalkeeper: Pauline Peyraud-Magnin

Peyraud-Magnin also benefited from the relationship between former French number one Sarah Bouhaddi and French coach Corinne Diacre, to become France’s first choice. She started all their matches at Euro 2022 as France reached the semi-finals for the first time in an international tournament.

9. Almuth Schult

Almuth Schult ended her nine-year tenure with Wolfsburg at the end of the previous season, deciding to join the newly formed Angel City in the US. However, Schult ended her relationship with Wolfsburg impressively with one of the best-rated seasons of her career.

In her final season at Wolfsburg, the German goalkeeper made no fewer than 44 saves, significantly contributing to her team’s journey in the competition. This placed her second in the number of saves in the Champions League, only behind Kaylan Marckese of HB Koge. Additionally, Schult also helped Wolfsburg secure their fourth Frauen-Bundesliga title in her career.

Best female goalkeeper: Almuth Schult
Best female goalkeeper: Almuth Schult

During her time at Wolfsburg, Almuth Schult accumulated an array of impressive titles, including the Champions League title in 2014 and an Olympic Gold medal with the German national team in 2016 where she was the starting goalkeeper. Schult’s departure from Wolfsburg marks not only the end of a personal chapter but also the conclusion of a successful and enduring period of her association with the club.

8. Christiane Endler

Chilean goalkeeper Christiane Endler joined Lyon from French rivals PSG the previous season. She had a strong start at the club, keeping the most clean sheets in the league as Lyon clinched the French title. Endler also played a crucial role in helping Lyon reach the Champions League final, notably with an outstanding save against Paris St-Germain’s forward Marie-Antoinette Katoto in the semi-finals.

Best female goalkeepers of all time: Christiane Endler
Best female goalkeepers of all time: Christiane Endler

She started the final match that Lyon won against Barcelona, although she didn’t have much to do in the end, making just two saves. Chelsea coach Emma Hayes previously said Endler was one of the “best in the world,” having actually signed her when she was only 22 at Chelsea.

7. Ellie Roebuck

The fact that Manchester City’s young goalkeeper Ellie Roebuck is only 23 is remarkable and a clear testament to her progress and talent. Roebuck began her career at Manchester City in 2016 at just 17 years old. Since then, she has played a crucial role in the club’s success, winning one WSL title, three FA Cups, and three League Cups.

Best women's goalkeeper in the world: Ellie Roebuck
Best women’s goalkeeper in the world: Ellie Roebuck

Roebuck’s return from injury mid-WSL season played a vital role in helping Manchester City secure a third-place finish and a Champions League spot, a significant achievement for the club. Despite losing her starting position in the England national team to Mary Earps, Roebuck still showcased her qualities. She recorded the highest save percentage in the WSL, saving 83.3% of shots on target in 10 appearances last season, conceding only three goals during that time. This is clear evidence of Roebuck’s reflexes and stability as a goalkeeper.

6. Adrianna Franch

Adrianna Franch is one of the standout players for Kansas City Current, with an impressive goalkeeping career. At 31 years old, she is one of the most successful goalkeepers in the NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League). Franch has demonstrated her class by winning the Goalkeeper of the Year award twice, in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Her stability and quick reflexes helped her make 65 saves in the regular season, ranking third in the league.

World's best female goalkeeper: Adrianna Franch
Adrianna Franch is one of the standout players for Kansas City Current

Not only did Franch excel in the regular season, but she also shone in the NWSL semi-final against OL Reign. She made no fewer than seven saves in this match, helping Kansas City Current overcome a strong opponent and secure a spot in the first-ever NWSL Playoff final in the club’s history. Franch’s excellence and leadership have been a significant morale booster for her teammates, contributing to Kansas City Current’s success on their journey to new glories.

5. Kailyn Sheridan

27-year-old Canadian goalkeeper Kailen Sheridan is one of the standout players for the newly formed San Diego Wave. The Wave became the first expansion team to reach the NWSL playoffs, partly due to Sheridan’s performances, as she conceded the fewest goals (17) of any starting goalkeeper in the NWSL in 2022.

Best women's goalkeeper: Kailyn Sheridan
Best women’s goalkeeper: Kailyn Sheridan

As a result, she was honored as the Goalkeeper of the Season, becoming the first Canadian to win a major individual award in the league. Sheridan also took on the number one role in the Canadian national team after Stephanie Labbé retired. She won the Golden Glove at the 2022 CONCACAF Championship, conceding just one goal throughout the tournament.

4. Manuela Zinsberger

Arsenal goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger and Austrian national team player continues to demonstrate progress and stability in her career with each passing season. In the 2021-2022 season, she had a particularly impressive performance, helping Arsenal finish second in the Women’s Super League (WSL), just one point behind Chelsea. Zinsberger excellently clinched the Golden Glove award of the league, with a record 13 clean sheets, the highest any goalkeeper has achieved in a WSL season. This is clear evidence of her excellence and stability in the goalkeeper role.

Best female goalkeeper: Manuela Zinsberger
Best female goalkeeper: Manuela Zinsberger

Manuela Zinsberger’s impressive form continued in the 2022-2023 season. She and her Arsenal team broke the record for the most consecutive clean sheets in the WSL, currently standing at 10. Zinsberger’s stability and excellent defensive abilities have helped Arsenal maintain a strong position in the title race and create a solid defensive force for the team. This is evidence of the development and resilience of the Austrian goalkeeper in her career.

3. Ann Katrin Berger

Aside from her notable on-field successes, Ann-Katrin Berger has also faced memorable challenges in her personal life. In August, news of a recurrence of thyroid cancer stirred concern among Chelsea players and fans. However, her strength and determination were soon evident as she began treatment and recovery. Berger’s return to the field in late September was not only a great joy for her and the team but also a significant source of encouragement for those battling this disease. Her resilience and courage are evident not only on the field but also as a clear example of mental strength and steadfast determination in every situation.

Best female goalkeepers of all time: Ann Katrin Berger
Best female goalkeepers of all time: Ann Katrin Berger

With remarkable achievements and incredible mental strength, Ann-Katrin Berger is not only an icon of stability and agility on the field but also a source of encouragement and inspiration for millions worldwide. Her patience, determination, and courage have made her one of the most admirable players in the history of women’s soccer.

2. Mary Earps

Not long ago, Mary Earps couldn’t even make it into the England national team. The 29-year-old Manchester United goalkeeper started Sarina Wiegman’s first game as England head coach and hasn’t looked back since. At that time, she may have benefited from Ellie Roebuck’s injury, but there’s no doubt Earps deserved to retain her position. At Euro 2022, she started all six matches, conceding only two goals throughout the tournament, leading to her inclusion in the Euro 2022 Tournament Best XI.

Best women's goalkeeper in the world: Mary Earps
Best women’s goalkeeper in the world: Mary Earps

Mary Earps started the new Women’s Super League (WSL) season impressively, keeping clean sheets in her first four appearances for Manchester United. Her stability and discipline in defense have yielded positive results for her team, helping them maintain their position in the title race.

Furthermore, Mary Earps currently holds the WSL record for the most clean sheets of all time, with a total of 43 matches. This is clear evidence of her excellence and class in the goalkeeper role, as well as her leadership and stability within the team. Earps’ contributions have not only helped Manchester United but also contributed to the development and success of women’s soccer at the national level.

1. Merle Frohms

2022 marked the 27-year-old Merle Frohms finally finding herself on the biggest stage. Previously playing for Wolfsburg and Freiburg, Frohms helped Eintracht Frankfurt secure a Champions League spot by finishing third in the Frauen-Bundesliga. No goalkeeper kept more clean sheets than Frohms with 10 in 22 matches.

Best women's goalkeeper: Merle Frohms
Best women’s goalkeeper: Merle Frohms

Besides being considered the “number one goalkeeper” for the German national team at Euro 2022, Laura Benkarth also acknowledged her important role in the national team’s success. Throughout the journey to the final, Benkarth demonstrated excellence and stability in keeping clean sheets, with four clean sheets. This is particularly impressive compared to Mary Earps of the England national team, who also kept clean sheets in a similar number of matches, but Benkarth’s matches were more. Her stability and certainty in the goal played a crucial role in Germany’s continued progress in this important international tournament.


The top female goalkeepers highlighted in this list epitomize the epitome of excellence in their craft. From their outstanding performances on the field to their remarkable resilience and determination, each goalkeeper has left an indelible mark on the world of women’s soccer. Their achievements not only inspire admiration but also serve as a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion they bring to their sport. As they continue to push boundaries and set new standards, their impact on the game will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.

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