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Check out the list of 7 best muslim soccer players in the world

With an estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football is the most-watched sport on the planet. Regardless of whether you’re black or white, rich or poor, Muslim or Christian, football is a beautiful game for everyone. Let’s explore the top 7 Muslim soccer players in the world with bestsoccertips.

List of the top 7 outstanding Muslim soccer players

Karim Benzema

Having supported numerous superstars at Real Madrid, Karim Benzema has become the face of the club in recent seasons for several reasons. Currently the second-highest goal scorer in Madrid’s history with 342 goals, the 35-year-old player has deeply engraved his legacy.

His goal-scoring ability, assisting midfielders, and dribbling in the attacking penalty area have helped him win numerous domestic and international titles alongside fellow Spanish stars, including 5 UEFA Champions League titles and 4 La Liga championships.

Muslim soccer players: Karim Benzema
Muslim soccer players: Karim Benzema

However, to slow down his efforts to win 23 titles with Madrid, Benzema secured his first Ballon d’Or in 2022. This victory was particularly significant as Benzema became the second Muslim footballer in history, after Zinedine Zidane, to win the Ballon d’Or. Zidane won this award in 1998.

Sadio Mane

It’s no surprise that Senegal’s Sadio Mane was among the 30 players vying for the Ballon d’Or last year. The two-time African Footballer of the Year has achieved more than just crowns, setting the record for the fastest Premier League hat-trick in just 2 minutes and 56 seconds.

Mane’s greatest international conquest came at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations when he successfully converted his team’s fifth and final penalty kick to clinch the championship, defeating teammate Mohamed Salah. A relentless attacker, the Senegalese forward has consistently rescued his team both locally and internationally.

Muslim players in football: Sadio Mane
Muslim players in football: Sadio Mane

After joining Liverpool in 2016 from Southampton, Mane remained unbeaten in his first 50 games at Anfield, winning 41 and drawing 9 to become the first player in Premier League history to achieve this feat. Football’s GOAT Lionel Messi has praised Mane, voting him FIFA’s Best Men’s Player of 2019, showcasing the skills and class of the 31-year-old star.

Mohamed Salah

As a visionary both on and off the field, Mohamed Salah’s most impressive achievement to date is helping Egypt qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018, their first appearance since 1990.

Still only 30 years old, Salah has become one of the two greatest players in Premier League history, having scored over 100 goals in just 4 seasons since moving from Roma, leading Liverpool to their sixth Champions League title and winning their first league title in three decades the following year.

Muslim football players: Mohamed Salah
Muslim football players: Mohamed Salah

With a formidable and terrifying form, Salah has drawn attention from several clubs for his mastery of the pitch and, more importantly, his story of perseverance. Today, the Egyptian star is considered one of the world’s best players and one of the greatest African players of all time, thanks to his speed, agility, and goal-scoring prowess.

Ousmane Dembele

As a FIFA World Cup 2018 champion, Ousmane Dembele created a sensation during his tenure at Borussia Dortmund, where the French star scored 10 goals and provided 20 assists in 50 appearances for them. Despite injuries hindering his full potential, the 25-year-old player has achieved numerous accolades in his short playing career.

Football players that are muslim: Ousmane Dembele
Football players that are muslim: Ousmane Dembele

Dembele has played 150 matches for Barcelona, scoring 32 goals. Among them, 17 goals were scored with his left foot and 15 with his right, demonstrating his adeptness with both feet.

Dembele has been considered an underdog in football by coach Xavi and fans alike. As a winger who can play on both sides, Dembele uses his technical skill, speed, and agility to bypass opponents or beat defenders in one-on-one situations.

Antonio Rudiger

Antonio Rudiger is one of the world’s outstanding defenders. The 30-year-old star was deemed exceptional in the 2020-21 Champions League when Chelsea eliminated his current team, Real Madrid, from the semi-finals. A strong defensive presence on the field, Germany’s Rudiger boasts a high defensive IQ that has been proven both domestically and internationally.

Best muslim football players: Antonio Rudiger
Best muslim football players: Antonio Rudiger

Although Germany was eliminated from the Qatar World Cup in the group stage, with them finishing third behind Japan and Spain, Rudiger’s physical prowess has seen him outperform many of his teammates. A two-time FIFA Club World Cup champion and UEFA Super Cup winner, he has been deployed to safeguard the world’s biggest clubs as they march towards glory in the Champions League.

Ngolo Kante

It is beyond dispute that N’Golo Kante stands as an exceptional defensive midfielder. Within the ranks of Chelsea, he emerges as a concealed yet formidable asset, leaving an indelible mark with his commanding presence, notably showcased in his aerial prowess during the Champions League encounters, notably causing discomfort for the formidable Manchester City.

All muslim football players: Ngolo Kante
All muslim football players: Ngolo Kante

Bestowed with the title of “man of the match” during his triumphant UEFA Champions League campaign, this seasoned 32-year-old athlete has encountered his fair share of setbacks, contending with injuries following his stellar performances in both the English Premier League and the FIFA World Cup. However, despite these challenges, today, the trajectory appears more promising for this luminary as he sets foot back onto the pitch, poised to lead Chelsea through the labyrinth of an unrelentingly competitive tournament.

Achraf Hakimi

Within the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain, the right-back Achraf Hakimi looms as a formidable threat, casting a shadow of concern upon any opposing team. Despite being positioned in a predominantly defensive role within PSG’s lineup, Hakimi’s offensive prowess is unmistakable, as evidenced by his remarkable tally of 30 goals scored, accomplished with precision strikes from both his left and right feet, as well as through powerful headers.

Muslim soccer players: Achraf Hakimi
Muslim soccer players: Achraf Hakimi

However, it was at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 that the Moroccan international truly captured the world’s attention, orchestrating a historic journey for his national team throughout the tournament. Hakimi’s multifaceted skill set, characterized by his dynamic defensive capabilities and lightning-fast ball control, played a pivotal role in propelling Morocco to unprecedented heights. It was under his leadership that Morocco etched its name in the annals of football history, achieving the remarkable feat of becoming the first-ever African and Arab team to advance to the semi-finals of this prestigious global event.


In conclusion, the world of soccer is enriched by the diversity and talent of players from various backgrounds and cultures. From the defensive prowess of N’Golo Kante to the dynamic threat posed by Achraf Hakimi, each player brings their own unique skills and contributions to the sport. Whether it’s making crucial tackles, scoring decisive goals, or inspiring their teams to victory, these players exemplify the spirit and excitement of football. As fans, we are fortunate to witness their brilliance on the field and celebrate their achievements both individually and collectively. Football truly transcends boundaries, uniting people from all walks of life in a shared passion for the beautiful game.

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