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What is Euro Cup? Relevant information about the Euro Cup

Football in the world has many different big and small leagues. In particular, the EURO is a major tournament that has always received great attention from football fans. However, not everyone knows what is Euro cup? How many years is the EURO football tournament held? What time does the Euro Cup final take place? In this content, let’s learn about EURO and answer many people’s questions.

What is the euro cup in soccer
What is the euro cup in soccer

What is Euro cup?

The EURO Champions Trophy, also known as the “Henri Delaunay Trophy”, is the highest award given to the national team that wins the UEFA European Championship. Named after Henri Delaunay, who proposed the establishment of the league and was the first Secretary General of the Confederation of European Football Associations (UEFA), the trophy is historically significant and celebrates his immense contributions to European football.

The trophy first appeared at Euro 1960, five years after Henri Delaunay’s death. At that time, the tournament had only 4 teams participating: the host France, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. After Henri Delaunay’s death, his son, Pierre Delaunay, became UEFA secretary general and was responsible for designing the Euro Cup. With the assistance of the silversmith Chobillion, the trophy was conceived with an ancient Greek design, cylindrical in shape and had two curved handles on the sides, symbolizing strength and endurance.

The front of the trophy is engraved with the UEFA logo and the words “Coupe Henri Delaunay”. Besides, the names of Euro champions in history are also engraved on the trophy. An upgraded version of the trophy was launched in June 2008, which still has the same classic style as the previous version but with some differences. The names of the champions are now engraved on the back instead of on the base, and the silver base has also been made larger. The trophy is made of sterling silver, an alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The value of the trophy is around 15,000 euros (more than 16,000 USD).

The Euro Cup was originally owned by UEFA and was used on many important occasions such as the final or some special events. Meanwhile, the Euro champion will keep a replica of the same size. Although it is worth much less than the World Cup trophy, with an estimated value of up to 132,000 euros (about 143,000 USD), the Euro Cup is still a prestigious symbol of European football.

History of the Euro over the years

True to its name – UEFA European (EURO) Championship, this tournament is the top competition of European football, attracting the attention of millions of people worldwide.

The event has been present in history since 1960 under the name UEFA European Nations Cup and was later changed to EURO in 1969. Since 1996, each EURO has carried the title of “UEFA Euro (year)”.

Competition format: what is the euro cup?
Competition format: what is the Euro cup?

Not only is the tournament of football, the EURO is also a journey through the ages and it also leaves memorable memories for fans. From the expansion of the number of participating teams from 4 to 24, to the dramatic and ever-changing finals in terms of rules and venues.

With the upcoming EURO 2024, Germany will be the venue to witness the convergence of European football’s top talents. And along with the EURO being a place to show strength, honor and passion, this tournament is also an opportunity to celebrate historic victories and memorable moments in the hearts of fans.

EURO competition format

The EURO is one of the biggest international football events and its competition format always attracts the attention of fans. 2021/22 has seen some changes in the way the tournament is organized, but it has retained the attractiveness and competitiveness of the tournament.

The group stage is still the decisive stage, with 32 teams competing in 8 different groups. Each team will have to prove their ability through 2 rounds of matches to win tickets to the round of 16. At the same time, the 2nd ranked teams in the group stage also have the opportunity to go through the first and second leg play-offs to win the right to the round of 16.

From there, the teams will enter the knockout stages, including the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. This format not only brings dramatic matches but also creates opportunities for teams to prove their class.

List of EURO champions through seasons

  • 1960: Soviet Union
  • 1964: Spain
  • 1968: Italy
  • 1972: Germany
  • 1976: Czechoslovakia
  • 1980: Germany
  • 1984: France
  • 1988: Netherlands
  • 1992: Denmark
  • 1996: Germany
  • 2000: France
  • 2004: Greece
  • 2008: Spain
  • 2012: Spain
  • 2016: Portugal
  • 2021: Italy

The Henri Delaunay Trophy is not just a trophy, but also a symbol of the history, tradition and sportsmanship of the European Football Championship. This prestigious trophy will continue to be the dream and goal of every national team participating in the tournament in the coming years.

Answers to everything about the Euro 2024 tournament

Euro 2024 is approaching and promises to bring fiery matches and unforgettable explosive moments. Football fans around the world are eagerly awaiting this major sporting event with many questions. Below, we will answer all your curiosities about Euro 2024.

When does Euro 2024 open?

Euro 2024 will open exactly on June 14, 2024, in Germany (i.e. 2:00 on June 15, Vietnam time). This is the most anticipated sporting event, and as usual, the Euro held once every few years has become the focus of attention of football fans around the world. The opening ceremony promises to bring many spectacular performances and unforgettable emotions

What time is the euro cup final
What time is the Euro cup final

Time, venue, schedule of Euro 2024

Euro 2024 will start from June 15 to July 15, 2024 in Germany. The tournament will be held in 10 stadiums in cities such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.

What time is the euro cup final:

  • Euro 2024 group stage: 15/6/2024 – 26/6/2024
  • Euro 2024 Round 1/8: 29/6/2024 – 3/7/2024
  • Euro 2024 quarter-finals: 5/7/2024 – 7/7/2024
  • Euro 2024 semi-finals: 10/7/2024 – 11/7/2024
  • Euro 2024 Final: 15/7/2024

What channel to watch Euro 2024 on?

Football fans in Vietnam can follow Euro 2024 on Viettel Telecom’s TV360 app and their other digital TV platforms. This is the official channel that broadcasts all the matches of the tournament. In addition, HTV Television will also broadcast Euro 2024 live, helping viewers to watch anytime, anywhere.

To fully live every moment with the attractive matches of Euro 2024, owning a high-quality widescreen TV is indispensable. With crisp visuals and immersive sound, you’ll have a great football viewing experience as if you’re sitting in a stadium.


Above, we have explained what is Euro cup. The EURO Cup is not only a symbol of victory and glory in European football, but also the embodiment of sportsmanship, solidarity and intense passion. From dramatic matches to unforgettable historical moments, the EURO Cup has been and will always be an endless source of inspiration for generations of players and fans. Being engraved on the Henri Delaunay Trophy is a great honor, reflecting extraordinary effort and outstanding talent, affirming the position of the national teams on the most prestigious playground on the continent. Join us through each EURO season and enjoy the best matches!

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