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Share the top 10 best soccer players with number 6

Sometimes football fans tend to focus on attacking players, so it’s no surprise when they mention players wearing the number 9 jersey for various teams. Defensive players don’t often enjoy such prominence, although midfielders occasionally try to steal a bit of the limelight from the forwards. So what happens when you’re a defensive midfielder? Defensive midfielders act as shields in front of the defenders and they’re usually assigned the number 6 jersey in a team. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest soccer players with number 6 jersey for national teams and clubs, compiled by

Top 10 Best Soccer Players with Number 6 Today:

10. Eduoardo Camavinga (France)

In the past 24 months, the journey of the young French player, Eduardo Camavinga, has been nothing short of remarkable. From leaving Stade Rennes in Ligue 1 to joining Real Madrid, Camavinga has undergone an artist’s journey, with his first season at the Bernabeu bringing him both the UEFA Champions League trophy and the La Liga title.

Soccer players with number 6: Eduoardo Camavinga (France)
Soccer players with number 6: Eduoardo Camavinga (France)

Camavinga’s success extends beyond the club level to the national stage as he’s been called up to the French national team. In his first World Cup appearance, he will bear the responsibility of wearing the number 6 jersey for Les Bleus, marking a memorable milestone in his career. This is a significant step forward for Camavinga and a source of pride not just for him but for France as a whole.

9. Stefan De Vrij (Inter Milan)

Stefan is one of the top international players, representing the Dutch national team with distinction. His career began at Feyenoord when he was just 17, and since then, he has become an indispensable part of the first team. However, despite notable successes, Stefan’s journey has also been marked by setbacks and disappointments.

In international competitions, Stefan has faced results that fell short of expectations. In the Nations League and the 2014 World Cup, he could only manage runner-up and third-place finishes with the Dutch national team. This has been a significant challenge for his talent, but also a motivation for him to strive harder in the future.

Football players with the number 6: Stefan De Vrij (Inter Milan)
Football players with the number 6: Stefan De Vrij (Inter Milan)

While success with the national team hasn’t always been forthcoming, at the club level, Stefan has achieved impressive feats. He has won several important titles, including Serie A and the Coppa Italia with Inter Milan, the team he represents wearing the number 6 jersey. This demonstrates Stefan’s excellence and relentless dedication in his career.

8. Nacho (Real Madrid)

Nacho’s inclusion in the national team roster might come as a surprise, especially being chosen over Edouardo Camavinga. While the young French midfielder only wears the number 6 jersey when playing for the national team, Nacho has established an impressive career at the Santiago Bernabeu sporting the number 6.

Nacho, the 32-year-old defender, has been an integral part of Real Madrid since 2011. He has contributed significantly to securing five UEFA championships, three La Liga titles, FIFA Club World Cup victories, and numerous other honors for the club. Not only a stalwart in Real Madrid’s lineup, Nacho is also a Spanish national team player, accompanying the national team in preparation for the FIFA World Cup.

Football players with number 6: Nacho (Real Madrid)
Football players with number 6: Nacho (Real Madrid)

Nacho’s experience and contribution cannot be overlooked, especially when the national team needs stability and leadership in major tournaments like the World Cup. Therefore, although Camavinga shows immense potential, the decision to select Nacho for the national team roster is reasonable, based on his experience and remarkable achievements.

7. Danilo (Juventus)

Danilo is one of the premier defenders in football and has had a diverse career with top clubs worldwide. From his time at Porto to Real Madrid, Manchester City, and currently Juventus, he has proven his abilities and value on the field.

Currently, Danilo wears the number 6 jersey for Juventus, one of the top teams in Serie A and Europe. He has won several significant titles in his career, including Premier League, FA Cup, EFL Cup with Manchester City, as well as the UEFA Champions League and La Liga with Real Madrid.

Number 6 football players: Danilo (Juventus)
Number 6 football players: Danilo (Juventus)

Danilo’s versatility and professionalism are not only demonstrated through his consistent performances on the field but also through his adaptability and success at various clubs. This showcases his influence and class in the world of football.

6. Gabriel Magalhães (Arsenal)

The absence of Arsenal defender Gabriel from the Brazil national team roster for the FIFA World Cup has caused a significant stir in the football community. This is not only a disappointment for Gabriel personally but also an indication of his stability and quality this season with The Gunners.

Famous soccer players number 6: Gabriel Magalhães (Arsenal)
Famous soccer players number 6: Gabriel Magalhães (Arsenal)

Gabriel is gradually building his reputation as a solid and reliable center-back at Arsenal. With impressive form and continuous development, he has proven himself to be one of the finest young center-backs in the world.

Being one of the outstanding players wearing the number 6 jersey is not only an honor but also a recognition of his effort and talent. With the regret of fans and the attention of professionals, Gabriel will continue to strive to showcase his remarkable ability on the field.

5. Thiago Silva (Chelsea)

Chelsea’s signing of Thiago Silva truly marked an impressive breakthrough, despite him nearing the age of 37. Possessing the experience and qualities required to play for the world’s top teams, Thiago Silva continues to showcase his allure at Chelsea.

At Stamford Bridge, it’s no surprise to see him donning the number 6 jersey, as Thiago Silva remains a formidable force at the highest level of football. With his stability and quality, he played a crucial role in Chelsea’s UEFA Champions League triumph.

Football players number 6: Thiago Silva (Chelsea)
Football players number 6: Thiago Silva (Chelsea)

Although Thiago Silva wears the number 6 jersey while playing for Chelsea, he chooses the number 3 when representing the Brazilian national team. This demonstrates his flexibility and diversity in choices, and also honors the traditions and history of each team he is entrusted to defend.

4. Koke (Atletico Madrid)

Koke is a vibrant icon of Atletico Madrid, showcasing unwavering loyalty and class throughout his career. Despite debuting for the capital club in 2009, this hasn’t diminished his standing among fans and professionals. With over 400 appearances for the club, Koke has proven himself to be one of the world’s top midfielders.

Football players with jersey number 6: Koke (Atletico Madrid)
Football players with jersey number 6: Koke (Atletico Madrid)

In particular, his donning of the number 6 jersey, a number with special significance, underscores Koke’s crucial role in Atletico Madrid’s style of play. His flexibility and adaptability have helped the team achieve significant successes, including UEFA Europa League, La Liga, and Copa Del Rey titles.

Off the pitch, Koke is also a Spanish national team player, bringing stability and quality to the national team. With his reputation and skills, he has been linked with Europe’s biggest clubs, demonstrating the high regard from the global football community.

3. Thiago Alcantara (Liverpool)

Thiago Alcantara is truly one of the top players in the world, with a glittering career and impressive success at top clubs like Barcelona and Bayern Munich. He clinched the treble with Bayern Munich in 2020 before moving to Liverpool.

Best number 6 soccer players: Thiago Alcantara (Liverpool)
Best number 6 soccer players: Thiago Alcantara (Liverpool)

Despite facing some challenges regarding fitness and injuries, Thiago is revered for his exceptional midfield skills. His exquisite passing and ability to control the game have made a difference in crucial matches. While he may have missed the opportunity to participate in the World Cup with the Spanish national team, Thiago’s talent and influence remain undeniable.

2. Marco Verratti (Paris Saint-Germain)

Marco Verratti truly stands as one of PSG’s most outstanding acquisitions, joining the club from Pescara in 2012 for around 11 million euros. Since then, he has become one of the premier midfielders in the league, playing a vital role in PSG’s numerous Ligue 1 and French Cup triumphs over several seasons.

Beyond his club success, Marco Verratti is also an integral part of the Italian national team. He played a crucial role in Italy’s resounding victory at Euro 2020, contributing to their ascent to glory.

Soccer players with number 6: Marco Verratti (Paris Saint-Germain)
Soccer players with number 6: Marco Verratti (Paris Saint-Germain)

What’s remarkable is that Marco Verratti is one of the few footballers who wear the number 6 jersey for both their club and national team. This uniformity in jersey number highlights the strong connection between him and the two teams he represents, PSG and the Italian national team, while also demonstrating reverence and respect for this special number.

1. Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich)

Joshua Kimmich is not just a versatile player, but also one of the world’s top talents in both right-back and midfield positions. However, he is currently regarded as one of the finest defensive midfielders in the world.

Kimmich’s versatility poses a dilemma for coaches in selecting his position. He possesses excellent passing skills and is a reliable pillar in defense, drawing comparisons to former Bayern Munich captain and German football legend, Philipp Lahm.

Football players with the number 6: Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich)
Football players with the number 6: Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich)

Kimmich has won nearly every major football trophy, except for the Euro and World Cup. He is also a top choice for the German national team, where he also wears the number 6 jersey, showcasing his importance and influence on the national team.


In summary, the list of top soccer players donning the number 6 jersey illustrates a blend of experience, versatility, and talent that defines the modern game. From stalwarts like Thiago Silva and Marco Verratti, who have etched their names in club and international football history, to rising stars like Joshua Kimmich, who epitomize the future of the sport, each player brings a unique skill set and leadership qualities to their teams. Their achievements not only showcase their individual brilliance but also underscore the importance of the number 6 role in shaping the dynamics of midfield and defensive play. As they continue to inspire fans and aspiring athletes alike, their contributions to the beautiful game remain enduring and revered.

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