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What is football betting? Common football betting terms explained

Are you curious what is football betting? Or are you seeking answers for one of the most fascinating pastimes in the world? Pause all your activities and focus on this article! This thrilling game not only immerses you in intense matches but also stimulates your intelligence and skill. Let’s bestsoccertips explore football betting and discover the beloved craze in the world of sports!

Football betting
Learn about football betting

What is football betting?

In simple terms, soccer betting is the act of using money or other assets to place bets and predict the outcome of a football match that is about to take place or is currently ongoing but has not yet reached its final result.

Unlike other money-betting games, soccer betting is extremely complex and not easy at all. There is no solid ground to evaluate different types of bets because in football, anything can happen. And it is precisely because of this unpredictability that soccer betting is always lively and attracts many participants.

The Two Most Popular Forms of Football Betting Today

In the past, soccer betting was primarily done offline. However, with the rapid development of the internet, online betting has become more popular and chosen by many.

Offline Football Betting (Traditional)

This form of soccer betting has been around for a long time. In this method, players place bets by directly negotiating with bookmakers, making phone calls, or sending text messages to the betting sites. All betting transactions are mainly conducted using cash. This way of making a living through soccer betting involves few betting options and is not safe, as bookmakers can change the odds. If you can’t control yourself, you can become heavily indebted overnight.

Online Football Betting (Via the Internet)

Currently, this form of soccer betting is preferred by many betting enthusiasts. It is simple and convenient. You only need a computer or a smartphone with stable internet connection to participate in placing bets.

Football Online
Format of Online Soccer Degrees

In addition, online soccer betting offers a wide variety of betting options, allowing players to choose suitable bets. By participating in online betting, players can easily manage their finances as betting sites only allow you to bet a certain amount, lower or equal to the amount you have.

Compared to traditional soccer betting, online soccer betting offers more diverse betting options. For example: Asian Handicap, European Handicap 1×2, Over/Under, Draw No Bet…

Apart from soccer betting, online bookmakers also offer many other sports betting options such as basketball, handball, badminton, and more.

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Interpretation of football betting terms

What is football betting? soccer betting has always been an interesting form of entertainment, attracting a large number of players to participate. However, if you want to bet on football well, with a high win rate, you need to grasp the basic terms beforehand.

1. Asian soccer betting terminology

  • The terms when betting on Asian football that you may come across are:
  • Handicap / odds: The betting odds given by the bookmaker for a certain match
  • Asian Handicaps/Asian Odds: Asian Odds
  • Odds: Odds/ratios specified for currency payments
  • Top/Bottom: Over/Under or Over/Under
  • Upper handicaps: Stronger team, upper door team, acceptance team
  • Underdogs: Weaker team, lower door team, accepted team
  • Win full: Eat whole or eat enough money
  • Lose full: Lose all or lose enough money
  • Win half: Eat half the money
    Half loss: Half money excess
  • HT = Half Time: Half time is over, that is, the end of the 1st half
  • FT = Full Time: The end of the match, that is, the end of the 2nd half
  • ET = Extra Time: Extra Time
  • Pen: Free Kick Penalty
  • Vibration = running: Cons when the match is still going on
  • Cons CS = Right Point: Main score of the match
  • By ball, bronze, 1v1: 2 equal teams

Football betting

2. European soccer betting terminology

The terms of European handicap are not very much, you just need to note:

  • Odds 1×2: European odds
  • 1: Set the winner as the home team
  • 2: Set the winner as the away team
  • X: Set the Fallen Number
  • 1x: Bet on a win or draw for the home team
  • 2x: Bet on a win or draw for the away team

3. The term “Over”

The Over/Under handicap also known as the Over/Under handicap has the following terms:

  • Tai (Over, abbreviated as O): The dealer will come up with a valid Odd, and the player who sets the Tai door wins if the total number of goals of the match is greater than that Ratio
  • Under (Under, Under, abbreviated U): The dealer will come up with a Odd, and the player who sets the Under door wins if the total number of goals of the game is less than that Ratio
 football betting
Explain the term Sic Bo football betting

4. Some terms in online football

  • Loose: Play to the berth, comfortable without worries
  • Confirmation: Gathering all funds to participate in a match
  • Ball: Exceeding the bonus at any odds
  • Poop, Thanksgiving: Inheritance
    Sister: Online football bookmaker
  • Beating: Under/Under
  • Fragrant trusses: Delicious trusses, see that you want to put
  • Rotten rafters: Slip, bored, see that you don’t want to play
  • Discharge: Switch to another team when you see that your team is likely to lose
  • Teo Handicap / Down: There is a feeling that the handicap is about to lose
  • Main ball: The common way of calling major football leagues such as
  • Bundesliga, World Cup, Premier League
  • Rock: Only boards, difficult to win should be ignored
  • Chewing bones: trusses do not know how difficult it is to eat but still try to cling
  • Play acc: Clean Money soccer betting Account
  • Skewer: Use 1 bet on multiple matches at the same time
  • Against Blood: Players who disagree about a match
  • Blood: Players who share the same opinion about a match
  • Showhand: There are many successful bets, almost identical to down confirmation
  • No: Match with a goal
  • Odds: Analyze the game to find the window with the highest probability of winning

FAQ about what is football betting

What is the law on soccer betting in Vietnam?

Currently, soccer betting is not recognized and accepted by the law in Vietnam. This means that the activity of soccer betting is not permitted by the law and may be considered a violation, leading to potential rejection if you participate in soccer betting.

Benefits of engaging in football betting?

Engaging in soccer betting can bring some benefits, such as:

  • Adding more excitement and thrill while watching matches.
  • Having the chance to win big rewards if you predict the results correctly.
  • Creating a sense of enjoyment and positive tension.
Football betting benefits
Football betting benefits

Risks associated with soccer betting?

Football betting also comes with some risks, including:

  • The risk of losing money if the predictions are incorrect.
  • The potential for addiction when participating in soccer betting.
  • The possibility of engaging in illegal gambling practices.

How to participate in football betting safely?

If you decide to participate in soccer betting, you should follow these principles to ensure safety:

  • Only bet an amount of money that you can afford to lose.
  • Understand the rules and regulations of the betting platform.
  • Avoid accessing or using illegal soccer betting services.
  • Avoid making soccer betting a harmful habit.


Above is all information about what is football betting and explains the football betting terms that you need to learn if you want to participate in online soccer betting Each bet has its own terminology, when using which players need to pay attention and remember correctly. Have a good time participating in online soccer betting.

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