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Top 9 shortest goalkeeper in premier league of all time

Ryan Fraser, one of the most modestly sized players in the Premier League, has parted ways with Eddie Howe, who once mentored him. With his familiar guide now absent, Fraser needs to adapt to the change. Meanwhile, last year, Dexter Lembikisa of Wolverhampton Wanderers, standing just three centimeters shorter than Fraser, showed remarkable development. Currently, Fraser is playing in the Championship with Southampton under the leadership of Russell Martin, necessitating updates on his progress. Bestsoccertips has compiled information on the 9 shortest goalkeeper in Premier League.

List of the 9 shortest goalkeepers in the Premier League

9. Raheem Sterling (1.7m)

Alongside being one of the shortest players in the Premier League, Raheem Sterling stands out as one of the most talented and accomplished players, formerly with Liverpool, winning four championships with Manchester City, and now striving to rejuvenate himself at Chelsea after a challenging season.

Shortest goalkeeper in Premier League: Raheem Sterling
Shortest goalkeeper in Premier League: Raheem Sterling

Sterling has always been one of the shorter players in the top-flight English league at 5 feet 7 inches, which has aided him in various aspects. His low center of gravity supports his style of dribbling and weaving through opponents. Despite his diminutive stature, one of his current teammates at The Blues is even smaller, so stay tuned to find out who.

8. Manuel Benson (1.69m)

Benson made his move to Turf Moor during the previous summer transfer window from Royal Antwerp, where he swiftly made his mark by notching up an impressive tally of 11 goals and 3 assists in 33 appearances for the Claret. Notably, 19 of these appearances saw him coming off the bench, amassing a total of 1,489 minutes on the pitch. With an outstanding average of scoring a goal every 106 minutes, Benson’s contribution to the team’s attacking prowess is commendable.

Shortest goalkeeper in the Premier League: Manuel Benson
Shortest goalkeeper in the Premier League: Manuel Benson

In the context of Burnley’s tactical setup, where the majority of wing midfielders thrive on the left flank, Benson faces stiff competition for playing time, particularly from the seasoned club stalwart Johann Berg Gudmundsson.

7. Manor Solomon (1.69m)

Fulham would have appeared on this list twice if it had been compiled a few months ago, but Manor Solomon’s summer transfer shuffle across London saw them excluded. Taking their place is Tottenham Hotspur, who sold Harvey White to Stevenage and, in the same period, acquired Solomon, formerly of the Cottagers, both players among the smallest in the league.

Shortest goalkeeper in premier league: Manor Solomon
Shortest goalkeeper in premier league: Manor Solomon

Solomon, an Israeli international, was loaned to West London last year from Shakhtar Donetsk. He made 19 league appearances, totaling 561 minutes, scoring 4 goals and one in his FA Cup debut. His contract with the Ukrainian club expired, and while Fulham might have considered retaining him permanently, Spurs beat them to it, adding Manor Solomon to their attacking ranks.

6. Bobby Decordova-Reid (1.69m)

Speaking of Fulham, while Solomon may be a thing of the past for their fans, Bobby Decordova-Reid is certainly a current season member. He made a name for himself in English football in the city where he was born, transitioning from academy graduate to club legend at Bristol City.

Shortest goalkeeper in the Premier League: Bobby Decordova-Reid
Shortest goalkeeper in the Premier League: Bobby Decordova-Reid

For a while, it seemed like he was just a very good player in the Championship, but here he is with 21 goal contributions in the Premier League after over 6,500 minutes (at the time of writing). The Jamaican international is another player whose stature is an advantage as he may be easily underestimated physically, but that allows him to be more deceptive both on and off the ball.

5. Michael Obafemi (1.69m)

Back to newly promoted Burnley and one of their many forwards, Michael Obafemi. After spells with youth sides like Chelsea and Arsenal, it’s clear he’s highly rated talent, and it was Southampton where he got his first big breakthrough.

Shortest goalkeeper in Premier League: Michael Obafemi
Shortest goalkeeper in Premier League: Michael Obafemi

21 Premier League appearances for The Saints marked his best return for the top-flight, and now after departing St. Mary’s, he’s returned to the fold with Vincent Kompany’s Burnley. It’s uncertain how much Obafemi will feature, and he’s been dealing with recent injuries, but at 1.69m tall, he’s a starting point for this list.

4. Rico Lewis (1.69cm)

Moving to the club where Raheem Sterling has enjoyed immense personal and collective success, Manchester City. Bernardo Silva might be the one most people would guess as the shortest in Pep Guardiola’s ranks, but young wing-back Rico Lewis gets that honor instead of the Portuguese international.

Shortest goalkeeper in the Premier League: Rico Lewis
Shortest goalkeeper in the Premier League: Rico Lewis

At just 18 years old, Lewis has often been entrusted with significant minutes by Guardiola, a sign of excellence, much like what’s been seen with Phil Foden and Cole Palmer, for instance. This defender is 1 cm shorter than Sterling and thus will secure the overall eighth position, but with his age, one or two remarkable developments could see him entirely out of this list.

3. Tyrell Malacia (1.69cm)

Staying in Manchester and shifting to the city’s red half, where football is not just a game but an inseparable part of life, we witness Tyrell Malacia’s first appearance on the prestigious stage. Malacia, a wing-back standing nearly the same height as Rico Lewis but with superior long-term experience, born five years earlier in 1999.

Manchester United, a club steeped in both illustrious tradition and immense pressure from unrelenting expectations, is facing formidable challenges both on and off the pitch. For Malacia, gritty and intense moments on the substitute bench, where he often has to yield to Luke Shaw on the left flank, are nothing new.

Shortest goalkeeper in Premier League: Tyrell Malacia
Shortest goalkeeper in Premier League: Tyrell Malacia

He arrived at Old Trafford from Feyenoord, a journey filled with anticipation and hope, in the summer of 2022. The reception from the Man United fan community towards Malacia wasn’t merely warm and curious; it encompassed diverse reactions, ranging from admiration to skepticism. But amidst all challenges, he continues with unwavering passion and determination.

2. Ian Maatsen (1.67m)

Securing a silver medal is another man who has moved in the past year or so, Ian Maatsen. Maatsen excelled on loan in the Championship last season with Burnley under Vincent Kompany’s leadership, and after clinching silverware as well as promotion, they sought to retain him.

That didn’t materialize for the young Dutchman; instead, he remains at Chelsea, where he naturally plays alongside another man on this list, Raheem Sterling.

Shortest goalkeeper in the Premier League: Ian Maatsen
Shortest goalkeeper in the Premier League: Ian Maatsen

At 5ft 5 inches, Maatsen is shorter by a few inches compared to his Blues counterpart, and he’ll aim to become a regular at Stamford Bridge, likely benefiting from the injury issues the club has faced this season in the wing-back position.

1. Tariq Lamptey (1.63m)

Last but not least, claiming the top spot is the man who traded places with Ryan Fraser as the shortest player since he made his mark in the Premier League. Brighton once again is the destination, and Tariq Lamptey is the name mentioned.

The 22-year-old player spent over a decade in Chelsea’s Cobham academy before being handed his first-team debut against Arsenal in 2019. Frank Lampard was the manager who gave Lamptey his chance, but the Ghanaian player never featured again for The Blues, so he decided to seek regular starting opportunities elsewhere.

Shortest goalkeeper in Premier League: Tariq Lamptey
Shortest goalkeeper in Premier League: Tariq Lamptey

The Amex is Lamptey’s port, and he has certainly made an impact at the club, particularly in the congested and shut-off period of football. That said, injuries have hindered his progress, so we only saw him make 8 Premier League appearances in 2023, with his sole start being in a 1-0 win against AFC Bournemouth. Lamptey, at 1.63m or 5ft 4in, is the shortest player in the league.


In summary, the Premier League showcases a diverse range of talents, including players of smaller stature who defy expectations with their skill and determination. From Tyrell Malacia’s resilience at Manchester United to Tariq Lamptey’s electrifying presence at Brighton, these individuals prove that size does not limit success in one of the world’s most competitive football leagues. Despite facing challenges like injury setbacks and fierce competition, each player on this list has left their mark, earning respect and admiration from fans and peers alike. Their stories serve as inspiration, reminding us that it’s not the size of the player, but the size of their heart and determination that truly matters on the pitch.

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