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Top 10 hot soccer players female in the world right now

Watching beautiful and talented women showcase their skills on the field enhances the passion for football. Female footballers not only possess beauty but also demonstrate remarkable skills. Some of these athletes not only establish themselves in sports but also become prominent figures in other fields such as cinema, television, modeling, etc. Beauty is subjective, and some of these football players have garnered adoration – likes from their fans. has compiled a list of 10 hot soccer players female for you to admire and follow on social media to learn more about them.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Soccer Players in the World 2024

1. Hot soccer players female: Ana Maria Markovic

Our list of the 10 most beautiful female soccer players begins with the name of Croatian footballer Ana Maria Markovic. Ana Maria Markovic, a Croatian national currently playing for Grasshopper Club Zurich, has become renowned for the title of ‘the world’s most beautiful female soccer player’.

Hot soccer players female: Ana Maria Markovic
Hot soccer players female: Ana Maria Markovic

However, this has brought her a whirlwind of complex emotions, especially as she’s been perceived as a ‘sexy’ icon, something she feels uncomfortable with due to excessive attention and unwanted messages on social media. With over 3 million followers on Instagram, Ana is a professional athlete and should be recognized for her skills and achievements on the field rather than just her attractive appearance.

2. Alisha Lehmann

In our list of the most beautiful female soccer players, next up is the name of Swiss professional footballer, Alisha Lehmann. Alisha Lehmann is not only a talented footballer but also on a trajectory of remarkable growth, asserting her status as an icon in English football. With her excellence, she contributed significantly to West Ham United’s success over three consecutive seasons from 2018 before moving to Everton on loan in January 2021, where she left a strong impression. Currently, Alisha is playing for Aston Villa and continues to showcase her outstanding skills on the field.

Hottest female soccer player: Alisha Lehmann
Hottest female soccer player: Alisha Lehmann

Alisha’s allure and natural beauty not only attract attention on the field but have also garnered her a considerable fan following across Europe, with over 13 million followers on her Instagram account. Alisha is regarded as one of the most attractive and famous female soccer players globally.

3. Agata Isabella Centasso

Agata Isabella Centasso, a talented midfielder playing for the Venezia women’s team in Serie B, has risen to third place in the rankings. Although primarily playing as a winger, she initially started her career as an amateur player. However, Agata Isabella Centasso has become famous not only for her football skills.

Hot women soccer players: Agata Isabella Centasso
Hot women soccer players: Agata Isabella Centasso

With her beautiful appearance, she is considered by many as ‘the most beautiful female soccer player in the world’. Her online presence and follower count on social media continue to surge whenever her name hits the headlines. Agata Isabella Centasso is not only an excellent player on the field but also a beauty icon admired worldwide.

4. Jordyn Huitema

Jordyn Huitema, a rising young soccer star from Canada, currently holds the fourth position on the list of top players. She first gained prominence when she participated in the 2018 Women’s International Champions Cup (WICC) with the PSG Féminines team. Taking a decisive step, on January 24, 2019, Huitema chose to forego her college education to fully focus on her professional soccer career. This determination paid off as PSG, recognizing her potential, signed her to a long-term contract lasting 4 years on May 17, 2019.

Hot female soccer player: Jordyn Huitema
Hot soccer players female: Jordyn Huitema

Though still very young, Huitema has already proven her abilities. She entered the international soccer scene at the age of 16 and quickly made an impact. With superior technique and speed, many predict she could become a worthy successor to Canadian soccer legend Christine Sinclair. Huitema’s potential is not only a source of pride for Canadian soccer but also an inspiration for young players worldwide.

5. Lauren Sesselmann

Lauren Sesselmann, an American-born Canadian soccer player, ranks fifth on our list of the most beautiful female players. Despite being 39 years old and surpassing the so-called “peak” of her career, Lauren continues to participate in women’s soccer and is a notable member of the Santa Clarita Blue Heat club.

Hottest female football player: President Lauren
Hottest female football player: President Lauren

Lauren represented the Canadian national team from 2011 to 2015 and played an important role in winning the Olympic bronze medal. In addition to her on-field career, Lauren has other diverse roles. She is a television host, producer, and fitness trainer for the DVD series “Fit As A Pro with Lauren Sesselmann.” This role not only allows her to impart knowledge and experience in fitness but also provides an opportunity for her to build a multidimensional image, reflecting her abilities and talents across various fields.

6. Kosovare Asllani

Kosovare Asllani, a renowned soccer player from Sweden, is not only a pillar of Real Madrid in the Spanish Primera Division but also an integral member of the Swedish national women’s team. With her versatility, she is often deployed as an attacking midfielder or forward on the field.

Hottest football players female: Kosovare Asllani
Hottest football players female: Kosovare Asllani

Affectionately nicknamed “Kosse,” Kosovare Asllani not only captivates fans with her fast pace and superior technique on the field but also with her charm and loveliness. In the hearts of fans, she is known as a “Queen,” an emblem of sophistication and power, not just in soccer but in the community as well. The combination of Kosovare Asllani’s talent, strength, and beauty has created a powerful and captivating image, elevating her name not only in the world of soccer but also globally.

7. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan, an American soccer player, excels not only in skill but also possesses captivating beauty, currently ranking seventh on the list. Her career has witnessed significant successes, including two World Cup championships and Olympic gold medals as a member of the US national team. Alex Morgan has entered history as one of the top female soccer players in the United States.

Hottest female soccer player: Alex Morgan
Hottest female soccer player: Alex Morgan

However, Alex’s success doesn’t stop there. Her career reached new heights when she joined the Lyon club in France. Here, she contributed to the team’s three successful seasons, winning three titles in a season, including the Champions League championship and a treble in a single season. This demonstrates her excellence and influence in international soccer.

Currently, Alex Morgan has returned to the United States and is playing for the San Diego Wave Club, where she continues to showcase her dynamism and talent on the field. The combination of Alex Morgan’s talent and beauty not only mesmerizes fans but also elevates her name in the world of soccer.

8. Julini Sally

Julini Sally, a talented youngster hailing from Carouge, is making significant strides in the world of soccer as a female player. With exquisite skills and an alluring dark complexion, she proudly showcases her love for the game through her personal Instagram account, where she shares emotional moments and successes in her soccer career.

Julini began shining at a very young age, making her debut in the Champions League as a gifted teenager. Currently residing and playing in Brittany, France, she continues to display her strength and talent on the field.

Hot soccer players female: Julini Sally
Hot soccer players female: Julini Sally

In addition to her excellence in soccer, Julini is admired by fans for her natural beauty and allure, making her a symbol of elegance and charm. With her distinctive beauty and impressive talent, Julini has been dubbed as the “black beauty,” a name that honors both her appearance and prowess in the world of soccer.

9. Poppy Pattinson

Poppy Pattinson, a professional soccer player from England, has made a strong impression as a left-back for Brighton & Hove Albion in the FA Women’s Championship, ranking 9th. With her natural beauty and special allure, Poppy has attracted a large following not only for her skills on the field but also for her captivating appearance and sophisticated demeanor.

Hot women soccer players: Poppy Pattinson
Hot women soccer players: Poppy Pattinson

Currently, Poppy Pattinson has moved to Everton for this season, opening a new chapter in her career. With her influence and professional soccer skills, Poppy is considered one of the top female soccer players in the world, not only for her achievements on the field but also for her appeal and influence on both social media platforms and among fans.

10. Alexia Putellas

Alexia Putellas, currently holding the tenth position on this list, is one of the biggest stars in women’s soccer. Known as the captain of Barcelona in the Spanish Primera Division, she is a talented midfielder and an icon for both the club and the Spanish national team on the international stage.

With her hard work and talent, Alexia Putellas has been honored with the Ballon d’Or award and named UEFA Women’s Player of the Year for 2021. Perhaps her greatest success came from her significant contribution to Barcelona’s victory in the UEFA Women’s Champions League 2020-2021, where she played an undeniable role in leading the team to victory.

Hot female soccer player: Alexia Putellas
Hot female soccer player: Alexia Putellas

These achievements not only attest to Alexia’s talent and dedication in her soccer career but also serve as inspiration for young players and fans worldwide. Alexia Putellas is not only a top player but also an icon of strength and success in women’s soccer.


The world of soccer is witnessing an increasing number of beautiful, talented female players who leave their mark both on and off the field. These women not only break stereotypes but also become role models for young girls eager to play soccer. While their looks may have gained them fame, it’s their skills and hard work that have earned them respect in the soccer community. Let’s celebrate the beauty and talent of these remarkable women, proving that soccer is not just a game for men.

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