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Find out more about rugby league handicap betting

Rugby is a football-style sport, mainly played in a team fighting method. In different countries, the rules of rugby play have some differences. Therefore, there are many types of rugby such as: American, Australian or Canadian football. So what is rugby league handicap betting? What types of odds are there in rugby betting? Let find out through the article below!

Learn Rugby handicap betting
Learn Rugby handicap betting

What is rugby handicap betting?

Rugby handicap betting is a type of betting commonly used in rugby and some other sports. In handicaps, a team is designated as the weak team and receives a spare score before the game starts. Conversely, the stronger team will start the match with an equal number of negative points.

Punters will place bets on either team, based on their understanding and prediction of the outcome of the match. If their team chooses to win or lose with a score that passes the handicap, they win the bet. Handicap betting provides a fun and engaging way to participate in the game, because it increases the attractiveness and chances of winning for both teams.

Handicap rules in rugby

In American football, there are three possible outcomes, but often one side is much stronger than the other, so betting must be adjusted to be enticing, and bookmakers do this with handicaps. In football, bookmakers will handicap the team they feel is more likely to win by starting them with a deficit, with the opposing team then given a handicap point. The idea behind this is to level the playing field for both sides and theoretically make betting more evenly balanced.

A typical example of this could be Team A -5. and Team B +5. or a tie, so if you bet on Team A to win the handicap, they would have to win by a margin of 6 points or more for you to win the bet. Additionally, if you bet on Team B +5, your bet would win if they win the match or if they lose by a margin of 4 points or less. However, if the margin is 5 points, the match is considered a tie regarding the handicap.

Most bookmakers will provide alternative handicap markets; this allows you to choose a handicap market that suits you best. Additionally, most bookmakers will also offer handicap betting for each half, meaning you can bet on the team winning the handicap for each half or period.

Handicap betting can also be offered in two-way markets; this is when teams are handicapped at half-point intervals, for example, 5.5. When this is done, only two outcomes are possible, and there is no draw result. This presents a much more enticing betting opportunity for punters.

Forms of rugby league handicap betting

When considering handicap odds in American football, you often see numbers like -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, and +2, sometimes including -3 and +3. These numbers represent positive values for the weaker team and negative values for the stronger team. When there’s a .5 suffix, they usually relate to Asian handicap betting, eliminating the draw option and giving a slight advantage to the player. Handicap betting can also offer attractive profits, with odds ranging from 1.5 to 3.0, promising worthy winnings.

2 Forms of rugby league handicap betting
2 Forms of rugby league handicap betting

Football Tournaments and Season Betting

Every four years, the World American Football Championship gathers the best players for an intense competition. Unlike club-level tournaments, this international tournament is considered the pinnacle of the sport, showcasing top-level spirit and competition.

Additionally, the Six Nations Championship is held annually, a competition among nations in the Northern Hemisphere. England, Ireland, France, Scotland, Wales, and Italy fiercely compete for the Six Nations title each year.

Player Specific Betting

There’s an increasing trend of fans betting on individual players in American football matches, with a notable market being the first goal scorer. This requires players to bet on the player they believe will score first in the opening match, often a challenging prediction. Typically, favored players are defenders who can quickly transition to attack.

However, forwards can also move into the 16.5-meter range, often offering higher odds. If you predict the match outcome will be determined by the team scoring the most points, you may focus on the halftime market, assuming they’re responsible for converting tries and executing penalties.

Additionally, you can explore disciplinary markets. Due to the physical nature of American football, conflicts between teams or handling errors can occur. Players may receive yellow cards and have to temporarily leave the field for 10 minutes. You can bet on the first yellow card in a match. Although less common, red cards are also part of American football.

A guide on how to win rugby betting

Do not pass up the opportunity to beat the bookmaker and win when participating in rugby betting. In other words, you can improve your chances of winning if you consider applying the following most useful experiences.

How to win when rugby league handicap betting
How to win when rugby league handicap betting

Understanding the rules of play and the most accurate betting strategies

Before engaging in real money betting on American football, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of the sport and the associated betting systems. In other words, try to familiarize yourself with the rules, scoring systems, and current top American football tournaments.

Keep in mind that each form of American football, whether it’s Rugby Union or Rugby League, has its own characteristics and betting dynamics. Additionally, the available betting options will reflect these distinct markets. It’s best to thoroughly research this basic information before placing real money bets.

Learn and thoroughly research about the two teams

In American football, team performance plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of a match. That’s why players need to analyze the team’s recent performance, focusing especially on factors like wins, losses, and draws.

Furthermore, pay attention to the team’s home and away records, as well as their record against specific opponents. Also, remember to assess the form of key players, injuries, and suspensions, as these can significantly impact a team’s chances of success.

Start with the simplest betting options

As a novice bettor, you should start with the simplest American football betting options. Among these, bets related to the match outcome and options with a winning probability of up to 50% should be top priorities.

Currently, bets on the team winning the match, over/under bets, and even/odd bets will be the best choices for bettors. However, if you’re willing to take risks for big rewards, you can consider handicap bets, bets predicting the outright winner, and even match score betting options.


Overall, rugby league handicap betting is not easy. Even if you have never bet with this sport before, it will not be too difficult to start your betting journey. In other words, pay attention to the information shared above, specifically look at how rugby odds work and also the most useful betting experience. Next, you can apply them to upcoming matches to enjoy the long-term joy of winning.

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