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Top 5 betting greyhounds sites for ultimate thrills

Dog betting is popular throughout the country at the tracks. But nowadays, punters prefer to bet online. As a result, betting greyhounds has increased rapidly in recent years to become a major online market. In this article, bestsoccertips has brought you your favorite greyhound betting sites in 2023.

Learn about Greyhound Racing Betting
Learn about Greyhound Racing Betting

How does greyhounds betting work?

Traditionally, betting greyhounds has existed as part of the daily offering of available races for punters to back. Punters usually select the trap rather than the dog’s racing name, while races usually last a matter of seconds.

Dog races take place daily in the morning, afternoon, evening and night, in venues up and down the United Kingdom. Universally across the industry, the dogs’ race in fields of six with colour coded bibs to donate which trap the dog started in. These are as follows, Red (Trap 1), Blue (Trap 2), White (Trap 3), Black (Trap 4), Orange (Trap 5) and Black and White stripes (Trap 6).

We are going to get into the strategy behind greyhound racing shortly, but in terms of the actual process of betting on a greyhound race, it really could not be easier. Here is a quick breakdown of how to bet on greyhound racing.

  • Sign into your chosen betting site. If you are not registered to any betting site, you will need to do that first. This should only take a few minutes and will require details like your e-mail, age, and address.
  • Deposit funds if you do not have any funds already in your account. If you have only just signed up and have not yet entered any payment details, you will need to do so now. As always, never deposit more than you can afford to lose.
  • Pick a race. They should be easy to find, if there is not one that takes your fancy on the homepage, greyhound or greyhound racing should be available on the list of available sports. From here, you can choose from races taking place now or in the near future. There is rarely a lack of choice here so don’t worry about finding one.
  • Choose your betting market. From here the greyhounds and markets you can bet on should be made clear to you. So, make your pick, this can be as simple as clicking on the greyhound you wish to back.
  • Place your stake. Once your pick has been made you will usually be directed to the betting slip where you can enter your stake. Generally, this will also be where you can see your potential returns.
  • Place your bet. Now all that has been selected, its just a case of hitting the “place your bet” button, or whatever name your operator has chosen to confirm, and that is it. You have now placed a bet on greyhound racing online. Nice and easy.

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Top 5 best online greyhound betting sites

1. Betting on greyhounds site – Unibet

Sweden Unibet, part of the Kindred Group, are one of the major players in world betting. Offering a welcome bonus of £40 money back special as well as best odds guaranteed, the Unibet dog betting experience is further enhanced by a truly magnificent live streaming experience. Offering up their own dedicated channel called Unibet TV, bettors are able to follow the dogs and see their charges come home.

The best quality betting on Unibet websites
The best quality betting on Unibet websites

More than just a place to place bets, this site also offers you a range of different types of bets so you can show off your predictions and betting strategies. You can predict the winning dog, its ranking, and even its rank at the end of the race.

The interface updates real-time information for you, allowing you to track changes in the race and know the situation of the dogs during the event. This makes for a unique race-watching experience that offers a portion of fun and thrill every time you place a bet.

2. Greyhounds betting sites – Bet365

An internet era bookie and the first exclusively online bookmaker to make our list. In its relatively short life span, bet365 has impressively manoeuvred its way to the top of the online betting game. Providing an effortless platform on which to bet, bet365 also allows for a wide selection of sports markets, most of which can be bet on in-play, all rounded off by a great welcome bonus. Their greyhound betting platform provides an excellent race coverage service that includes a greyhound facing search button that allows users to search by dog, which is extremely helpful.

 Bet365 website play reputable greyhound racing betting
Bet365 website play reputable greyhound racing betting

At the Greyhounds – Bet365 website, you will be transported into a diverse world of Greyhounds dog racing with a wide range of events and races from around the world. The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it easy to look up information about the race, the time of the race, the list of participating dogs and the odds.

3. Greyhound betting online Site  – Ladbrokes

As one of Great Britain original, traditional high street bookmaking firms, Ladbrokes have a long history of involvement in the UK greyhound betting industry. From sponsoring stadiums to putting their name on numerous cups, trophies and events, Ladbrokes knows a thing or two about the dog racing game and are not afraid to show it. Now part of the mega GVC Holdings group, their influence in greyhound racing shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

Reputable Ladbrokes greyhound racing website
Reputable Ladbrokes greyhound racing website

At the Greyhounds – Ladbrokes website, you will be immersed in the world of Greyhounds dog racing events from around the world. The interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it easy to find information about the race, the time of the race, the list of participating dogs and the odds.

4. Betting on greyhound racing Site – Coral

Same as their two competitors listed above, Coral are another of the UK oldest operators with years of experience in greyhound betting. Sponsoring numerous tracks, they are one of the main players in the greyhound betting game, investing hundreds of thousands of pounds in funding into the sport every year. Coral have the capabilities to stream a lot of the races for which they take bets and 100% of the racing that takes place at their affiliated stadiums which include Romford, Brighton and Hove, Monmore, Newcastle and Towcester.

 Coral - The ultimate bet on greyhound racing games
Coral – The ultimate bet on greyhound racing games

Besides, the Ladbrokes interface offers convenient trading and account management options, allowing you to track your bet history and make trades easily.

With the perfect combination of exciting racing and good betting opportunities, Greyhounds Website – Ladbrokes is a good destination for those who love Greyhounds dog racing and want to participate in a quality betting experience.

5. Dog race betting online Site – BetVictor

First up, BetVictor offers live streaming of the dogs in partnership with SIS, meaning punters can now bet to watch over 33,000 greyhound races live every day. On top of this, their welcome offer, which includes 3x £10 wagers for the price of £5, is pretty hard to beat. BetVictor greyhound betting service offers a full selection of greyhound events which, coupled with such a great welcome deal, is more than enough reason to bet with Victor.

 BetVictor- Greyhounds betting site with highly competitive odds
BetVictor- Greyhounds betting site with highly competitive odds

In addition, the site also offers attractive offers and promotions to players, which increase the likelihood of winning bets and provide an enjoyable experience. Whether a beginner or a veteran player, BetVictor Greyhounds Website provides a safe and reliable environment to engage in online betting on Greyhounds dog races around the world.

Tips bet on dog racing online

There is a lot of people out there with different opinions about the best ways to approach greyhound betting from a strategic perspective. Some of these ideas are good, some of them are not so good. We are here to break down five of what we think are the best pieces of advice out there for beginners, so you know where to start.

Study the racing forms

When it comes to putting on a greyhound bet this is the most commonly given kind of greyhound racing tips, and it is with good reason. Most of us are not dog race experts who have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the form of each participant from the last few months. Therefore, the racing forms, where you can find out how each greyhound has finished in recent races, with details, is vital to understanding the dynamics of a race. They are often very comprehensive and are the best way of educating yourself on a fundamental level so you can make a smart, informed betting decisions.

Tips for betting on dog racing today
Tips for betting on dog racing today

If you are new, start with To Win and Each-way bets

There is a lot more betting variety in the world of greyhound racing than many initially realise, and we do think these markets are worthy of your consideration. However, if you are new to this type of betting, it may be worth sticking to the simple To Win and Each-way betting markets to find your feet before looking to more complicated options.

To Win is exactly what it sounds like, you are backing that greyhound to win that race. Each way bets sees you place another bet, meaning you can win if the greyhound places. Because of the small number of participants placement usually only stretches to second place. These markets are simple enough for you to get your head around the basics, which is vital to future success.

But do consider more markets when ready

When you feel you understand the basics consider the other betting markets that are available. There is plenty of variety offered by greyhound bookmakers. Examples include straight forecast, where you need the first two dogs in the correct order. Reverse forecast is the same, but your two picks can finish in each other places and still be successful. A straight tricast sees you pick the first three dogs in order for even bigger stakes. On top of that there is a whole host of multiple bets to choose from. In other words, take advantage of everything greyhound bookies have to offer.

Do not just go with your gut

Well, ok, go with your gut if that is what you think will bring you the most enjoyment. If your greyhound picks name sounds like your favourite show and you want to back it for that reason, go right ahead. Betting is always supposed to be about enjoying yourself. However, if you want to make as smart a bet as you can, then this is not the best way of going about it.

Do not believe any impossible promises

Most of us have heard of some greyhound tips that someone claims are an absolute certainly. Our last piece of advice is really simple, there is no such thing. Like all forms of gambling greyhound racing is about chance and probability, and there is no magic piece of advice, tip or trick that can ensure success. You can make smarter, more considered bets, through good research and careful thought to maximise your chances but losing is always a possibility. And, considering that there is no such thing as an absolute certainly, never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Don't believe in any impossible promises when it comes to betting
Don’t believe in any impossible promises when it comes to betting

Frequently Asked Questions About Betting greyhounds

What are the best Greyhound betting websites?

We have listed what we consider to be the best Greyhound betting websites in our guide. All the listings are fully licensed and secure. You can find detailed information about the best odds, promotions, and other features that these Greyhound betting websites offer.

Are there any promotions I can claim at Greyhound betting websites?

There are plenty of promotions that you can claim when playing at Greyhound betting websites. You have different welcome offers and weekly bonuses depending on the top events of the week. Some bookmakers also provide additional places each way that you can take advantage of.

Are there any Greyhound betting tips?

There are some Greyhound betting tips and strategies that we have listed in our guide. Some of these visits include recommendations that you only bet what you can afford to lose and discipline in your betting decisions. We go through more detailed strategies in our guide.

What are the Greyhound betting odds?

They can vary greatly depending on the operator and the market. The best Greyhound betting odds can range from as low as 79% to nearly 87%. Of course, different Greyhound events will have different odds, so make sure to always keep yourself updated with the information.


Hopefully, we’ve introduced you to enough information to help you get started with greyhound betting. We have been very careful while selecting the best betting greyhounds sites. Keep in mind that you can bet on multiple sites, not just stick to one. In fact, taking advantage of the best greyhound odds sites means you’ll always get a fair price.

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