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Information about handicap tennis betting that players should know

Tennis is a sport that many players are interested in today, to satisfy bettors, many bookmakers have invested in bringing this sport and attractive bets to the web. Surely many novice brothers wonder about sports betting information. What is handicap tennis betting? Betting tips on how to play tennis betting effectively at the bookmaker will be updated right in this article of bestsoccertips let’s follow!

Find out information about Tennis Betting
Find out information about Tennis Betting

What is Handicap Tennis Betting?

Origin of Tennis

Tennis is believed to have originated in England, attributed to a British army officer named Walter Clopton Wingfield, who invented it around 1873 based on an ancient Greek game. Initially, the British referred to this sport as “lawn tennis,” while Wingfield called it “Sphairistiké.”

Later on, tennis was introduced to Bermuda by the British and from there it began to spread to the United States around 1874. In France, it is believed that tennis developed from a traditional game called “Jeu de paume.”

However, up to the present time, there is still considerable debate regarding the most accurate historical account of the origins of tennis.

What is Tennis Betting?

Tennis betting is a form of sports betting. In many countries around the world, including Vietnam, sports betting is a common and popular form of entertainment. Specifically in tennis, bettors can place bets on any tennis player they prefer. In fact, there are various types of tennis betting, and bookmakers often offer a variety of interesting betting options for players to choose from.

Through tennis betting, sports enthusiasts not only enjoy the excitement of following their favorite players and matches, but also have the opportunity to potentially earn money through their bets.

Sports betting in general and tennis betting in particular used to be primarily organized at stadiums. However, thanks to technological advancements, online sports betting has gained significant popularity. If you’re interested, you can track the match schedule, choose an online betting platform, and engage in online betting quickly and conveniently.

Provisions handicap games Tennis

Tennis betting is governed by specific regulations depending on the bookmakers online or betting platform you join. Here are some common rules regarding tennis betting:

Know the Tennis Betting Rules when playing at the bookmaker
Know the Tennis Betting Rules when playing at the bookmaker
  • All bets are accepted in the event that the match has concluded. If the match is unfinished due to time constraints and has to be replayed, bets placed on the match will be deemed invalid based on the referee’s decision.
  • Any changes in match duration, whether extended or reduced to determine the winner, will render the bets void.
  • If a player does not participate in the match as per the announced schedule, bets placed on that player will be invalid and canceled.
  • If an athlete or team is disqualified or withdraws from the match during play, bets placed on that match will be void.
  • If the venue of the match differs from the previously announced venue, bets placed on the match will be invalid.
  • If a match is temporarily postponed or suspended for reasons declared by the organizing committee, all placed bets will remain valid once the match is completed.
  • If a match starts before the previously announced schedule, bets placed before the start of the match will be considered valid. Conversely, bets placed after the match has started (excluding “In-Play” bets) will be considered invalid.
  • For the four major championships including the Australian Open, the US Open, the French Open, and Wimbledon, the method of determining results will differ between male and female athletes as follows: For Men: The player who wins the first 3 sets will win the match. For Women: The player who wins the first 2 sets will win the match.

Popular forms of tennis betting

Tennis Odds Final Result (Open Bet)

In this form, bettors predict the overall winner of the match. It is one of the simple popular forms of betting today.

Tennis Handicap

Similar to handicap in football, basketball, volleyball,… With tennis, the stronger team/athlete will accept the team considered weaker, the evaluation of which will be determined by the bookmaker. For tennis, there will be a handicap for the first game, the stakes will be calculated based on the final result of that match.

Tennis Game Handicap
Tennis Game Handicap

Full Game Over/Under Betting

It is a form of tennis betting that the bookmaker will analyze and give a hypothetical number for the total number of final points. The player chooses to predict the total number of official scoring points: placing greater (Over) or less than (Under) than the hypothetical goal offered by the betting site. Each option will have different odds when winning a bet.

Parity Odds

With this type of bet, the player predicts the outcome, the number of points scored is even or odd. Each even or odd bet will have a different bet when winning. If a bet is lost, the player loses the amount he bets for the corresponding handicap.

First game winner bet

In this form, players will predict which player will win in the first game. The bet will remain valid if a player quits after the first game has just been completed. However, if the first game is not completed, all bets placed on the First Game Winner will be void.

There are also in-play bets, handicaps, and underdog bets,…

How to play tennis and how to calculate points

Playing virtual sports betting operates on the same principles as placing bets on regular sports. However, each game will have slightly varied betting rules due to the nature of the game. For example, in the sport of tennis, the ITF rules are applied with points scored as 15-30-40. This means that in order to participate in betting on this game, you must understand how tennis is played and how points are calculated to determine if you’ll win or not.

How to play tennis simply
How to play tennis simply

For instance, in soccer matches, the game is divided into two halves and additional minutes for extra time, overtime, etc. In tennis matches, it’s based on sets.

We have match points, games, and sets to calculate the overall result of the match. A match can be divided into three sets, with the winner needing to win two out of three sets to win the match.

Additionally, there are five-set matches (win three out of five to win). In each set, whichever side wins six games first wins the set (however, they must be two games ahead of the opponent). For example, if the set score is 5/5, the player who wins the next two games wins the set.

In real-life doubles matches involving mixed gender, the scoring system is different. Therefore, to understand how the game operates, you must dedicate time to learning the scoring system.

For virtual tennis betting, the only difference is that instead of betting on a three or five-set match, you’re betting on a single game.

This means you’ll have a limited number of betting options. You’ll receive betting categories for “Winner,” “Total Points,” and “Exact Score.” After that, it’s just a matter of placing bets on your preferred betting options and enjoying the game.

Remember, in a tennis match, the serving player always has an advantage, and you should keep this in mind when placing bets. However, unlike real-life sports, virtual sports allow players to know the exact handicap odds. This figure isn’t affected by external factors like in real matches. Therefore, when participating in handicap betting in virtual sports, players aren’t influenced by external match information as much.

Tips for Winning Tennis Betting

In reality, tennis betting or any form of sports betting largely relies on the luck of the bettor. However, there are still several factors that bettors can control to make their betting experience more meaningful and entertaining:

Some tips for playing tennis betting
Some tips for playing tennis betting
  • Capital management: This involves preparing a certain amount of money for betting. If you win, withdraw your winnings and continue betting with the remaining amount. If you lose, take a break instead of borrowing money to continue betting. Borrowing money can create psychological pressure, leading to impulsive decisions during betting.
  • Maintain a calm mindset: Betting on sports, including tennis, is an exciting form of entertainment that can easily get players overly excited. However, during betting, you can easily control your winnings if you remain calm and analyze the capabilities of the players, as well as the course of the match.
  • Understand the rules of the game: The rules here include both the rules of tennis and the rules of betting at the online bookmakers you have chosen. Often overlooked, understanding the rules is one of the main reasons people tend to lose in tennis betting.
  • Learn about the player: Each tennis player has different abilities and playing styles. Understanding their records will boost your confidence when placing bets. Knowing which type of court they excel on will give you an advantage when placing bets.
  • Stay updated on the schedule: Keeping track of the schedule will not only prevent you from missing major tournaments and exciting matches but also help you identify potential opportunities in various types of courts.

By considering these factors, you can enhance your overall tennis betting experience and increase your chances of making informed decisions. Keep in mind that while luck plays a role, understanding and analyzing these aspects can contribute to a more successful betting strategy.


Handicap Tennis Betting is gradually becoming popular and is being put on the betting floor by many interested bookmakers, hopefully with the above article you have an overview of online tennis betting. The experiences and tips have also been mentioned by us to help you have basic methods to introduce this entertainment very attractive. I wish you every success!

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