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The Most Loved Ice Hockey Betting Sites 2024

With the information shared by below, you can quickly identify a reliable and highly rated Ice Hockey Betting Sites with competitive betting odds. Bestsoccertips sports betting can help you identify what to look for when narrowing down your sports betting options. By combining industry research and firsthand betting experience as well as evaluating hundreds of online sportsbooks, bestsoccertips has ranked the best ice hockey betting websites and apps for betting on National Ice Hockey League.

Introducing the sport of Ice Hockey

Ice hockey, also known simply as “hockey” in English, is a sport played between two teams, using specially designed sticks to propel a ball or a hard, round disk into the opponent’s goal.

While “ice hockey” is the general term for this sport, the name may vary depending on the playing surface. Specifically, if played on an ice surface, it’s called ice hockey. If played on grass, it’s referred to as field hockey. Each type of hockey has its own unique aspects and depending on the region and corresponding climate conditions, ice hockey or field hockey may be more prevalent.

Overall, ice hockey is particularly popular in European countries, especially in prosperous regions like England. As a team sport, ice hockey involves high levels of competition, making every match captivating for spectators, who remain intensely focused throughout.

Understanding Ice Hockey Rules

The rules of ice hockey betting are somewhat similar to soccer. The main difference lies in the smaller team size. Specifically, each team consists of a total of 6 players, including 1 goalkeeper and 5 outfield players. If soccer has extra time and penalties, in ice hockey, they are replaced by overtime and shootouts.

Learn about hockey and Ice Hockey Betting Sites
Learn about hockey and Ice Hockey Betting Sites

This format is applied when the score between the two teams is tied after the conclusion of 3 periods. The score will be divided by bookmakers into multiple betting options for players to choose from. To engage in this sport, you need keen observation skills and accurate situational analysis.

What is Ice Hockey Betting?

Ice hockey betting consists of 3 periods, each lasting 20 minutes. If after 3 periods the score between the two teams is still tied, then we will have overtime or a shootout to determine the winner.

Ice hockey betting is also known by another name, Ice Hockey. When participating in ice hockey betting, you will bet on the win-loss odds of each participating team. The current ice hockey betting odds are placing bets on the odds provided by the reputable bookmaker you choose to play with in ice hockey betting.

Ice hockey is an intense, long-standing sport with many attractive betting odds for players to participate in. This sport is particularly popular and well-known in cold countries such as Canada, Sweden, Denmark, etc. Ice hockey is a very exciting, powerful sport with fast-paced gameplay.

Regularly organized tournaments are closely monitored by highly reputable organizations. With its competitive nature, rich betting odds, ice hockey betting is becoming a popular sport for players to experience and make their predictions at online bookmakers.

Top 5 Reputable Ice Hockey Betting Sites in Vietnam

Here are some top-quality and reputable online gambling sites recommended for newcomers. Join betting at the most reliable addresses here.

1. W88 – Long-standing and reputable betting site

For those who have been involved in betting for a long time, W88 is undoubtedly a familiar name in the market. W88 is known as one of the leading betting sites today and is loved by many players. W88 is a renowned platform offering a wide range of casino games and thrilling sports betting options.

Ice hockey betting site: W88
Ice hockey betting site: W88

In fact,’s homepage is best known for its sports betting section; therefore, W88’s sports betting products always captivate players. This is because players can bet in a highly professional environment, and the payout rates provided by W88 are extremely attractive.

The sports offered by W88 to players currently include football, basketball, greyhound racing, horse racing, ice hockey, volleyball, billiards, and more. Not stopping there, W88 is also rapidly developing in the Esports sector and various virtual sports. These are two of the betting types that will be strongly developed in the future.

2. BK8 – The Most Worthwhile Ice Hockey Betting Site Today

BK8 has gradually asserted its position as one of the top destinations for online betting enthusiasts. With a solid reputation and continuously improving credibility, BK8 is not just a betting website but also a symbol of trustworthiness and quality.

Especially within the community of professional bettors, ice hockey betting at BK8 has become one of the most popular hobbies. The combination of exciting sports events and a modern, sophisticated interface has made betting easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Best ice hockey betting sites: BK8
Best ice hockey betting sites: BK8

Moreover, BK8 offers extremely attractive bonuses for new players betting on ice hockey and other sports, which is one of the reasons why players find this platform more appealing and trustworthy. These green advantages not only create opportunities for a better betting experience but also serve as evidence of BK8’s commitment to delivering real value to its members.

3. FB88 – A Rapidly Growing Sports Betting Platform

Similar to many other betting sites on the market, FB88 has been experiencing rapid growth in sports betting. FB88tv commits to providing highly accurate odds, ensuring fairness for all players across all odds boards they offer. In the sports section at FB88, you can choose between two types of betting: regular sports betting and virtual sports betting.

Ice Hockey Betting Sites: FB88
Ice Hockey Betting Sites: FB88

In the regular sports betting section, you can try your luck with various sports such as football, basketball, rugby, baseball, tennis, boxing, MMA, cricket, racing, golf, handball, rugby, hockey, snooker, and even electronic sports (Esports).

Meanwhile, in the virtual sports section, you can predict and bet on sports like virtual football, virtual basketball, virtual racing, virtual greyhound racing, virtual horse racing, virtual tennis, and more.

4. M88 – The Leading Trusted Online Casino Betting Site in Asia

For sports enthusiasts worldwide, the name M88 is likely not unfamiliar as they are sponsors of many major and minor tournaments across the globe. Therefore, it’s not surprising that M88 has seen significant growth in the field of sports betting, especially football betting.

Specifically, M88 offers players nearly all football matches worldwide; from exciting matches to lesser-known grass football matches. The common denominator among them is the high payout rates that M88 consistently provides, which are relatively higher compared to many other betting sites on the market.

Ice hockey betting site: M88
Ice hockey betting site: M88

Currently, in addition to traditional sports betting, you can also opt for virtual sports betting. This includes virtual sports matches similar to Esports matches but with simpler gameplay. For those unfamiliar, the duration of a virtual football match is only 3-5 minutes, but the betting options and odds received are identical to traditional football betting.

5. Dafabet – A Versatile Betting Site Serving Multiple Markets

Dafabet is a betting company headquartered in Makati City, Philippines. This brand is a subsidiary of the private conglomerate AsianBGE, specializing in entertainment and particularly online betting. The betting site provides services through its website and app, and it also offers a multilingual web version and app to cater to various markets.

Ice Hockey Betting Sites: Dafabet
Ice Hockey Betting Sites: Dafabet

Notably, the company operates its betting activities legally, holding licenses from CEZA and FCLRC. It has also been recognized by major entertainment and esports magazines as one of the leading online betting brands globally. Both players and experts are impressed with the company’s collaborations and sponsorships of numerous celebrities, as well as major sporting events and clubs.


Ice hockey, dubbed as the “Fastest Game on Earth,” is hard to beat when it comes to speed, athleticism, and excitement. Few sports can truly rival the intensity and physicality of ice hockey, where both teams combine speed, strength, skill – not to mention constant collisions! It’s no wonder that ice hockey betting is gaining popularity among sports bettors worldwide.

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