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Sports betting north carolina: Discover potential opportunities

Sports betting north Carolina has become an important part of life in North Carolina, where the passion for sports and interest in the sport create a vibrant and unique environment. From passionate basketball matches to exciting speed races, participating in betting not only provides entertainment opportunities, but also connects communities and creates memorable experiences. To understand more about Is Sports Betting Legal in North Carolina? Please refer to the article below!

Learn about the history of North Carolina sports betting
Learn about the history of North Carolina sports betting

History Online Sports Betting North Carolina

The history of sports betting in North Carolina, a state in the United States, has undergone diverse and significant developments in the realms of sports and gambling. Here’s a summary of the history of sports betting in North Carolina:

  • Early Beginnings: 17th Century: When the first generations of Europeans arrived in North Carolina, they brought along their own games and sporting activities. However, during this time, there wasn’t a significant growth of Sports wagering activities.
  • Sports Gatherings: 19th Century: This era witnessed the popularity of local sporting events like horse racing, bullfighting, and even soccer. These activities often went hand in hand with betting to enhance the excitement of the events.
  • Gambling Evolution: Late 19th – Early 20th Century: Gambling, including sports betting, gained more popularity in North Carolina. Sporting events such as horse racing and boxing also attracted the interest of gamblers.
  • Regulation and Restriction: 20th Century: In the early decades of the century, the North Carolina government imposed various restrictions and regulations on gambling and sports betting. Several pieces of legislation were passed to control these activities and limit advertising.
  • Emergence of Sports Betting Establishments: 1980s: During this period, some sports betting establishments began operating in North Carolina. However, these activities were often constrained by regulations surrounding gambling and betting.
  • 21st Century: As the 21st century began, gambling and Sports wagering continue to persist and develop in North Carolina. However, the management and control of these activities remain important issues.

The history of sports betting in North Carolina demonstrates the evolution and transformations of sports and gambling activities in the state over the decades. Regulations and restrictions on sports betting have had a significant impact on the growth and scale of this industry within the state.

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Is sports betting legal in north Carolina?

Yes, sports betting in North Carolina at retail sportsbooks is legal. NC officially legalized sports betting on July 26, 2019, when Governor Roy Cooper signed S 154 into law. Online sports betting in North Carolina is also on the horizon as the recent governor signed HB 347 into law, with the state expected to launch online betting from January 8 to June 14, 2024.

Legal sports betting in north carolina
Legal sports betting in north carolina

Despite the early adoption of sports betting, bettors in the Tar Heel State couldn’t place their first sports bets until March 18, 2021, when the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians officially launched online Sports wagering in North Carolina at two tribal casinos.

In January 2021, the Catawba Nation and Governor Roy Cooper controversially signed a state compact, allowing the tribe to offer gambling at the Two Kings Casino as part of its planned retail location, eventually becoming the third retail Sports wagering location. On September 6, 2022, a retail sportsbook opened at the Two Kings Casino, just in time for the 2022 NFL season.

Keep track of North Carolina’s progress and that of other states using our legal Sports wagering tracker tool.

How to start playing north carolina sports betting online

Here are the ways Legal Sports Betting North Carolina should be learned:

1. Selecting Sports Betting

The list of approved operators beyond Caesars Sportsbook is not yet finalized. However, we anticipate seeing more prominent players in the industry take a seat at the North Carolina Sports wagering table when mobile Sports wagering apps launch in 2024.

Researching each feature and reading sportsbook reviews is crucial. You’ll want to identify which North Carolina betting site best meets your Sports wagering needs.

2. Online Registration

The ultimate commitment will integrate remote registration, meaning North Carolina sports bettors will have the ability to sign up with NC sportsbooks from anywhere in the state. All users will need to share their personal information, and identity verification will be required.

3. Bonus Requirements

Sports bettors will have a variety of best Sports wagering promotions in North Carolina to choose from when online Sports wagering launches in the state. The most popular sign-up bonuses, including second-chance bets, no-deposit bonuses, and match deposit bonuses, will be rolled out soon.

4. Depositing Funds

Adding real money to your account before making any bets is necessary. Managed North Carolina Sports wagering sites will accept a range of the best sports betting deposit and withdrawal methods. Credit cards, debit cards, ACH transfers, prepaid cards, and digital payment methods like PayPal are all popular in states with legal online betting.

Add real money to your account before choosing any bets
Add real money to your account before choosing any bets

5. Choose Your Bet Types

North Carolina sports bettors can expect to find the following popular bet types when legal online Sports wagering arrives: moneylines, Over/Under (totals), point spreads, parlays, teasers, futures, and live betting.

6. Start Betting

While there are currently only three live options, new locations are likely to arrive relatively soon. We always advise bettors to shop lines and compare odds before placing bets. North Carolina Sports wagering sites won’t offer identical betting opportunities, so conducting due diligence is essential.

7. Withdrawal Process

The speed at which you secure your Sports wagering winnings is vital. Review sportsbook terms and conditions and read third-party reviews to gauge their response time. Depending on the sports betting or withdrawal method, transaction fees may apply.

Top 5 best sports betting sites north carolina

Online sports betting has surged in California. To gain a comprehensive insight into the best CA Sports wagering websites that you can use to wager on major US sporting events, you should bookmark this list.

1. BetOnline

BetOnline stands out as one of the best Sports wagering sites in North Carolina. The website offers a plethora of sports to bet on, but it shines with its NBA betting options. You can place bets on upcoming NBA games, live matches, NBA drafts, and future NBA contracts. Thus, BetOnline is an excellent choice for basketball enthusiasts looking to bet on the league.

BetOnline is also renowned for its quality betting interface. The modern and seamless sportsbook boasts interactive betting slips and easily sortable odds. While there’s no dedicated mobile betting app, this sportsbook provides a mobile-friendly version of the website for on-the-go wagering.

BetOnline - Best Sports Betting Site in North Carolina
BetOnline – Best Sports Betting Site in North Carolina

Additionally, BetOnline accepts payments through credit cards, debit cards, and Bitcoin. Players also have the chance to win big with the BetOnline promo code upon registration. This Bitcoin sportsbook also rewards users for referring friends and offers reload bonuses of up to $250. At the time of writing, BetOnline also provides a $50 bonus for your first mobile bet.

They also regularly host contests for the NBA and NFL, including massive prop prediction contests for the Super Bowl with a top prize of $100,000. They also organize contests for other major sporting events like the World Cup, UFC fight nights, and horse racing.

2. Bovada

For bettors wanting to watch games and place in-game bets, Bovada is one of the best Sports wagering sites in North Carolina. This offshore sportsbook allows you to watch most matches from any sports league in HD. Simultaneously, the site continually updates odds for various in-game bets, allowing you to bet as the game progresses.

Bovada – Top Sports Betting Site for Live Streaming in North Carolina
Bovada – Top Sports Betting Site for Live Streaming in North Carolina

Another standout feature of Bovada is its wide range of sports that you can bet on. You’ll find all major US sports leagues, college sports, esports, and the Olympics. You can also place bets on less-popular sports like badminton, water polo, and skiing. The sportsbook also offers horse racing betting in NC.

Bovada offers a welcome bonus for North Carolina bettors who register using the correct Bovada promo code. To claim the bonus, you need to make a Bitcoin deposit. While this could be fantastic news for crypto enthusiasts, it might make starting with Bovada slightly more challenging if you don’t already own Bitcoin.

3. MyBookie

MyBookie is one of our favorite online Sports wagering websites in North Carolina in 2023. This offshore sportsbook allows you to bet on professional sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Additionally, you can wager on UNC college sports, UFC and MMA fights, soccer, football, and more.

MyBookie offers an exciting match deposit welcome bonus, making it one of the most generous sportsbooks for new players. Moreover, existing players can request reload bonuses with each new deposit by using the correct MyBookie promo code.

MyBookie – Best Online Sports Betting Odds in North Carolina
MyBookie – Best Online Sports wagering Odds in North Carolina

This North Carolina sportsbook offers many user-friendly features, such as easy single-click betting slips. The website also features live streaming for all matches and in-game live betting. MyBookie boasts numerous prop bets for each game, making it easy to keep things exciting if you’re interested in more than just the game outcome.

4. XBet

When looking for the best Sports wagering odds in North Carolina, XBet is one of our top choices. This website caters to sports fans from all backgrounds, offering generous odds on your favorite sports. Another standout feature is the unique bet offerings, surpassing many competitors, and their odds can’t be matched.

XBet - the best site about betting bonuses
XBet – the best site about betting bonuses

When accessing this North Carolina online betting site, remember to explore their casino offerings. They provide various slot games by Betsoft and live dealer casino games. New players on XBet can win big with different promotions by using one of the available XBet promo codes.

5. BetNow

Since its launch in 2016, BetNow has been a top choice for Sports wagering in North Carolina. It’s one of the best online sportsbooks in the state when it comes to quality odds and a diverse range of markets, including professional and college sports, both in the US and internationally.

BetNow – Best NC Sports Betting Site for
BetNow – Best NC Sports Betting Site for

Easily place bets on MLB, NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, tennis, soccer, and over 20 other sports at BetNow. The betting slips are user-friendly, allowing bets as low as $1 and as high as you want. This NC Sports wagering site also provides various prop bets for parlays and offers a loyalty program where bettors earn points for placing parlay bets.

BetNow sports contests come with attractive cash prizes. Notable contests include the $500,000 Thanksgiving Giveaway, the $10,000 BetNow Grand Slam, and the $10,000 NFL King of the Hill contest.


In short, sports betting north Carolina has understood and capitalized on the vibrant sportsmanship of the people of North Carolina. From the top matches to exciting races, participating in betting is not only about betting on the outcome, but also a way to share happiness, create connections and unite the community. With every game, every turn, North Americans are writing emotional sports stories and memories. Hopefully, through this article, you have found your answer about is online sports betting legal in North Carolina? Thank you for following our article!

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