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Top 10 best left footed football players in the world today

Football has witnessed countless world-class right-footed players come and go over the years, but world-class left-footed players seem harder to come by. Names like Diego Maradona, Roberto Carlos, Arjen Robben, Raul, David Silva, Rivaldo, and Robin Van Persie are some iconic left-footed players who displayed their qualities on the field in the past. Now they have been replaced by a new generation of left-footed stars. So who are the top 10 left footed football players in the world today? Let’s find out through the following article with bestsoccertips!

Football players who are left-footed

1. Erling Haaland

Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has made a strong impression on the world this season by scoring 14 goals in his first 10 matches for the club. The young Norwegian player has broken several records in this short period, and what concerns opposing defenders is that he surely won’t slow down anytime soon.

Left footed football players: Erling Haaland
Left footed football players: Erling Haaland

His head has contributed to some of those goals, but undoubtedly, it’s his tricky left foot that terrifies opponents the most. Often positioned at the end waiting for passes, Haaland excels in exploiting body openings and finishing delicately past goalkeepers, or simply blasting shots into the net with unstoppable power.

This forward is not silent in admiration for former Swansea icon Michu, and it seems like Haaland has replicated the iconic left-footed finishes of the Spanish player in 2022, albeit with much greater speed.

2. Lionel Messi

The legend Lionel Messi is one of the greatest footballers of the 21st century. He’s battling it out on that front with old rival Cristiano Ronaldo, but perhaps no left foot is more iconic in world football than that of the Argentine player.

He has struggled to replicate much of the success and fame he achieved at Barcelona at PSG, but Messi is gradually returning to the player the world knows he’s capable of being. With the extraordinary talents of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe alongside, Messi has scored 6 goals and provided 8 assists in 11 matches this season.

Best left footed football players: Lionel Messi
Best left footed football players: Lionel Messi

His left foot still dazzles defenders, picks out goalkeeper-beating passes, and blows away anyone watching, with most football supporters worldwide hoping there’s still plenty left in the tank.

3. Mohamed Salah

Liverpool certainly hasn’t hit top form in the early stages of the new season, and the same could be said for their iconic winger, Mohamed Salah. There’s been something amiss regarding the attacking prowess of the Egyptian player in recent weeks, but at least he has found the net, scoring an important goal in last week’s Champions League victory over Ajax.

Left foot players in football: Mohamed Salah
Left foot players in football: Mohamed Salah

Certainly, Salah remains one of the most feared attacking players on the planet, and his left foot has produced some of the most beautiful goals that world football has seen in recent years. Like Messi, Salah’s current dip in form shows just how high a standard he has set.

Slipping in and out of defenders before unleashing a left-footed shot into the far corner is Salah’s major strength, but this winger also has the ability to launch deadly attacks whenever the opportunity arises.

4. Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva’s future at Manchester City seems uncertain this summer, especially after he has not been a regular starter under Pep Guardiola. His omissions from the starting lineup have raised questions about his future, whether he will stay or seek new opportunities elsewhere.

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However, recently, Bernardo Silva has regained his confidence and performance. He has shone with 2 goals and 3 assists since the start of the season, helping Manchester City secure important victories. His strong comeback has proven that he can still play a crucial role in the squad, while also raising questions about Pep Guardiola’s decision regarding Bernardo’s future at the club.

5. Riyad Mahrez

In Manchester City’s lineup, there’s another player who plays on the left wing and possesses a handy left foot, and that’s Riyad Mahrez. Like Bernardo Silva, Mahrez has had to patiently wait for his chances under Pep Guardiola’s reign, especially when this team has a plethora of attacking options.

Left footed football players: Riyad Mahrez
Left footed football players: Riyad Mahrez

However, when given the opportunity, the Algerian player often doesn’t disappoint fans. He has the ability to control the ball masterfully, dribbling past defenders with ease, creating spectacular runs before choosing to assist or unleash powerful and dangerous shots on goal. Mahrez is truly an indispensable part of Man City’s attacking tactics, bringing creativity and danger from the left flank of the offense.

6. David Alaba

In his position on the field, David Alaba, the versatile defender, often doesn’t receive the attention and praise like his teammates in the attacking line. However, his role is undeniable in the team’s success, especially in executing defensive plays and initiating attacks from the back.

With the ability to play in various positions such as center-back, left-back, and central midfielder, Alaba brings flexibility and diversity to any team he joins. His calmness and precision in handling the ball are key when the team needs to execute interceptions or launch attacks from the back.

Best left footed football players: David Alaba
Best left footed football players: David Alaba

After a legendary career with numerous titles at Bayern Munich, Alaba has moved on to wear the Real Madrid jersey, a giant of Spanish football. He has become an indispensable part of Carlo Ancelotti’s lineup at Santiago Bernabeu, playing a crucial role in rebuilding and strengthening the team’s defense.

7. Phil Foden

Manchester City also boasts another exceptional left-footed talent, Phil Foden, a gifted young player for the team. This English international not only possesses versatility on the field but also demonstrates excellence playing in either a midfield three or a front three in Pep Guardiola’s tactics.

Left foot players in football: Phil Foden
Left foot players in football: Phil Foden

Foden’s left foot is not only a weapon in creating goal-scoring opportunities for teammates but has also crafted some crucial goals for Manchester City in recent seasons. This has made the global football community recognize his importance and significance to both the club and the English national team. Phil Foden is not just a promising young player but also an icon of creativity and talent in modern football.

8. Ousmane Dembele

Ousmane Dembele has bounced back from tough times, and he has had an impressive fresh start at Barcelona, not disappointing coach Xavi in the slightest. With diversity and danger on both flanks, especially with his left foot, Dembele has become one of the most menacing players for opponents.

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With 2 goals and 4 assists for the new season, Dembele has shown his efficiency and influence in Barcelona’s attack. The arrival of Robert Lewandowski in the summer has created an ideal partnership, with Dembele’s speed and finesse alongside Lewandowski’s sharpness and goal-scoring ability, making them a formidable duo in the final third.

Dembele’s strong comeback is a great inspiration for Barcelona and their fans, proving that he can still be a crucial part of the team’s rebuilding journey.

9. Martin Odegaard

Within the realm of football, numerous left-footed luminaries boast formidable offensive capabilities; however, Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard stands out as an anomaly, showcasing a nuanced approach to his attacking prowess. His grace and composure have made him an ideal choice for the Gunners.

With exquisite technique and good observation skills, Odegaard is not only a player capable of creating powerful attacks but also a creative and intelligent player. His excellence has helped Arsenal have a successful start to the new season under the guidance of coach Mikel Arteta.

Left footed football players: Martin Odegaard
Left footed football players: Martin Odegaard

The Norwegian player is not only one of the main reasons for Arsenal’s current success but also an emblem of the team’s development and potential. Odegaard’s presence brings encouragement and belief to the team and their fans, potentially leading to great success in the future.

10. Raphinha

Raphinha, a standout star for Barcelona, has quickly proven his worth since moving to Camp Nou in the summer, and he has no regrets about that decision. He has swiftly become an indispensable part of the team, and Leeds fans are also familiar with the threat posed by his left foot.

Best left footed football players: Raphinha
Best left footed football players: Raphinha

Raphinha is renowned not only for his open attacking play but also for his danger from set-pieces. With exquisite technique and fighting spirit, he has become one of Barcelona’s most important players, contributing to the team’s strength and resurgence.


Left-footed players bring a distinct flair and unpredictability to the game of football. From the iconic prowess of players like Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah to the emerging talent of Phil Foden and Martin Odegaard, the left foot has become synonymous with creativity, precision, and game-changing moments on the pitch. Whether it’s unleashing powerful shots, delivering pinpoint passes, or dribbling past defenders with finesse, these players showcase the unique abilities that make left-footed players revered in the world of football. As the sport continues to evolve, their influence and impact remain integral to the beautiful game.

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