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Simple how to bet on greyhounds guide: Winning big is not difficult

How to bet on greyhounds is a type of sports entertainment that sounds quite new but is quite a popular form of betting around the world. This sport is not very popular in Vietnam but firmly believes that in the coming years, it will be able to reach more players in Vietnam. Find out with bestsoccertips through the article below.

The history of greyhound racing betting today
The history of greyhound racing betting today

Learn about the history of greyhound racing betting

Betting on dog racing is a form of sports betting that originated around the mid-19th century, and the first greyhound racing track appeared in the UK in 1976. Greyhound racing takes place on oval or circular tracks.

The participants in this sport are dogs, guided by a mechanical hare or sometimes a live hare. The race concludes when a dog touches the finish line. The mechanical hare is attached to a rail and travels around the track upon completion.

The breeds selected for racing are carefully chosen and maintained under strict conditions. This ensures they have a pleasing physique and enduring stamina for racing. When the racing ability of these well-bred dogs diminishes, they are retired and often used for breeding purposes or placed in retirement sanctuaries.

Betting on dog racing is not much different from horse racing; this form of sports betting is highly popular in Western countries. Eventually, it spread to Japan and further into the Asian market.

Prior to this, numerous greyhound racing events have taken place, generating substantial profits. Players enjoy thrilling experiences while betting, and the betting operators reap significant benefits. All participating greyhounds are selectively bred and undergo professional training.

Currently, players have two options to engage in dog racing betting. One is to attend the racetrack in person, place bets, and observe the races. The other option is online betting, made feasible by the advancements in technology. Players can choose the type of wager they prefer and place their trust in a dog they believe in, regardless of their geographical distance.

Tip: When betting on football, you should refer to reliable football betting tips sources to increase your winning odds when placing bets.

Dog Racing Rules – Betting on Dog Racing

Dog racing is a sport that brings excitement and allure to many individuals. Adding the aspect of betting on dog racing makes the experience even more engaging. While it may sound simple, dog racing has its own set of rules, and these rules are essential information for those who engage in betting.

Greyhound racing rules
Greyhound racing rules

In each race, there can be 6-8 dogs participating on the track. They are placed in crates before the competition begins. When the signal is given, the doors will open, and the dogs will sprint out.

To stimulate them, a mechanical lure in the form of a plush rabbit is attached to the rail and moves ahead of the dogs, encouraging them to chase. In dog racing, the participating dogs are categorized into grades: D, C, B, A, AA, and AAA.

When a racing dog wins three consecutive races, it is promoted to a higher grade. Similarly, in case of losses, if a dog loses three consecutive races, it is demoted a grade. In larger racetracks, participants and spectators alike receive individual data about each racing dog on the track, whether they are placing bets or simply observing the races.

After that, there will be a bet, how to bet on dog races players will place according to the bet ticket, specifically

  • Singles bet: 1st place bet
  • Double bets: bet 2 children finish first and second in order or bet 2 children finish first and second in no order
  • Triple bet: 3 bets that finish first second and third, and 3 bets that finish second and third are in no order
  • Bet four: bet 4 that finish second and third, and bet 4 that finish second, third, fourth, in no order.

Upon completion of these bets and ensuring that they are valid with the bookmaker’s requirements, the player has successfully placed the bet. If it does not match, the bet result will be canceled, so players should be prepared to learn about the method and steps to take when placing bets.

Although the dog race only takes a few minutes to end, but during that time is really the moment when players are enjoying the race. It takes observation and acumen to analyze the situation and make the right bet choice.

How to bet on Greyhounds effectively

How to Win Betting on Greyhounds to win requires mastery of the rules, analysis of information and the use of smart strategies. Here are 5 important steps to give you a better chance of how to bet on dog races to achieve winning results:

how to bet greyhound racing
how to bet greyhound racing

Step 1: Choose a reputable bookmaker

How to bet on greyhounds to win is to choose a reliable and reputable bookmaker to bet on. Make sure that the bookmaker has a license to operate legally and offers safety and security features. Check reviews and opinions from the player community to make sure you make the right choice.

Step 2: Research on greyhounds

Learn about the greyhounds participating in the race, including competition history, previous performance, speed and running style. Considerations such as weather conditions and course terrain are also important in how to bet on dog racing strategy.

Step 3: Choose the right bet type

How to win at greyhound betting? Choose the type of bet that suits your knowledge and experience. There are different types of bets such as winning bets (Win), team bets (Quinella), combinatorial bets (Exacta), and many others. Understand how each type of bet works and determine the right one for your strategy.

Step 4: Use statistical information

How to bet greyhound racing is to look at the statistics of previous greyhounds to assess the performance and capabilities of each dog. Consider factors such as win rate, standing position in previous races, and average score

Step 5: Manage your budget and strategy

Set a specific budget for betting and stick to it. Build a betting strategy based on the information you’ve researched. You can consider how to bet on dog races betting based on statistics, speed predictions, or a combination of both. Make sure you don’t exceed your set budget and always have a contingency plan for different scenarios.

Tips that players need to pay attention to in how to bet on greyhound racing

Players participating in dog racing betting should remember that unexpected or unfortunate factors are highly likely to occur. Players should remain calm and be prepared to accept the possibility of variables when placing bets.

Know your greyhound racing bets
Know your greyhound racing bets

Furthermore, in order to prepare mentally and anticipate such circumstances, players should have a clear understanding of the information about each dog on the race track. This will help you understand the weaknesses of the dog you’re selecting, and how the other dogs compare, excel, and potentially surpass the dog you’ve chosen.

Simply by grasping these factors, players can maintain a sense of calmness and observe the overall situation to monitor how the atmosphere of the race is changing and unfolding. Additionally, players should also be aware of the gender and age of the chosen dog, and keep track of their age progression.

This is because it usually takes 2 years for a dog to reach full maturity and they generally meet the standard when they are 3 years old. When fully matured and in their prime, ensure that they are fully developed and in optimal condition to maximize their potential during the competition.

Furthermore, don’t forget to select a reputable betting platform, ensuring meaningful matches and wagers. And most importantly, prioritize safety, both in terms of players’ rights and their betting funds.


Hopefully, with our above sharing about dog racing information as well as how to bet on greyhounds can help people understand more about this form of betting at reputable bookmakers. Wish everyone a fun and worthwhile experience when betting on dog racing!

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