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Top 5 handball betting sites for thrilling wagering experience

Handball betting reached its peak throughout the Olympics, with the sport continuing to grow in popularity across Europe. In today article, we’ll highlight which handball betting sites offer handball options and look at what exactly handball betting involves. Let’s follow the article with bestsoccertips below!

Learn about handball betting sites
Learn about handball betting sites

What is Volleyball Betting?

Volleyball betting involves placing bets on the outcomes and events in volleyball matches. Volleyball, also known as handball, is a sport in which players participate by throwing a ball from a distance, attempting to defeat their opponents by making the ball pass them without being touched. Volleyball betting allows players to place wagers on various aspects of the match, such as predicting the winner, final score, total points scored, or specific events that occur during the match.

Players can place bets before the match starts or during the course of the match. Betting odds are typically determined based on the likelihood of different outcomes occurring and the player predictions about the match. Volleyball betting is an integral part of the sports betting industry, adding excitement for both fans and bettors who follow and participate in volleyball matches.

Various Forms of Handball Betting

There are several ways to engage in handball betting:

  • Match Winner Bet: In each set, you simply place a bet on the team you believe will score more points and emerge victorious in that particular match.
  • First Half Winner Bet: You predict which team will lead in the first half of the match.
  • Handicap Betting: Based on the inherent strengths of both teams, the betting site sets a handicap, and you use your knowledge of the teams to place a bet on the most reasonable handicap.
  • First Scoring Player Bet: For this type of bet, you need to have a fairly deep understanding of certain players within the team.
  • Tournament Winner Bet: This type of bet takes longer to yield results, as you must wait until the final champion of the season is determined.

Furthermore, there are numerous other handball betting options that you can explore when participating in live handball betting at various betting sites. These include bets on total points, bets on how many times a team will substitute players, bets on the number of fouls a player will commit, accumulator bets, and more.

Top 5 Handball Betting Sites Reputable

1. W88 – Handball Betting Website

The W88 website is one of the leading and reputable handball betting sites across the Asian region. It is recognized as one of the top online bookmakers.

This platform offers a wide range of betting options for both major and minor handball tournaments worldwide. Upon visiting the site, you’ll find comprehensive match reviews and detailed day-to-day handball betting odds that are diverse and transparent. Additionally, the site boasts a large player community, especially in the live betting section.

W88 – highly rated at online betting forums
W88 – highly rated at online betting forums

On W88, you’ll find various other gambling options and disciplines related to betting. However, the primary focus and the most popular among players are handball bets. Upon entering the website, you’ll be greeted by a user-friendly interface featuring a multitude of different odds. These attractive odds are designed to engage and appeal to viewers and players alike. The available betting types range from Over/Under, Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Malaysian Odds, to Indonesian Odds, allowing you to make your choice.

Depositing, withdrawing, and refunding funds on W88 is quick and easy. You won’t need to worry about any hassles when making your bets.

2. FB88 – Handball Betting Website

The second website to mention here is FB88. FB88 is a reputable and fairly large online betting platform in the Asian region. This Philippines-based website is licensed for online betting activities.

FB88 handball betting website offers a variety of bets across different sports disciplines, including soccer, table tennis, basketball, racing, MMA, tennis, and more. You can engage in betting and exploring your favorite sports.

Reputable bookmaker interface FB88
Reputable bookmaker interface FB88

The website is designed with a neat and convenient interface. Additionally, it offers a mobile application for user-friendly mobile access. The site provides quick and accurate updates on matches, free handball betting tips today, and various odds. The rate of distributing bonuses and rewards is also prompt.

3. M88 – Handball Betting Website

M88 is the next website in line in this article. M88 specializes in casino gaming and handball betting.

This handball betting website features separate sections where you can select your preferred sports discipline. Alongside that, you’ll find diverse and verified betting odds. M88 constantly updates its weekly promotions for players, and their 24/7 support and consultation process ensures that you won’t have any unresolved queries about this family of websites.

Reputable M88 Handball Betting
Reputable M88 Handball Betting

M88 homepage often features an attractive design with vibrant visuals and outstanding information about sporting events and promotions. Users can easily find sports, live events and online casino games. M88 is one of the attractive options for people who want to engage in online betting.

4. 1xBet – Website for handball bets

1xBet is a name that speaks volumes on the market, and that for a reason. Since its creation in 2011, 1xBet has been providing punters with a wide array of available sports types and betting markets. Among the indisputable advantages of this bookmaker is the availability of Live Streaming, a Bet Constructor feature, Cash Out, over 140 payment options, and more. Sign-up to 1xBet right now and see all the perks it can offer to punters yourself.

1Xbet the highest rated pitching site
1Xbet the highest rated pitching site

The sports section of the 1xBet interface offers a wide range of sports ranging from football, basketball, tennis to esports and many others. Users can easily find ongoing events and upcoming events, along with diverse betting options.

With a wide variety of sports bets, casino games and attractive promotions, 1xBet is one of the most popular and attractive betting sites for players around the world.

5. Bet365 – Website for handball bets

Bet365 is one of the veterans of sports betting. The platform has been online since 2000 and it now offers more than 45 sports to bet on with thousands of daily, weekly, and monthly in-play events. If you want to watch live broadcasts and place your handball bets in real time, Bet365 offers a Live Streaming option for all the popular sports events. Besides, there is a quick and responsive Bet365 mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms.

Bet365 the most reputable pitching site
Bet365 the most reputable pitching site

The interface of Bet365 is designed in a modern and attractive way, with diverse color tones and a clear layout of information. The homepage welcomes users by displaying outstanding sporting events and attractive promotions. This makes it easy for players to identify the latest betting opportunities and ongoing offers.

Handball Betting Strategy

As with other team sports, mastering handball betting requires a combination of luck and skill. Here are some useful suggestions that may improve your chances of success in the long term.

Shop Around for the Best Bookmaker

The devil is in the details, so it is vital you do your homework when searching for the best handball odds. Make sure you compare and contrast various betting sites, so you can find the one that caters to your needs.

Know the Game

The better you understand handball as a sport, the smarter your handball betting predictions are likely to be. Whether it is following a particular European league or keeping an eye on Champions League developments, make sure you approach each competition in a methodical way.

Try Out Other Markets

Another useful handball betting tip is to explore other markets. Once you feel comfortable with the ‘Match Winner’ market, then you should broaden your horizons, and test out others such as Total Over/Under Goals or the First Half sections.

Some handball betting strategies
Some handball betting strategies

Frequently Asked Questions About Handball Betting Sites

We’ve put in our utmost effort to teach you how to place bets on handball and address all the major issues you might encounter. However, if you still have questions about handball betting, here are our honest answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best online handball betting website?

After careful consideration, we have found that Bwin is the best handball betting website. Our team has reviewed numerous sites offering handball betting, but Bwin stands out due to its excellent odds and enticing welcome bonuses, making it our preferred choice for handball betting.

How can I win when betting on handball?

Handball betting offers various markets and multiple strategies can be applied. Your main objective is to always get the best odds for each bet, as this significantly enhances your long-term profits. Even a small increase in betting odds for each bet you place can lead to remarkable gains over hundreds of bets.

Can you provide advice and strategies for handball betting?

While handball betting might appear simple at first glance, to win, you’ll need to delve deep and learn extensively about the sport and betting in general. We’ve provided you with solid betting tips and strategies in this guide that you can use to significantly enhance your winning chances.

Is live handball betting available during matches?

Absolutely! Leading online bookmakers offer live in-play betting for hundreds of handball matches each week. You can bet on some basic markets for most games, and in major tournaments, some bookmakers even provide specialized betting markets that you can take advantage of.

How can I place bets on handball?

You can place bets on handball by signing up with one of the top bookmakers we’ve listed in this guide and accessing their handball betting section. Keep in mind that you can also place bets on your mobile devices, as these bookmakers offer mobile apps that are compatible with all types of devices, providing you with comprehensive betting options.


While handball is probably not as popular as other sports, it has grown in recognition and popularity over the years, and there are plenty of bookmakers that offer a variety of handball betting options. Just refer to our list of handball betting sites above and choose whichever bookmaker you like to get started. Thank you for following our article!

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