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The 8 Fattest soccer player in the world

In the world of football, athletic appearance and health have always been considered important standards. However, there are some players who have proven that weight is not an inevitable condition for achieving success on the pitch. With the arrival of the world’s fattest footballer, we are reminded of diversity and versatility in the world of sports. Their physique may be controversial and receive a lot of criticism, but no one can deny their ability and talent on the pitch. Let’s bestsoccertip take a look at the tumultuous journey of fattest soccer player through the article below!

Who is the fattest soccer player?

1. Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima

When talking about the most famous rapid weight-gaining footballers, one must mention the extraterrestrial Ronaldo. From being a prolific goal scorer with lightning-fast sprints, Ronaldo transformed into a bulky figure earning himself the new nickname “Fat Ro.” Ronaldo began gaining weight after leaving Inter Milan to join Real Madrid, followed by stints at AC Milan and Corinthians.

Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima - Fattest soccer player
Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima – Fattest soccer player

Every summer back in Brazil for vacation, his waistline rapidly expanded. Late-night revelries, endless drinking sessions, and neglecting training during the summer days contributed to his bunny teeth transforming into chubby cheeks. Upon retirement, Ronaldo reached a weight of one ton, his steps heavy and sluggish. His excessive weight even led to heart rhythm disorders and breathing difficulties, requiring hospitalization and monitoring. Currently, he is actively working on weight loss in hopes of returning to the field in a new capacity.

2. Maradona

Maradona, despite being as short as a “dwarf,” had a “towering” girth. Indeed, at the peak of his career, Maradona was revered as the Golden Boy, an icon of excellence and talent in the world of football.

However, amidst his glory, Maradona’s life was not devoid of scandals and troubles. He faced accusations of doping, a suspicion that severely tarnished his reputation. Controversies and scandals surrounding Maradona’s name continued to linger.

Maradona - Fat soccer player
Maradona – Fat soccer player

Additionally, Maradona had to grapple with health issues. Battling obesity, he once reached a staggering 127 kilograms, necessitating surgery to remove two-thirds of his stomach to lose weight and improve his health. At times, Maradona’s life teetered on the brink due to his deteriorating health, yet he always displayed strength and resilience, overcoming every challenge and recovering after each surgery. This demonstrated not only his strength on the field but also his mental fortitude and willpower.

3. Neville Southall

As a footballer who didn’t move much on the field due to his position as a goalkeeper, Neville Southall fittingly finds himself on the list of overweight players. Neville Southall, a legend in Everton’s goal, was known as one of the best goalkeepers in the English Premier League, despite his excess weight. He was one of the most successful Welsh goalkeepers in England, dedicating the majority of his career to Everton, playing 578 matches in the top flight from 1981 to 1998. With The Toffees, he won the First Division twice, 2 FA Cups, 4 Charity Shields, and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1985.

Neville Southall - Fattest football player
Neville Southall – Fattest football player

In 2000, Southall decided to return to the field with Bradford when they were promoted to the Premier League. At that time, he was more than 20 kilograms overweight. However, standing between the posts, he still flew like a bird.

4. Kevin Pressman

Kevin Pressman, another goalkeeper, also makes the top 10 list of the fattest stars in the history of top-level English leagues to date. With an impressive height of 1.86 meters and weighing 91 kilograms, Pressman was not only a player who could attract attention with his robust appearance but also one of the talented goalkeepers of his generation.

Kevin Pressman - Fattest football player in the world
Kevin Pressman – Fattest football player in the world

A former England U21 international, Pressman spent the peak of his career mostly in Sheffield Wednesday’s colors. With 545 appearances over more than 17 years, including 8 seasons in the Premier League, he proved his stability and quality on the field. Despite being known for his overweight appearance, Pressman never let it affect his performance.

In fact, Kevin Pressman remained an extremely agile and flexible goalkeeper, capable of reflexes and defenses despite his weight. This made many opposing players feel uneasy when entering his goal. Some even joked that when facing Kevin Pressman’s gigantic figure resembling King Kong, they felt intimidated and lost their ability to score. This speaks to the strength not only of Pressman’s playing skills but also of his character and strong mentality on the field.

5. John Hartson

John Hartson isn’t just a physically imposing player; he’s also known for his fiery and straightforward personality. Born in Wales, standing at 1.85 meters tall and weighing around 90 kg, John has proven to be a formidable opponent on the field.

In the past, Hartson has displayed gestures of pride and aggression. Once, he threatened Wales national team coach Bobby Gould, saying he would punch him in the nose if he continued to complain about his obesity. However, this didn’t detract from Hartson’s warmth and loyalty off the field, as he was always highly regarded by teammates and coaches for his camaraderie and passion for football.

John Hartson - Fattest pro soccer player
John Hartson – Fattest pro soccer player

Despite John’s hefty appearance, he possesses excellent running ability and, notably, exceptional goal-scoring prowess. During his time at Celtic from 2001 to 2006, Hartson achieved wonders on the field. He became one of the top strikers for the team, contributing significantly to Celtic’s great achievements during that period. It was the pinnacle of John Hartson’s career, where he garnered numerous accolades and left unforgettable marks in the club’s history.

6. Neil Ruddock

Neil Ruddock may belong to the list of the “chubby” players in Premier League history. However, this star continued playing until the age of 46 and only retired earlier this year. During his time at Sunderland, Neil blatantly clinched the title of the heaviest player in the team. Although once considered a deity at The Light, when his weight exceeded the limit, Sunderland’s management had to find ways to part ways with Neil Ruddock. Swindon – his next club, also had to bid farewell to Neil when his weight exceeded 95 kg.

Neil Ruddock - Fattest professional soccer player
Neil Ruddock – Fattest professional soccer player

Despite playing as a center-back, Neil Ruddock scored over 30 goals in his career and made a strong impression with his massive physique blocking the goalmouth. With nearly 30 years of professional football, Neil Ruddock has worn the jerseys of renowned clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton, and Liverpool.

7. Jeroen Verhoeven

With a massive body weight of 103 kg, Joroen Verhoeren cannot deny his role as a “giant” in the Utrecht team’s goal in the Netherlands. Having worn the Ajax jersey, he had to face numerous questions and controversies regarding his weight. However, despite being questioned, this goalkeeper remained steadfast in his beliefs.

Jeroen Verhoeven - Fattest soccer player
Jeroen Verhoeven – Fattest soccer player

Verhoeren didn’t take long to prove that his weight didn’t affect his performance on the field. He once strongly responded to criticisms by saying, “It’s useless to explain to those who pry. People think I like to drive straight to McDonald’s after every training session, but that’s not the reality. Whatever they want to say, I’m fat, but I can catch the ball quickly, that’s enough.”

With confidence and self-assertion, Verhoeren proved that weight isn’t the sole determining factor for a player’s success. Persistence and fighting spirit are far more important qualities.

8. Jan Molby

This Danish midfielder’s career might have flourished more if not for falling into the trap of alcohol. Molby wasn’t the type of player with speed and decisiveness in tackles on the field. During his playing career, he struggled with weight issues. Since leaving Anfield, Molby’s weight has continually increased.

Jan Molby - Fattest football player
Jan Molby – Fattest football player

Jan Molby spent over 8 successful years at Liverpool, winning 3 First Division titles, 3 FA Cups, and 4 Charity Shields. Despite periodic weight issues, he was still highly regarded for his qualities as an outstanding midfielder.


Here is a list of 8 fattest soccer players that we have compiled and want to share with readers. We hope that this article has brought you the latest and most useful information. If you have any comments or need any assistance, please send us a message for assistance. Thank you for reading our article.

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