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Is Sports Betting Legal in Florida?

Florida, with its long beaches and year-round warm climate, attracts millions of visitors each year. This place is not only famous for its luxury vacations, but also one of the favorite destinations for sports lovers. However, with betting becoming more popular in the community, there is one question that often arises: is sports betting legal in Florida? Let’s find out details about this issue with bestsoccertips through the article below!

Is online sports betting legal in florida?
Is online sports betting legal in florida?

State of Sports Betting in Florida

While debates in most states typically unfold in public legislative hearings, sports betting negotiations in Florida largely occurred behind the scenes. Initially, any sports betting deal in Florida required negotiating a larger gambling compact between the state and the Seminole Tribe.

That’s precisely what unfolded in April 2021 when Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new agreement with the Seminoles to bring certain forms of mobile wagering statewide in Florida. State lawmakers approved this agreement in May 2021, and the U.S. Department of the Interior allowed the tribal compact legalizing sports betting in Florida to be published in the Federal Register in August.

Local groups challenged the legality of sports betting in Florida, arguing it violated constitutional amendments requiring voter approval or the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. A federal judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, and the agreement was voided pending appeals from both the tribe and the Department of the Interior.

After months of sports betting hanging in legal limbo, the Seminole Tribe successfully appealed the federal judge’s decision. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the district court’s decision blocking sports betting operations as per the compact. This decision reinstated sports betting legality in Florida, allowing the Seminole Tribe to relaunch Hard Rock Bet at any time.

On November 1, 2023, the Seminole Tribe announced they would roll out retail sports betting at their casinos on December 7, 2023. The Hard Rock Bet app became available to all eligible users in the state on December 5.

Is online sports betting legal in florida?

That’s right. Sports betting in Florida is once again legalized, and Hard Rock Bet is currently operating online as the sole active sports betting website in the state. Prior to online sportsbooks relaunching on November 7, the Seminole Tribe in Florida announced plans to reintroduce legal sports betting at three casinos on December 7, 2023.

In 2021, the Seminole Tribe secured expanded gambling privileges through a compact they signed with the state. This agreement granted them exclusive rights to establish online sports betting platforms statewide, a provision that faced legal challenges and remained a contentious issue for nearly two years. In October 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court denied further delays in implementing this compact.

A commercial sports betting measure could bring industry giants like FanDuel and DraftKings to Florida, but this might take some time. The earliest voters could have the opportunity to vote on a commercial sports betting measure would be in 2024, meaning a competitive market may not emerge before 2025.

Stay tuned with our interactive legal tracker tool for the latest information on states with legalized sports betting nationwide.

Is it legal to sports bet in florida?
Is it legal to sports bet in florida?

Florida Sports Betting Laws

Florida’s sports betting laws technically exist through tribal pacts since 2021. The treaty calls for the Seminole Tribe to share 13.75% of sports betting revenue with the state, as long as the Seminoles enter into sports betting contracts with at least three pari-mutuel race venues within three months.

Those agreements will allow pari-mutuels to launch their own interfaces but require wagering on the Seminole server. Without those agreements, that share of revenue would increase by 2% until those deals are implemented. Pari-mutuels will be keeping 40% of sports betting revenue.

How to Start Betting in Florida

Sports bettors in Florida will soon have the option to access either physical sportsbooks or Florida’s legal sports betting website to get started.

Step 1. Choose a sportsbook

Hard Rock Bet is the sole option in Florida, but additional sportsbooks may enter the market in the future.

When considering competition, pay attention to signup bonuses, betting lines, as well as ease of depositing and withdrawing funds. Don’t forget to read through available reviews.

Step 2. Sign up online

As Hard Rock Bet begins accepting new users, Floridians will be able to sign up, deposit funds, and place bets—all comfortably from their own homes or anywhere else in the state.

Step 3. Claim bonuses

In November 2021, the Seminole Tribe and Hard Rock Sportsbook offered a risk-free $100 bet for new sports bettors in Florida. Other popular bonuses include match deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses that sportsbooks may offer in the future.

Step 4. Deposit funds

Sportsbooks offer various methods to deposit money into your account. Florida sports bettors will be able to use PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, PayNearMe, or cash at physical gambling establishments.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with any relevant terms and conditions to avoid any unwanted transaction fees.

Step 5. Choose your bet type

You can find all common types of bets in the Sunshine State. Florida sportsbooks will allow you to bet on moneylines, point spreads, Over/Under (totals), parlays, prop bets, and futures.

Is it legal to bet on sports in florida?
Is it legal to bet on sports in florida?

Step 6. Start betting

After you sign up, claim your bonus, and deposit funds into your account, you’ll be ready to place your first sports bet.

Step 7. Withdraw funds

Withdrawing your sports betting winnings will be straightforward in Florida. These transactions tend to take a bit longer to process than deposits, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few days to access your bank account.

Who can participate in betting at FLORIDA?

Adults aged 21 and older in Florida are allowed to participate in sports betting through mobile betting apps or online sports betting websites, as well as at retail sports betting locations at Seminole Tribe-managed casinos. Below is a summary of the current sports betting system in the state:

  • Legal age: Individuals aged 21 and older have the right to place sports bets in Florida.
  • Mobile betting: Hard Rock Bet introduced a mobile app on November 7, 2023, becoming available to players across Florida from December 5, 2023. Players can place bets from anywhere in the state.
  • Remote registration: Players in Florida can register for Hard Rock Bet from anywhere in the state.
  • In-state borders: Geolocation technology is used to block betting from individuals outside the state, ensuring that only those within the state can participate.
  • Retail sportsbooks: The Hard Rock sportsbook in Hollywood, FL, is a leading venue for live sports betting, featuring 40 self-service kiosks, eight betting windows, and live sports events displayed on the walls.
  • Betting taxes: There are no state income taxes. Players only face a federal tax rate of 24% on gambling winnings over $600, but losses can be used to offset this amount.


So through this article, you have your answer about is sports betting legal in Florida. While sports betting is not a freely developed activity in Florida, there are exceptions and legal forms of betting that are allowed. Players should be aware that making bets outside the scope of legal regulations may face legal consequences. Before engaging in any gambling activity, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the laws of the state of Florida to ensure proper compliance.

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