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What is corner spread betting? Some effective corner betting strategy

One of the unique betting options available today is Corner Betting. It has gained popularity recently due to its apparent unpredictability and relatively high odds. Astute bettors can find loopholes and make good money in this betting activity, whether pre-match or live betting. This article explores this type of betting as well as how to do it properly and shares some Corner Betting Strategy that you can implement to increase your chances of winning.

Learn corner spread betting
Learn corner spread betting

What is Corner Spread Betting?

Arbitrage betting is a concept commonly used in gambling and betting games, especially in games such as football, basketball, or other sports.

In arbitrage betting, players bet on the difference in the number of corner kicks or corner shots between two teams participating in a match. Usually, the bookmaker will offer betting scenarios such as “corner spread: less than 10” or “corner spread: above 5”. This means that players bet that there will be a corner difference between the two teams between less than 10 or above 5 corners, depending on the type of bet they choose.

Spread betting is often considered a popular way to bet, especially for those who love watching sports matches and want to add some appeal to the game watching experience.

Types of corner spread betting

Bookmakers always look for ways to adjust odds or introduce some variations into corner betting. Similar to other number-based bets, you can handicap, set thresholds, or bet on the number of occurrences within a specific part of the game. Here’s a quick overview of some common types of corner betting:

Handicap Corner Bet

Handicap betting means one side is given an advantage or disadvantage by a certain number. In corner kicks, you can handicap or give a lead in corners. For example, in a match between Juventus and Sevilla, you might choose -2.5 corner kicks for Juventus. The bet wins if Juventus earns at least 3 corner kicks before Sevilla.

First Half Corners

First half corners betting is a total bet where you predict the number of corner kicks awarded in the first half of the match. It involves the total points of both teams in the first half. You can predict a specific number or follow the over/under market, where you set a threshold for the first half. This option usually has higher odds compared to the total corner market.

Total Corners

The total corners market considers the number of corner kicks awarded in a match. To win the bet, you need to accurately determine the number of corner kicks awarded in the game. However, to minimize risk, most top bookmakers offer you the option to set a threshold for the number of corner kicks awarded. The total number of corners for each team varies, ranging from around 3 to over 10.

Corner Race – First to

Corner race betting allows you to predict which team will reach a certain number of corner kicks first. This could be any number, such as 3, 6, 8, 9, or 10. For example, you can predict a race to six corner kicks between Team A and Team B. If the team you choose achieves the specified number of corner kicks first, you win the bet. Other corner race markets require you to predict how long it will take before the first corner kick is awarded. Options could include time ranges like 0-5 minutes, 6-10 minutes, and so on.

Some Corner Betting Strategy Always Win

Like any other betting market, you must devise a strategy to increase your chances of winning in corner betting. Strategies help you analyze teams better and select the best options in corner betting. Although not all strategies may work in a specific game, you won’t be short of a suitable game plan. Here are some practical strategies you can use for your next corner betting:

Corner Betting Strategy
Corner Betting Strategy

1. Statistical Analysis of Corner Kicks

Most teams tend to play as they have been recently unless there’s a change in style or form. So, it’s essential to check the statistics before choosing your market. If a team has been awarded at least 5 corner kicks in 4 out of the last 5 matches, there’s a likelihood that the team will receive a similar number of corner kicks in the next match unless facing significantly stronger opposition.

2. In-Play Corner Betting

In-play corner betting significantly increases your chances of winning because you can identify playing styles before placing your bet. You can determine which team is more likely to earn more corner kicks and the potential numbers in the first half or throughout the game. Look at the team’s statistics and compare them with their performance in the current match. Check ball possession and choose the ideal market corner.

How to bet on a corner kick and win

The ability to block balls in any situation or punch them away by goalkeepers is a decisive factor in the total number of corner kicks. To win when betting on corner kicks, pay attention to their attitude in the match when there are long passes, crosses, or fierce shots. See what they do when taking a corner kick, whether they actively go for the ball or wait at the goal line.

How to corner spread betting
How to corner spread betting
  • Center-backs: Players with the talent, height, and strength to overcome any physical challenge in the penalty area but can also pass and clear the ball accurately are rare in modern football. Pay attention to players with less skill, those primarily intent on clearing the ball at any cost. They will allow more corner kicks in a match.
  • Bad weather (rain, snow, etc.): There is some contention about whether heavy rain or snow might signal more corner kicks. Some emphasize that due to slippery terrain, goalkeepers and defenders don’t hesitate before taking corner kicks to avoid worse situations for their team. Others argue that because of this fear (and because attacking players face similar difficulties in creating opportunities), they become extremely cautious not to concede many set pieces around their goal. I support the first version.
  • Injury/suspension: Pay attention to specific absences, which can significantly affect the average number of corner kicks a team has in a match. The change in starting goalkeepers, a speedy forward who likes to play on the line and often occupies the penalty area, or an intelligent midfielder capable of making accurate cross passes are important factors in a match.
  • Allegations of “fixed” results: I usually avoid mentioning “fixed” matches, but let’s face it. In some leagues, this is a reality. You may have heard that the exact number of corner kicks is easier to determine than the final result or number of goals, as this figure does not significantly impact any win/loss situations. Unfortunately, you’ll encounter some “friends” willing to provide you with “free money” information from corner kicks. I strongly advise you to avoid them. But if you’re watching a football match and observe defenders behaving suspiciously, willing to concede a corner kick, don’t hesitate to place a bet. After all, it’s your decision.
  • Number of shots per match: Do you want to learn how to bet on football and win? This is a figure found on many statistics websites, primarily from top leagues. The more shots per match, the greater the chance of earning more corner kicks. Look for teams far above the average, as bookmakers still focus more on the league’s average to offer odds.


The corner betting market allows you to predict the number and team awarded a corner kick in the match. Punters love this market because it doesn’t require them to predict which team wins or which team scores. Expect high odds when betting on most corner markets due to the risk of making the right choice. However, with good analysis and Corner Betting Strategy you can accurately predict the number of corners that will be enjoyed in the game and make a good profit.

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