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Should you bet on football? Why football betting always loses

During the boom of football tournaments large and small. In addition to those who watch football for hobbies, to support the home team, or simply those who watch for fun, in parallel it is the viewers to bet on football. Along with digital utilities, online football betting platforms have sprung up massively and have become indispensable for those who are passionate about this sport. When a “discipline” not only entertains well but also has the ability to bring large sums of money to players, naturally there will be strange attraction. So Should you bet on football online? Below bestsoccertips shared is the answer for your reference!

Learn about Football Betting Online
Learn about Football Betting Online

What is football betting online?

Football betting is when players use real money to place bets on real football matches that are currently taking place or about to take place. In a football match, there are many options for players to participate in placing bets.

For example, players can bet on which team will win, the number of goals scored, the number of yellow or red cards, over/under goals, and more.

Football betting can be quite complex due to the many factors that can influence the odds of each match. The playing format is also very diverse, so understanding football betting is essential for players who want to achieve victory. Therefore, football betting is always one of the most attractive and appealing forms of online betting in the current market.

What do players need to equip themselves with to play football betting effectively?

To play football betting effectively, the first and most essential thing is to have a good grasp of knowledge related to football. In other words, when you want to participate in betting on a match, you must understand both teams on the field. You will need to equip yourself with knowledge about the line-up, recent performance, key players, injury status, weather forecast on match day, and more.

Besides that, you also need to prepare a suitable financial budget for your participation purpose.

Currently, football betting is divided into two types:

Traditional football betting

This is a long-standing form, where bettors place bets through direct negotiations, phone calls, or text messages. This method is not diverse and not safe, with a high risk and low winning rate.

Online football betting

This is the most popular and preferred form. With just a device connected to the internet (computer, phone), players can engage in football betting.

Online football betting in the current form of spectrum
Online football betting in the current form of spectrum

Online football betting has many outstanding advantages over traditional football betting, such as better financial control, the ability to place bets anywhere, and through reputable bookmaker top, players can bet on various sports, not just football.

Should you bet on football be online or not?

Most of us know that in the current legal system in Vietnam, playing ball through is completely illegal and not licensed to operate. The reason is to avoid transferring money abroad in large quantities to launder money and prevent insecurity and order caused by people losing football betting.

Any form of football betting, if detected, will be subject to administrative sanctions and criminal liability depending on the seriousness of the offense and the amount of money involved in the betting.

However, there is a difference in online football betting, also known as online football gambling. Online football betting is organized by online betting companies.

These companies must register their operations with gambling regulatory authorities in countries that license gambling services and comply with the rules and laws of the respective countries.

Regarding online football betting, it is not truly safe unless you have the experience to find reputable and trustworthy online betting companies and avoid scams or frauds. On the other hand, when it comes to betting at reputable online platforms, there can be a sense of security.

Football betting, whether done online or offline, involves both positive and negative aspects. Whether or not to participate in online football betting depends on how you approach the betting, your mindset, and the consequences after each bet.

Why football betting always loses

Football betting involves both winning and losing, and it is perfectly normal. However, some players, despite knowing the rules and having extensive experience, still experience a continuous losing streak. In reality, everything has its reasons, and let’s explore the analysis below to understand them.

Find out why football betting always loses
Find out why football betting always loses

1. Lack of a scientific financial plan

While playing football betting is essential, if you do not have a specific plan and gamble recklessly, it will undoubtedly lead to defeat. Many gamblers bet impulsively, trying to recover losses by placing more bets, only to end up burning their wallets and suffering significant losses.

Most successful football bettors continuously win because they know how to manage their funds effectively and have a well-structured budget plan.

2. Playing without a strategy

Success in football betting comes with having a specific strategy that helps you make money. However, if you play without a plan, continuous losing streaks will occur. Not having principles when betting on football matches, and playing based on emotions, have caused many players to experience bitter losses.

Football betting, like investing in any field, will surely fail if you lack insightful thinking. But once you have a clear plan, carefully calculate each step, you will undoubtedly encounter good luck and continuously accumulate substantial profits.

3. Betting on too many matches

This mistake is common in football betting, especially among newcomers. Instead of starting small and slowly, they choose to play fast and bet on multiple matches simultaneously, leading to painful losses.

Fundamentally, their skills are weak, they have not fully understood the rules, and they have not learned many football tips or tricks from experts. Besides, placing multiple bets reduces their focus significantly, affecting their thinking and resulting in an increasing number of losses. In the end, the amount of profit they gain does not even match a fraction of the capital they invested.

4. Unstable mindset

Don’t think that your emotions have no impact on betting at reputable football sites. In fact, a majority of losses are due to an unstable mindset, an inability to control emotions. If your emotional state is too low during a game, with many distractions, you won’t be able to think clearly, leading to consecutive losses.

Moreover, many people who experience continuous losses intend to recover their losses by putting all their remaining capital into one final game. No profits are seen, and they lose what little capital is left. To play well, ensure you have a calm and alert mind in every situation, and maintain a positive attitude even when facing instability.

5. Overconfidence leading to mistakes

In football betting, many people experience a series of consecutive wins and amass a significant amount of money, only to lose it all immediately after. The reason lies in overconfidence, thinking that they are on a hot streak and will undoubtedly win big by betting continuously.

Indeed, many people, after winning a few bets, start to believe they are on a lucky streak, and they continue to bet without setting stop-loss points, only to face bitter consequences. Therefore, know when to stop, and simultaneously enhance your knowledge and skills to be sharp in every situation.

How to Bet on Football Online Safely?

To ensure your safety and the security of your personal information and assets, first and foremost, be a smart player. Choose reputable and highly regarded online sports betting sites to feel more confident about your bets.

Should play football betting at a reputable bookmaker
Should play football betting at a reputable bookmaker

Football betting should be seen as a form of entertainment and enjoyment, not something to become overly dependent on. Going too deep into betting can lead to serious consequences for social order, bringing along unwanted vices. This goes against the intentions of betting sites when developing this form of gambling.

Do not participate in betting trends blindly; football betting requires genuine knowledge and understanding. Listen to advice from experienced betting experts; they will guide you in the right direction and towards the safest shore possible.

Football betting is only safe when you play within your financial means. Do not engage in betting with amounts that exceed your ability to repay and could impact your family’s livelihood for any reason.


Online football betting has always been a form of entertainment that attracts the attention of a large number of fans of this sport. Especially at times when large-scale and influential matches such as the Euro or the World Cup take place. Should you bet on football is a question where the answer lies in your own wise judgment for this type of gambling. Thank you for following our article!

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