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Top 10 best female football player ever

Not only men’s football attracts millions of fans, now women’s football is not inferior and is becoming more and more popular. Talented female players with a strong passion for round balls are highly appreciated and famous by fans around the world. Despite being paid less than male players, female players also earn millions of dollars. Today, let’s explore the top 10 best female football player with Bestsoccertips through the article below!

Top 10 best female football player

1. Sun Wen

Sun Wen, born in 1973 in Shanghai, China, is not only regarded as a legend of Chinese women’s football but also one of the great icons of global football. Her greatness stems not only from her individual achievements but also from her contributions and influence on the younger generation of players.

Throughout her professional playing career from 1989 to 2006, Sun Wen asserted her talent and influence in women’s football. She participated in four FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments, each leaving a profound mark. Among them, the 1999 World Cup in the USA showcased her brilliance the most. Sun Wen scored an impressive seven goals in that tournament, helping the Chinese women’s team reach the final and secure an impressive victory. Moreover, she also won the Golden Boot award as the “Top Goal Scorer” along with the prestigious Golden Ball award.

Sun Wen - Best female football player
Sun Wen – Best female football player

In 2000, Sun Wen once again affirmed her stature by being honored as the FIFA Women’s Player of the Century, sharing this title with the famous star Michelle Akers. This recognition not only boosted her morale and personal accolades but also brought pride to Chinese women’s football.

After retiring in 2006, Sun Wen left behind a great legacy in women’s football. Her name and achievements are not only an integral part of Chinese football history but also a source of great inspiration for young players aspiring to pursue a career in football. It is a remarkable journey of a woman and a talented athlete who tirelessly poured sweat and effort to reach the pinnacle of success.

2. Michelle Akers

Michelle Akers, one of the greatest female players of all time, was born in Santa Clara, California, on February 1, 1966. Her football career is not just a string of remarkable achievements but also a symbol of strength and class.

As a skilled forward, Michelle Akers left an indelible mark on the history of women’s football. With 105 goals in 153 appearances for the US national team, she was not only one of the leading goal scorers but also a symbol of resilience and determination.

Michelle Akers - Best female football player
Michelle Akers – Best female football player

Akers’ greatest success perhaps came at the 1991 World Cup, the inaugural Women’s World Cup. She became the tournament’s top scorer, netting crucial goals and helping the US team clinch the championship. Particularly noteworthy was her winning the Golden Boot, showcasing her excellence in every match.

In 2002, FIFA voted Michelle Akers as the Women’s Player of the Century, a prestigious award she shared with China’s Sun Wen. This is a clear testament to her immense influence and contribution to football not only in the USA but also worldwide.

3. Birgit Prinz

Birgit Prinz was born on October 25, 1977, in Frankfurt am Main, and is known as one of Germany’s top female football players. Her career mainly unfolded at FFC Frankfurt and the German national team, where she left a brilliant mark. Prinz is one of the greatest female players in World Cup history, with two tournament victories and a total of 14 goals, ranking second among the top scorers.

Birgit Prinz - Best football female player
Birgit Prinz – Best football female player

In addition to her team successes, Birgit Prinz achieved impressive individual accolades. With outstanding performances in the German national team jersey, she won the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year award three times in a row from 2003 to 2005. This is evidence of Prinz’s influence and power in the world of women’s football.

Considered one of the greatest female players of all time, Birgit Prinz is hailed as one of the finest strikers in Europe. With 128 goals in 214 appearances for the German national team, she is a vibrant legend of women’s football worldwide.

4. Nadine Angerer

Nadine Angerer, born in 1978, is a German football goalkeeper known for her outstanding goalkeeping abilities and remarkable achievements in her career. She is considered one of the top female goalkeepers in football history, sharing a reputation similar to that of men’s football legend Lev Yashin.

Angerer began her career as a forward but was discovered as a talented goalkeeper when she accidentally replaced an injured goalkeeper. This transition opened the door for her into the world of goalkeeping and paved the way for her success.

Nadine Angerer - Best female football player ever
Nadine Angerer – Best female football player ever

In her career, Angerer achieved significant success with the German national team. She won the Women’s World Cup twice (in 2003 and 2007) and the European Championship five times (in 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, and 2013), demonstrating her stability and strength in goalkeeping.

In 2014, Nadine Angerer made history by becoming the first female goalkeeper to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or award. This was not only a personal honor but also recognition of her talent and contribution to women’s football globally. Angerer contributed to making her name synonymous with excellence and greatness in the history of football.

5. Formiga

Since women’s football became an integral part of the Olympics in 1996, when Atlanta hosted this prestigious sporting event, Formiga, at just 18 years old, was ready to step onto the field with the Brazilian women’s national team and contribute to the exciting Olympic journey. Since then, a great name has emerged and entered the hearts of people, not only for outstanding talent but also for perseverance and love for the sport.

For seven consecutive Olympic editions, Formiga never missed a single Games, an achievement that few can match. The records she set, from continuous participation to sustaining and thriving at the peak of her career in adulthood, are all evidence of the strength and unending passion of a legend.

Formiga - Best female football player ever
Formiga – Best female football player ever

Defying time, Formiga has maintained peak performance even after turning 40. The remarkable aspect is not just her physical ability but also her spirit and strong will. At the 2019 World Cup, she once again demonstrated her strength by becoming the oldest player to score a goal in the tournament’s history. This is not only a record but also a symbol of strength, resilience, and innate talent.

Through perseverance and relentless fighting spirit, Formiga has made history in women’s football, becoming an icon of patience, strength, and courage. It is not only personal success but also the pride of global women’s football, with an impressive and admirable journey.

6. Christine Sinclair

Christine Sinclair one of Canada’s most famous and respected strikers, has contributed to the historic successes of Canadian women’s football throughout her career. With an ever-increasing reputation, she has participated in four Olympic Games, winning two bronze medals in 2012 and 2016. However, the pinnacle of her career came when she captained the Canadian team to a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – a historic achievement not only for Canadian women’s football but also for the entire nation.

Christine Sinclair - Best female american football player
Christine Sinclair – Best female american football player

With over 15 years of dedication to the national team, Christine Sinclair has been a symbol of stability and leadership on the field. She has been honored with the Canadian Soccer Player of the Year award seven times, a recognition of her talent and commitment. Additionally, she has been selected by FIFA as a nominee for the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year award five times, from 2005 to 2010, showcasing her influence on the global stage.

With 186 goals in 296 appearances for the Canadian team, Christine Sinclair is not only one of the greatest strikers in the history of women’s football, but also one of the most respectable goalscorers, both male and female. Her versatility and commitment have contributed to keeping her name intact in the history of football and positioning her as one of the biggest figures in world women’s football.

7. Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach, born on June 2, 1980, is a former professional soccer player and currently a renowned coach. Her career began with the United States women’s national soccer team in 2001, and during that time, she demonstrated her prowess through incredibly impressive achievements. Abby Wambach currently holds the record for the most international goals scored in soccer history, with a total of 184 goals. This not only showcases her strength and talent but also serves as a symbol of commitment and passion for the sport.

With remarkable achievements, Abby Wambach was honored with the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year award in 2011, becoming the first American in a decade to receive this prestigious accolade. This is evidence of her influence and significance in the international football community.

Abby Wambach - Best female american football player
Abby Wambach – Best female american football player

In 2015, she won the World Cup with the U.S. national team, marking her dedication and talent. This success led her to be included in Time 100’s list of the most influential people in the world in 2015, demonstrating her influence and standing in the international community. With participation in four World Cups and one Olympics, Abby Wambach played a total of 29 matches and scored 22 goals, showcasing her excellence and composure on the world’s biggest stages.

8. Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm, born in 1972, is regarded as a legend and icon of American soccer. With an impressive record, she scored 158 goals in 276 appearances for the U.S. national team and provided 144 assists for the national team, a record still intact to this day.

Mia Hamm is revered by Americans as the greatest goal scorer in the history of American soccer. Her explosive attacking style and determination on the field posed a threat to any defense and goalkeeper.

Mia Hamm - Best female football player
Mia Hamm – Best female football player

Mia Hamm is not only a great player with individual successes but also widely recognized in the soccer community. She twice won the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year award in 2001 and 2002, along with being selected by soccer legend Pele as one of the 125 greatest players of all time. Mia Hamm’s illustrious career officially ended in 2004 when she decided to retire, leaving a lasting legacy and impact on women’s soccer worldwide and especially on American soccer.

9. Megan Rapinoe

Megan Anna Rapinoe is not only an excellent soccer player but also a symbol of leadership and influence in the world of soccer. As the captain of OL Reign in the National Women’s Soccer League, she has demonstrated professionalism and outstanding talent on the field.

With a successful career, Rapinoe has won numerous prestigious titles and awards. She is one of the outstanding female soccer players of 2021, demonstrated by her impressive performances and class. She has shown her strength and perseverance by winning the Golden Boot at the World Cup and the Golden Ball for the best player in 2019.

Megan Rapinoe - Best female football player
Megan Rapinoe – Best female football player

Throughout her career, Rapinoe has held a special place in the hearts of fans and is one of the most beloved players worldwide. Her talent, leadership, and team spirit have contributed to the success of the U.S. national team, helping them overcome every challenge to win the World Cup for the fourth time in history. This is not only her pride but also that of American soccer.

With impressive achievements and significant influence, Megan Rapinoe is not only an outstanding female soccer player but also an icon and a source of inspiration for the younger generation and fans worldwide.

10. Marta

Marta Vieira da Silva, born on February 19, 1986, commonly known by the nickname Marta, is a great Brazilian footballer, who possesses both Brazilian and Swedish nationality. On the pitch, she is admired as one of the greatest female players in the history of football, with classy and incredible strikes.

Marta is often likened to the “Pele of women’s football,” being the icon and queen of world football, although she has never been crowned at a World Cup. She has won the FIFA Player of the Year award five times, including five times in a row between 2006 and 2010, and the latest award came in 2018, an unprecedented record in the history of world football, far surpassing either Birgit Prinz or Mia Hamm. Marta is also the top scorer in World Cup history (both men and women) with 17 goals.

Marta - Best female football player
Marta – Best female football player

In the Brazilian national team, Marta played as a striker and scored 109 goals in 155 games for the national team. Her talent, consistency and fighting spirit have contributed to creating a legend in football and an inspiration to the younger generation and fans around the world. Marta is not only a player, but also an icon and an excellent representative of Brazilian women’s football.


Above, we have provided you with the article Top 10 best female football player of all time. They are talented pink balls who have contributed to the history of world football, bringing fans a round ball of top-notch performances. Hope the article has brought you a lot of useful information. Please visit our website regularly to stay up to date with useful sports news!

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