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Top 5 esports betting app worth experiencing for beginners

Finding the perfect esports betting app is more than simply searching for a provider and then looking for their Esports gambling app download. The immense advancements in the esports betting industry mean that the Esports gambling app is not only your ideal choice of free esports betting app, but also contains many additional features to make betting with the company even easier, More exciting and there is a wide selection of esports titles to bet on. as well. Today’s article share with you the most prestigious sports applications that players should participate in.

Learn about esports betting apps
Learn about esports betting apps

What is an Esports Betting App?

An Esports betting application is an online platform or app that allows users to place real-money bets on Esports events, where professional teams or individuals compete in electronic games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and many other games. Esports betting has rapidly become a thriving industry, with millions of fans worldwide participating in wagering on Esports matches and tournaments.

Esports betting applications typically offer the following features:

  • Live Betting: Enables users to place bets in real-time during the course of a match.
  • Variety of Bets: These applications provide various types of bets, including match winner bets, score bets, bets on outstanding players, and many others.
  • Statistics and Information: These apps often provide statistical data, news, and events related to Esports to help users gather essential information for making betting decisions.
  • Community and Discussion: Some apps allow users to engage with a community to discuss Esports and share betting predictions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Ensures that users have a convenient and user-friendly experience while placing bets.

What will affect my choice of esports betting apps?

As you can see, you have many choices when it comes to Esports gambling app for both Android and iOS devices. However, what should you consider when deciding which app is the most suitable Esports betting app for you?

Here is a list of key factors to consider when selecting the Esports betting app that you want:

Key factors to consider when downloading a sports betting app
Key factors to consider when downloading a sports betting app

1. Compatibility

This may seem obvious, but choosing an app that is compatible with your mobile device is always a smart move, especially if you want the convenience of a downloadable app. Some websites only offer one type of app, such as W88, which provides a downloadable Android app. That doesn’t mean iOS users can’t use the website; they will just have to use the mobile-optimized W88 website.

2. Available Esports Titles and Markets

An app won’t be useful to you if it doesn’t provide you with the opportunity to bet on the games you want to wager on. Fortunately, most apps today include major Esports titles (Dota 2, CSGO, LoL, StarCraft II, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, etc.). However, if there’s a specific game you want to bet on, then a more suitable market might not be available on all providers, so you should research which Esports betting app options offer that specific Esports title.

3. Stability

Nothing frustrates Esports betting enthusiasts more than an unstable app, crashes, or one that simply doesn’t work smoothly. The stability of the app is always crucial, and you can assess the app’s stability by checking their reviews, both on our website and in app reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store.

4. User-Friendliness

Esports and sports betting service providers have invested a lot of effort and money into making their apps as user-friendly as possible. Ideally, you should look for an app that offers easy and quick access to the betting markets you want to follow. An easy way to learn more about this is to read objective reviews of a website to discover its user-friendliness and accessibility for customers.

5. Payment Options

When betting on Esports through an app, the payment options available to you are an important consideration. The payment methods accepted by bookmaker online can vary widely from one site to another. Some may offer standard payment options, some may offer cryptocurrency options, and some may provide a combination. Especially when on the move, having easy access to online payment methods like e-wallet services (Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, etc.) can be a convenient way to handle transactions instead of using your bank account and/or credit/debit cards. However, many Esports betting websites also offer cryptocurrency payments (e.g., Coinplay).

Combining how you want to play with how you want to deposit money is an important factor to consider when selecting an Esports betting app.

6. Value of Odds

Good odds can provide you with much better long-term profitability, so it’s worth considering whether the Esports betting service provider you’ve chosen offers generous odds consistently over the long term.

7. Promotions and Offers

Whether you’re considering an Esports betting app for Android or iOS, you’ll want to get good value when signing up and placing bets, and you can get this from websites that offer bonuses, promotions, and other long-term Esports betting offers generously.

Also, pay attention to customer loyalty and/or VIP programs, as these can also potentially provide you with some excellent long-term value.

8. Customer Service Options

While not everything frequently goes wrong with the best Esports betting services, it’s comforting to know that you always have customer support available at the touch of a button.

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Detailed review of the 5 best esports betting apps worth experiencing

Refer to know the pros and cons of each application, from which to make the decision to choose the most suitable for your own criteria.

1. W88

W88 is a financially strong and legally licensed bookmaker. The betting products and services offered by this bookmaker are highly regarded by the betting community for their professionalism and reliability. One of the areas with a large number of participants here is Esports. By downloading the W88 Esport app, you can participate in betting anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device.

Play free esports betting at W88
Play free esports betting at W88


  • The W88 interface is well-organized, prioritizing essential information.
  • Upon entering the Esport section, players are presented with numerous attractive options, leading the market today: Fantasy Sports, A Sports, E Sports, C Sports, V Sports, X Sports.
  • Welcoming promotions for new players in the form of bonus exchanges or reward points.
  • The Esport betting platform has high-level encryption for security and data protection.


  • Many promotions have strict conditions for eligibility.
  • Customer support is not exceptionally professional.

2. M88

The M88 app attracts thousands of downloads every year. One of the gaming sections contributing to the brand’s large member base is Esports. Additionally, M88 offers odds for exciting and reputable tournaments, along with many special promotions. This is indeed one of the Esport betting apps worth trying.

M88 - Competitive odds esports betting web
M88 – Competitive odds esports betting web


  • The betting platform here is updated with the latest modern technology features, optimizing the betting experience.
  • Esport Sports Hall offers various options for bettors: M Sports, Pinnacle, Saba, TF Gaming.
  • A wide variety of Esports games to bet on.
  • Fast game loading, quick betting, and payment processing.
  • M88 applies an unlimited refund policy in the betting hall.


  • Customer support response can be slow, especially during peak hours.

3. Fun88

Fun88 is a well-known betting site covering areas such as sports, Esports, live casinos, lottery, and more. Fun88 is also the main sponsor of the world champion Dota 2 team. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why the Fun88 Esports betting app is famous and has a large user base.


  • A diverse collection of Esports games, regularly updated with versions from renowned developers. Most of these games hold significant appeal among gamers, including Saba, Inplay Matrix, CMD, and Bti.
  • A commitment to fair rewards, aiming for a healthy, sophisticated, and equitable betting experience.
  • Dedicated customer support representatives handle all inquiries related to promotions and special account benefits.
  • You can place bets on games like CS:GO, Hearthstone, PUBG, League of Legends, and more.


  • In addition, the app integrates a friend-connecting feature into each account, allowing bettors to chat and learn strategies from one another.

4. FB88

FB88 is a bookmaker hailing from the West and is well-known among Vietnamese bettors due to their outstanding advertising campaigns. This Esports betting app is under the umbrella of the YRB conglomerate, boasting substantial financial power and gradually dominating the market for real-money entertainment. Currently, FB88 ranks among the top reputable Esports betting websites, so you can trust in its reliability and fairness.

FB88 - Highly Recognized Esport Betting App
FB88 – Highly Recognized Esport Betting App


  • FB88 currently provides two licensed Esports betting sections, namely F88 Esport and Esport 7.
  • The Esport bonuses offered by FB88 are very attractive compared to the market’s average odds.
  • Numerous promotions and appealing perks, including card deposit promotions, unlimited cashback, and daily check-in bonuses.
  • Various Esports games are available, such as Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and more.


  • FB88 occasionally displays ads in the betting lobby. However, these ads quickly end within a few seconds and do not significantly impact the bettor’s experience.

5. BK8

You might not be aware that BK8 is a bookmaker under the ownership of the renowned AG Group. With this solid backing, BK8 has the capability to make waves in the betting market. The app features a unique but user-friendly interface, which is a plus for BK8. This Esports betting site offers a variety of betting options and has brought the most exciting experiences to its members. Don’t hesitate any longer; download the BK8 app and start participating in betting today.

BK8 - Preeminent Esport betting app
BK8 – Preeminent Esport betting app


  • The Esport betting app has a neat interface with full functionality.
  • Customer care services are highly rated.
  • Fast payment processing.
  • Offers various betting lobbies and collaborates with many well-known Esports publishers.


  • There are many promotional programs, but the wagering requirements and turnover can be high.
  • Network congestion during peak hours. Frequent maintenance may disrupt the betting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Esports gambling app

Is there an app for Esports betting?

Yes, most top Esports betting websites or sports betting services offer Esports as either mobile apps or as mobile-compatible websites.

Which app can I bet on League of Legends with?

As a highly popular Esports game, betting on League of Legends is available on various betting apps listed in this article. Apps from Bet365, LeoVegas, and Betway are examples.

What factors should I consider when choosing an Esports gambling app?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing an Esports betting app, including compatibility with your device, user-friendliness, customer service, Esports odds value, the variety of Esports titles available, the number of markets offered, available payment options, and various promotional programs provided on the website.

Is my choice of Esports betting app free?

Yes, all Esports betting apps listed in this article are available for free download.


The list of 5 esports betting apps mentioned will definitely help you choose a safe place to send your passion. All of these apps offer bets on popular esports and tournaments large and small. Wherever you decide to get involved, don’t forget that online gambling is first and foremost fun – just like video games. Therefore, we recommend that you always gamble responsibly.

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