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Unveiling the Legacy: Soccer Players Number 19

Do you still remember Santi Cazorla at Arsenal? What about young Lionel Messi at Barcelona? Dwight Yorke and Nicolas Pépé, among others? Well, they all have something in common. No, it’s not speed or similar dribbling skills, but rather the fact that these players, both current and former, have worn the number 19 jersey at some point in their careers. Let’s join bestsoccertips to explore the most outstanding soccer players number 19 jersey!

List of the finest number 19 soccer players

1. Mason Mount (Chelsea)

Mason Mount, a talented English midfielder, has made a significant impact in his career with Chelsea Football Club. Since joining the first team in 2017, he has become an indispensable part of the squad, amassing over 120 appearances, mainly in the midfield position, with consistency and relentless contributions.

The pinnacle of Mason Mount’s international career was when he joined the England national team in 2019, achieving impressive success, including a silver medal at the UEFA European Championship (Euro). His excellence isn’t confined to the club level but also evident through impressive stats in recent seasons.

Soccer players number 19: Mason Mount (Chelsea)
Soccer players number 19: Mason Mount (Chelsea)

Last season, Mason Mount scored 11 goals and provided 10 assists in 32 Premier League matches, showcasing his creativity and goal-scoring prowess. And this season, he continues to assert his dominance with 2 goals and 2 assists in 14 games played. With these achievements, Mason Mount is not only regarded as one of the top midfielders in the current Premier League but also a promising talent for the future of English football.

2. Harvey Elliott (Liverpool)

Harvey Elliott, a promising talent at the age of 19, quickly made a name for himself in Liverpool’s history since joining the team in 2019. Prior to that, he was the youngest player to debut for Fulham’s first team, raising hopes and expectations from the professional community.

At Anfield, Elliott has showcased his strength and talent, especially in the UEFA Champions League, where he scored 2 goals in 6 appearances, demonstrating his ability to score and create opportunities. This season, he has made 14 appearances in the Premier League, continuing to affirm his maturity and stability at the highest level of English football.

Number 19 football players: Harvey Elliott (Liverpool)
Number 19 football players: Harvey Elliott (Liverpool)

Harvey Elliott’s promise extends beyond the confines of club football to the grand stage of international competition. Regarded as one of England’s brightest young prospects, he embodies the faith and aspirations of the national team, poised to evolve further and play a pivotal role in its future triumphs.

3. Raphael Varane (Manchester United)

Raphaël Varane, a champion in both of Europe’s top football competitions and a World Cup winner with the French national team, is not only a player but also a leading defensive figure in the world of football. With over 200 appearances for Real Madrid from 2011 to 2021, he left a deep mark in Los Blancos’ history before moving to Manchester United.

Best number 19 soccer players: Raphael Varane (Manchester United)
Best number 19 soccer players: Raphael Varane (Manchester United)

Varane began his career at the Lens club in France when he was very young. Excellent defensive abilities along with speed and technique helped him attract the attention of Real Madrid, where he became an indispensable part of the squad and won every available trophy. At Bernabéu, Varane was given the number 19 jersey, symbolizing patience, professionalism, and strength in every match.

4. Ryan Sessegnon (Tottenham Hotspur)

Considered one of England’s top young talents, Ryan Sessegnon, while not entirely unsuccessful, has yet to fully realize his potential. He made waves in Fulham’s 2016 season as a young player but then only appeared over 100 times for the Craven Cottage side in three years.

Famous soccer players with number 19: Ryan Sessegnon (Tottenham Hotspur)
Famous soccer players with number 19: Ryan Sessegnon (Tottenham Hotspur)

Sessegnon moved to Tottenham Hotspur in 2019 with hopes of further development but was subsequently loaned to Hoffenheim to seek more playing time and experience. Returning to North London, where he made 33 appearances, Sessegnon had notable moments but still has much to show regarding his potential in the future.

5. Julian Alvarez (Manchester City)

Julian Alvarez, a talented young forward from Argentina, caught the attention of Pep Guardiola and Manchester City, hoping he could learn from the outstanding Norwegian forward, Erling Haaland. Though Alvarez has been limited to a small role, he has not disappointed, especially when compared to Haaland’s impressive form this season.

Football players with jersey number 19: Julian Alvarez (Manchester City)
Football players with jersey number 19: Julian Alvarez (Manchester City)

At 22 years old, Alvarez had the opportunity to participate in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar with the Argentine national team, a significant and stable step in a young player’s career. Notably, Alvarez also won the Copa America and participated in the 2022 final, evidence of his development and influence in the national team. This is just the beginning of a promising future for Julian Alvarez in international football and at the club level.

6. Dani Ceballos (Real Madrid)

After two impressive loan seasons at Arsenal from 2019 to 2021, Dani Ceballos returned to the Santiago Bernabeu, where he didn’t often get playing time. Nevertheless, the 26-year-old midfielder maintained his form and achieved success at the international level. Dani Ceballos played a crucial role in Spain’s triumph at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, winning a silver medal in a prestigious tournament.

Strongest soccer player: Dani Ceballos (Real Madrid)
Soccer players number 19: Dani Ceballos (Real Madrid)

Although his appearances for the national team were limited to around 11 matches, his contributions were highly regarded and contributed to the success of the national team. This shows that Ceballos is still a valuable player capable of shining on big stages, despite challenges in getting playing time at the club level.

7. Franck Kessie (Barcelona)

Franck Kessie has made an impressive ascent at every level of the Ivory Coast national team, starting from youth teams like U17 and U20. His excellence in the midfield position has helped him seamlessly transition into a professional football career. With over 60 appearances for the Ivory Coast national team since his debut in 2014, Kessie has become a symbol of national pride in football.

Soccer players number 19: Franck Kessie (Barcelona)
Soccer players number 19: Franck Kessie (Barcelona)

Formerly of Atalanta and AC Milan, Kessie now plays for Barcelona after joining the club on a free transfer in the summer. He has been given the number 19 jersey at the Catalan club, a sign of his patience, professionalism, and leadership ability. The move to Barcelona is not only a significant step in Kessie’s career but also an opportunity for him to showcase his talents on the world’s biggest stage.

8. Leroy Sané (Germany)

Leroy Sané wears the number 10 shirt when playing for Bayern Munich, but when it comes to the national team, he often wears the number 19 jersey. With exquisite talent and technique, Sané is not only one of the world’s top wingers but also considered one of the finest to wear the number 19.

Number 19 football players: Leroy Sané (Germany)
Number 19 football players: Leroy Sané (Germany)

Known for his lightning pace and clinical finishing, this winger has earned acclaim for delivering crucial goals throughout his career. While his stint at Manchester City may have been brief, Sané made a lasting impact, and his time at Bayern Munich has facilitated further growth and enhanced performance.

Moving to Bayern Munich, Sané has shown versatility in his playing style and made significant contributions to the success of the Bavarian team. With a blend of speed, technique, and goal-scoring ability, Sané truly is a special player who honors the number 19 jersey.

9. Vitaliy Mykolenko (Everton)

Vitaliy Mykolenko, a left-back from Ukraine, joined Everton in 2022 from Dynamo Kyiv, bringing with him youth and promising potential. At 23 years old, he has had an impressive start to his career. Mykolenko made his debut for the Ukraine national team in 2018 and has since accumulated 28 appearances, demonstrating stability and contribution in the national team colors.

Best number 19 soccer players: Vitaliy Mykolenko (Everton)
Best number 19 soccer players: Vitaliy Mykolenko (Everton)

With Everton, he has appeared in 15 Premier League matches this season, showing patience and quickly adapting to the new environment. Last season, he participated in 13 matches in the top English competition, demonstrating his stability and crucial role in the lineup. Mykolenko’s continuous development is a positive sign for his future both at the club and international levels.

10. Moussa Djenepo (Southampton)

Djenepo joined Southampton in 2019 from Standard Liege, a club in Belgium, bringing his beauty and potential to the Premier League. The 24-year-old Malian international has had an impressive start to his international career, with over 29 appearances for this African national team.

Strongest soccer player: Moussa Djenepo (Southampton)
Number 19 football players: Moussa Djenepo (Southampton)

Djenepo is known for his versatility, able to play as a forward or winger, bringing flexibility to Southampton’s lineup. He made a strong impression in the English Premier League as early as September 2019 when he scored the Goal of the Month, showcasing his goal-scoring ability and excellent technique. Djenepo is not only a promising young talent but also a player capable of changing the game with creative and dangerous plays.


In summary, the players who’ve donned the number 19 jersey have demonstrated exceptional skill, dedication, and versatility throughout their careers. From midfield maestros like Franck Kessie to dynamic wingers such as Leroy Sané, each player has left an enduring impact on their teams and the sport itself. Their journeys, marked by achievements at both club and international levels, serve as inspiration for aspiring footballers worldwide. As they continue to push boundaries and redefine excellence, the legacy of the number 19 in football remains vibrant and enduring.

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